Easter is coming up oh-so-soon, and that means your brunch outfit is as important as ever. All three of the Enza beauty bloggers came together (that’s right- meet our newest blogger, Kayla!) to give you three options for your brunching. IMG_4122

Rule #1 of brunching: Don’t wear jeans! Ali adds style by wearing floral-detailed pants (florals are SO in this spring) and jewelry that plays up her denim shirt. It’s all about the details in this outfit.



Anna’s family is heading to an adorable Easter brunch at a table-side window overlooking the Mississippi River, so planning this outfit was a must. She kept it simple but added spring-like touches to her ensemble, like using Jane Iredale’s lipstick in Sabrina. Anna credits her brunch-ready skin to her fave Pore Extraction Masque.


Say hello to our chic, new beauty blogger, Kayla! The color of your brunch outfit is the key to looking fab. Kayla nailed it with this dress. Since Easter will most likely be colder here in the Midwest, she added some tights to play it up a bit.


What are you wearing for your next brunch? xx

-Anna, Ali and Kayla


Kayla Enza Essentials Beauty Blogger

Hello Everyone! My name is Kayla and I am going to be Enza Essential’s newest Beauty Blogger!  I am currently a senior at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and will be graduating this December with a degree in Mass Communications – Advertising. I am originally from Menomonie, Wisconsin, so I get to see my family quite frequently and always have somewhere to take my laundry and enjoy a home cooked meal.  I love being outside, baking, spending time with my friends and family, attending music festivals, and (of course) shopping.

Enza Essentials Beauty Blogger Kayla

When I started high school, I started to develop blemishes on my face, which then turned into fairly severe acne.  I have always taken good care of my face, washing it every morning and night, but the acne never seemed to go away.  I would then use lots of heavy concealer and foundation to try and hide my problem, but that seemed to make it worse.  I tried several creams and medications to help clear my skin that would occasionally provide some relief, but the zits would always come back, making me feel very self-conscious.

One of the reasons I am most excited to be working at Enza Essentials is the fact that I know how frustrating it is to not have clear skin, and I am incredibly excited to share with you my skincare journey for the clear, glowing skin that I’ve always wanted! Stay tuned for an exciting summer with me!

- Kayla


Coachella is notorious for showcasing unique, out-of-the-box styles that still manage to incorporate major trends for the season. Here are my top five Coachella looks to copy this spring:


Braids are huge this spring and when they are paired with a bold floral print, you can’t go wrong. I saw hundreds of different braids throughout the two-day festival and my favorite are the crown braids ,but since those are hard to do on your own, I thought the simple braid pulled into a chic, low bun would be a great statement to try this spring.


If there is any one look that Coachella is famous for, it’s the flower crown. This spring, crop tops are back in and they seemed to be a huge hit at the festival this year. I love how she made her look more ethereal by keeping her hair and make-up very natural. This would be an easy look to get right. Plus, I love the pale skin – hope everyone at Coachella remembered their SPF.


Everyone seems to be catching onto the bold lip this spring. I love the fun, bright berry lips that draw just enough attention without going overboard. Spring is all about looking fresh and a berry lip does the trick. As for the jewelry, if you’re going to keep your make up simple, you might as well spice up the accessories. I love the idea of layering necklaces over a bare chest.


Bold patterns look best paired with… themselves! I am digging the two piece outfits this spring has brought out. Wearing a statement outfit means toning down the rest of your look – sleek, straight hair with a middle part is super chic and easy to accomplish.


Red lips have been a huge trend this last year and even though spring is upon us, the bold red lip is not going any where. Plus, with a red lip, you really don’t need that much makeup letting you showcase your skin. Pair red lips with a destroyed concert or graphic T and you have the perfect pretty-meets-rock look for a night out. I especially enjoy a t-shirt and flirty skirt combo to keep the opposites attract trend strong.

xx Alison



I love the fashion at the MTV Movie Awards every year. All the stars seem to let loose and go out of their usual glamorous outfits into more chic and edgy attire and more daring beauty looks. So, of course, I’ve compiled my top 5 beauties of this award show, enjoy!

1. Zendaya


This 17-year-old Disney star stepped it up last night for the red carpet. She wore a fun, bold print dress that still managed to look sophisticated. Her loose curls gave her a naturally luxurious look that paired well with her subtle makeup. Also, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I’m obsessed with brow shape and Zendaya has the best brows in Hollywood right now.

2. Jessica Alba

mtv jessica

As usual, Jessica Alba just shows up and makes everyone else look bad. I LOVE her adorable crop top and high-waisted midi skirt combo, very fresh and structure – a perfect pair for that cutesy meets edgy look.

3. Rita Ora

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

I’ve talked about how fabulous Rita Ora is time and time again and I’m happy to say that she keeps proving me right. Rita went all-out old Hollywood glam for the event and looked stunning. Once again, her skin looks creamy and beautiful, I love how her light hair matches her skin tone. The matte red lip contrasted beautifully.

4. Lupita Nyong’o

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Another one of my go-to stars for all things beauty, Lupita Nyong’o revved up the volume on her ‘do and gave her usually subtle makeup a splash of edge and sparkle. I loved her statement look for the event.

5. Rocsi Diaz

mtv rocsi

I’m not usually talking about show hosts on my red carpet beauty posts but I think Rocsi deserved a mention in the top 5 today. Her bold, spring-inspired purple lips and adorable two-piece dress stole the show from some the stars.

The theme of the MTV Movie Awards seemed to be a matte finish, whether on the lips or face – no one needed any extra shine. If you want to accomplish a matte finish and stay away from any oily glisten, try the Enza Essentials Shine Control Serum. All you have to do is apply a small amount evenly on your skin pre-makeup for a shine free look to last through whatever event you attend.

xx Alison



Now that the weather is FINALLY warming up, it’s time to share my list of necessary beauty items for spring:


1. Essie pastels: “Turquoise & Caicos,” “Lilacism,” and “Sand Tropez.”
These colors are perfect for spring. I love them because I’m very much a neutral gal when it comes to nails so I use the pastels for my accent nail and “Sand Tropez” as my main color. Soo cute.

2. Enza Essentials Pore Extraction Masque
This time of year we are all about spring cleaning… getting rid of the clutter and mess in our lives for a fresh start. Well, that is what the Pore Extraction Masque does for your face! It clears out your pores and visibly tightens your face with camphor and sulfur. I LOVE the feeling of my skin after using this masque.

3. Aveda medium hold, non-aerosol hair spray
It’s a big trend to go green right now and if you’re trying to jump on the bandwagon and save mother earth this spring you definitely need to throw out your aerosol sprays and replace them with earth-friendly products. Aveda is a brand that has been green since its creation, all products are environmentally friendly. Not to mention, they smell amazing.

4. Enza Essentials Advanced Protection SPF 30
Finally! The sun is out again! This means it’s back to being serious about applying SPF to protect your skin from wrinkles, sagging and harmful damage such as sun spots or cancerous moles. The Enza Essentials Advanced Protection SPF is fantastic because of the zinc oxide SPF 30 formula which contains octyl methoxycinnamate, an organic sunblock that naturally protects your skin. Meanwhile, vitamins A, C and E nourish and moisturize your dry skin without leaving behind an oily, acne-causing build up.

5. Jane Iredale Blush Quad  in Rose Dawn
Although I used it as a blush, you can brush this pallet onto your cheeks, eyes and lips, or use as an all-over shimmer. I love this pallet because it ranges from a subtle pink to a mauve bronze tone to make my skin glow.


xx Alison


It seems like everyone is much more interested in what they’re putting in their bodies these days. Fitness and health are taking priority lately, and the Enza team couldn’t be more excited about that. We’re all about it.

Of course one of our favorite spring drinks is green tea (second to lemon & cucumber water, my personal fave). You can drink it any time of the day, plus it has caffeine so I’m trying (I repeat, trying) to replace coffee with tea in the mornings. Plus, a cup of green tea can count towards your daily eight glasses of water.


Let’s be real, the main reason I love green tea is because of the benefits it gives my skin! It fights inflammation with its antioxidants and it’s loaded with poly-phenols. It is even said to help diminish signs of rosacea. The RosaCalm Serum and drinking green tea would totally help rosacea.


Green tea also:

  • Helps to prevent wrinkles.
  • Tones skin.
  • Prevents sun damage.


It looks like I’ll be heading to the store to pick up some more green tea. Who else has started drinking green tea? Have you already started noticing the benefits?

- Anna


Yesterday I was doing face masks with my roommates {fave= Pore Extraction Masque}, and after we were done I told them to put on moisturizer. They both looked at me like I was nuts. It ended up that NEITHER of them even OWNED moisturizer. One of my roomies has really dry skin while the other has oily skin. I quickly explained that they 1) needed to use moisturizer ASAP and 2) it’s important to understand when/why to use it.

So first of all, regardless of your skin type, you should be applying moisturizer in the morning and at night. Even the oiliest of skins needs moisturizer. You’re probably thinking, my skin is oily enough, why would I add moisturizer to my face? It sounds weird, but deep down your pores require the moisture to keep your skin healthy. Sometimes your skin will overcompensate for it’s condition. So even though I’m oily, by not adding the moisture my skin still needs – my body is signaled to create MORE oil of its own. Using moisturizer balances things out.


When you apply moisturizer, make sure to apply it to not only your face, but also your neck. Remember, your neck shows aging too! Unless you want to be super wrinkly when you’re older, you’ll want to start using moisturizer now.

I personally love Enza’s moisturizers. They’re light and don’t have too much of a scent to them. There are moisturizers for all skin types: oily, dry and normal/combination. Check them out!





As everyone should know, the American Country Music Awards was last night and although I was sadly unable to watch it, I’ve already done plenty of internet stalking of all the happenings. Here is my list of the best beauty looks:

1. Miranda Lambert

acm miranda

Miranda was the belle of the ball last night with everyone talking about how amazing she looks since her recent weight loss. I agree, she looks healthy and happy and she was definitely turning heads in her gold glittered dress with a plunging neckline. I like that with all the glam from her dress and accesories, she kept her makeup neutral. She found the perfect nude lip and the shimmer on her eyes was just enough.

2. Carrie Underwood

acm carrie

It’s no surprise that Carrie Underwood showed up looking flawless. She adorned her classic big, ultra-sexy curls and smokey eyes with a perfect pink lip. Her skin is radiant, seriously, she literally glows.

3. Davidson

acm sarah

I would be lying if I said I knew who Sarah Davidson was before I stalked her this morning in light of how gorgeous she looked on the red carpet. Turns out she is one of the “Nashville Wives” from the new reality show. I am going to let that slide since she obviously belongs on the red carpet. The first thing I noticed about her was how natural and smooth her skin looked. After my instant jealousy over that, I decided I need her dress too.

4. Sheryl Crow

acm sheryl

Sheryl Crow is the definition of aging gracefully. In my opinion she was the most beautiful woman there last night. Her dress was sexy and edgy and she kept her makeup neutral. The slight wisp of black shadow along her lash line gave her just enough contrast to give her eyes a sultry look. In a world where every star over 40 seems to be overly worked on, Sheryl is a break of fresh air.

5. Taylor Swift

acm taylor

Taylor Swift is already killing it in 2014. I love that she textured her new ‘do with beachy waves to give it volume. She also has all the trends for this Spring down to a T – she is rocking the white crop top, she chose a bold lip AND blue liner to make her eyes pop. This is daring for her and I’m thrilled.

Even if you’re one of those people who cannot stand country music, there is no denying the amazing sense of style these ladies own. Everyone last night looked absolutely amazing! I for one cannot wait to catch up on the performances and awards.

xx Alison


We know it sounds a little “complex” ;) This product is actually the one of my favorites in the Enza Essentials line. With everyone always saying that it’s never too early to start your anti-aging regimen, it can be super confusing with so many products on the market! However, not all products are the same. I’m here to tell you more about what ingredients you should look for.


The botanicals and anti-oxidants in the product work to firm, tighten and lift the skin of your face and neck (I swear, it’s like magic!).

Let’s chat about the Face Firming Complex formula.

Moisture Trap: Moisture Trap works with your skin to hold moisture levels for up to 24 hours- YES, 24 hours. Amazing, right?!
Co-Enzyme Q-10: Co-what? It sounds so technical, I know. Co-Q10 is a potent antioxidant that evens out your skin while also firming it, protecting it from free radical damage. It’s also great for promoting collagen production.
DMAE (Di-Methyl-Amino-Ethanol): This strengthens your skin. It’s so important because if your skin isn’t strengthening itself, it will only become weaker which means more sagging and wrinkles. Think of your muscles. If you’re not working out to strengthen them, they start deteriorating.
Vitamin C Ester: This is another amazing antioxidant that helps to rebuild collagen. Vitamin C is also great for brightening skin.


What I love most about this product is that it has a super light scent to it. It’s also really lightweight, but still provides just a touch of moisture which is so perfect with the rest of your regimen.

Face Firming Complex

Don’t forget to enter our Facebook contest to win a Face Firming Complex! The contest ends in TWO days!!



shailene skin11

As we all know, a huge blockbuster starring Shailene just hit the theaters and now everyone is talking about her. I must admit, I haven’t always been a huge fan of hers, but one thing I am jealous of is her amazing skin (and her hair before she chopped it all off).

shailene skin12

Shailene as this natural beauty that she never tries to cover up. There are countless photos of her on the web looking comfortable without make up – you can’t say that about many celebrities. Even when she makes an appearance at events she never seems to apply anything that covers up her clear complexion, sprinkled in faint freckles.

shailene skin13

Even though her skin tone is pale, she glows on camera. Her skin never looks dull, it is smooth and radiant. I would KILL for this kind of skin in the winter! Her skin tone also seems so even – I never see signs of redness or even splotchy makeup.

shailene skin3


So, Kudos to you, Shailene! Way to keep in au natural and still look impeccable.

If you want glowing skin like Shailenes, ditch the heavy make up and moisturizers and try something lighter like the Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum to start out your morning routine.


xx Alison