Did anyone else catch the finale of the Bachelorette last night?? I have been waiting for this for weeks. I couldn’t be more happy for the newly engaged couple. I won’t say who it is… but if you don’t know, don’t scroll down!

In celebration of another great finale, I wanted to go through the girls’ looks from some of the other finales of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Andi looked stunning. Her white gown with a beaded neck and simple jewelry made her appear irresistible. She has such a glowing skin tone and her complexion is flawless, so I’m very happy she wore her hair half up and out of her face. Her makeup looked dewy and natural, enhancing her beautiful features.

Andi Bachelorette

Will you accept this final rose??

.Here’s a few of my other favorite looks from previous seasons of the show!


Emily Maynard from Season 8 looked absolutely gorgeous in this embellished salmon-colored gown. Her dark eyes are played up with a heavy lined eye, making them pop. Her skin looks so smooth and fresh without a single blemish in sight. And those turquoise earrings are the best.

Catherine Giudici from Season 17 was a sight to see in her gold one-shoulder gown. This is one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever seen on the show. Her makeup was natural-looking and her foundation was very light because she has literally nothing to hide on her skin. Her complexion is so bright and polished – no wonder Sean Lowe proposed to her right then and there! If you want a brighter complexion, try Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum.

And how could I possibly forget about Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell? She looked fierce in that high-slit and cowl-neck gown! That colored looked amazing on her too. Since she usually dressed more casual and simple on their dates, this entire look took my breath away during the final rose ceremony. Her makeup and skin looked great – her complexion is so clear and never looked dull.

What are some of your favorite looks from previous seasons? -xo Kayla


July is quickly coming to an end which means that our July BFF Duo will be over soon. I wanted to share with you what some of our fellow lovely bloggers have been saying about Enza’s Vitamin C Serum and Glycolic Serum!

Photo Creds: Classic & Bubbly

Photo Creds: Classic & Bubbly

Stesha from Classic & Bubbly recently said:

“I am excited to show you today 2 more of my Enza bff’s. The Vitamin C Serum for the morning & the Glycolic Serum for night.  For these summer days it is super important to keep your skin exfoliated for new cells to appear + hydrate the new cells as they come in so your face keeps that all summer glow.”

Photo Creds: Moda & the Mar

Photo Creds: Moda & the Mar


Maggie from Moda & the Mar posted:

 “Summer months are so rough on my skin and Enza has just the answer to my oily skin woes.  The Vitamin C Serum helps create balance by improving tone & texture and by hydrating dry areas without making your skin feel oily.  It also brightens skin and promotes anti-aging.  Can I just tell you how AHHmazing this stuff smells??!??  It literally smells like refreshing fresh-squeezed oj on your skin.  I use it in the morning as part of my face-washing routine and it’s such a refreshing smell to start the day! ” 

“I incorporated the Glycolic Serum into my night-time routine and have already noticed a more even skin tone.  The glycolic serum gently exfoliates to take away pollutants and dry skin and helps to soften, hydrate & nourish exhausted skin.  I feel like using it at night gives it time to “do work” on my skin overnight so I wake up with a fresh face.”

Darcy from A Memory of Us talks about the BFF Duo in her vlog Get UNready With Me: My Nighttime Skin Care Routine.

“At night I use the Enza Glycolic Serum. This is a lightweight serum that reduces fine lines and hyperpigmentation. In the morning I use the Vitamin C Serum which is so hydrating for your skin and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the tone and texture of my skin since using it.”



Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Check out what this beauty blogger has been up to on Instagram lately!


Can you say yummmmm? There’s nothing that ice cream can’t fix.


My 4th of July OOTD! I love looking fabulous AND patriotic.


Doesn’t Jenny from The Coveted Life look flawless? She’s loving her Enza regimen!


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Could Bethany from Kiss Me Darling be any cuter?! We love her!


We made a blueberry mint ice DIY – these cubes were delish!


I had an absolute blast at Country Jam last weekend! This was one of my outfits I wore – I got LOTS of compliments!


Did you see Laura’s from House of Charms Enza review? She’s using the Saturation System and is loving it!


It’s important for us twenty-somethings to be taking great care of our skin now so we look amazing for years to come!

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Choosing a makeup brush can be the most useful – yet frustrating – thing a girl can do. There are so many shapes, sizes, textures, and materials to pick from, so I feel like it’s important to know exactly what you want before you break the bank. I’m really into Jane Iredale makeup brushes.. they’re AMAZING! Here are my three favorites:

1. Eye Shader.


This brush is perfect for applying eye makeup. It’s made of pony hair, so it’s super soft and feels great on my delicate eyelids. I use this brush to apply a light to medium base shadow onto my lids because the size and shape of it works great with my eyelids. I also sometimes use it on the outside corners of my eyes for a splash of color when I’m going out for a night on the town!

2. Crease Brush.


Seriously, every girl needs this brush in her life. It’s made from hand-tied goat hair so it’s very soft and is designed specifically to fit into the crease of the eye. It always gives me just the right amount of dark shadow in between my eyelid and brow bone and also works fantastic for blending the shadows together. I’m obsessed with this brush!

3. The Handi Brush.


This Handi brush can make every powder or blush look good. It’s small enough to hold comfortably in your hand, while still big enough for an even application. It feels great when brushed on my skin because it’s made of hand-tied goat hair, making it perfect for powder makeup. My pressed powder is always smooth and even after I’ve applied it using The Handi brush. That, or all the exfoliating I’ve been doing lately? :)

What makeup brushes do you love? -xo Kayla



This girl is on fire right now. She’s a supermodel, is married to John Legend AND has an incredible personality. Like seriously, have you read some of her tweets? She’s hilarious. But I want to talk about how insanely jealous I am of her skin – it’s perfect.


Chrissy has one of those natural and fresh-looking glows to her skin that everyone else is super envious of. And honestly, how can she have such smooth skin? I read that she exfoliates regularly – and not just her face but her entire body as well. But, when you’re photographed in bikinis all day, it’s important to have radiant skin everywhere! Try Enza Essentials Shea Butter Body Polish if you want exfoliation from head to toe.


Her complexion is so bright and never looks dull. Also, there is not a single enlarged pore in sight! She must use a skin-tightening masque to make her pores look non-existent. I read that one of Chrissy’s favorite skincare products is a good moisturizer and she reapplies it every few hours so her skin stays hydrated all the time. And, she must drink LOTS of water for added moisture!


No matter where she is, Chrissy always look fabulous. She needs minimal foundation because her complexion is so even. I love that the caramel highlights in her dark brown hair compliment her skin tone so well, and her brows have an amazing shape. She looks gorgeous with pink cheeks and a matching lip. And she never looks tired from traveling from photoshoot to photoshoot – she must use an eye cream to always look awake and refreshed!

What do YOU love about Chrissy Teigen? -xo Kayla


This may ruin your day, but it’s actually impossible to physically shrink your pores. I know, you’re probably devastated now. But there is good news! I have come up with some simple steps that you can do to make your pores appear WAY SMALLER and less noticeable.

OMG! My pores! AHHHHH!

OMG! My pores! AHHHHH!

Always wash your makeup off. The best way to make your pores look smaller is by keeping them unclogged. If you’re an avid makeup wearer, it’s especially important to wash your face every single night. By leaving makeup on your face too long and too often, your pores can become permanently stretched out and will always appear larger. Find a gentle cleanser that works for your skin type so you’ll enjoy using it! And be sure to do a double cleanse.

Use glycolic acid. This ingredient is a miracle worker. Glycolic acid stimulates the collagen in your skin and tightens pores, therefore making them look less noticeable. The perfect product to use if you want to reap the glycolic acid benefits is Enza Essentials Glycolic Serum. It gently removes rough, dead skin cells and gives your skin a super smooth appearance. And your pores will look fantastic!


All of my favorite pore-shrinking products!

Exfoliate. I’m obsessed with this step in my skincare routine. When you exfoliate, dead skin cells are sloughed off, leaving your complexion brighter and so smooth. I recommend using a product that is gentle enough to use twice a week but contains ingredients such as salicylic acid to powerfully clean and exfoliate deep down into pores. And remember, don’t exfoliate harder—that can permanently damage your pores. Exfoliate longer for the best results and smallest pores.

Wear a masque. If you’re wanting instant results, try applying a masque. Firming masques give your skin a tightening sensation by pulling oil and water out of your pores, making them smaller. This technique is great for people with oily skin because it extracts the excess oils on your face . Enza’s Pore Extraction Masque uses camphor and sulfur to purify skin and cut through oil.

Enjoy your smaller-looking pores! xo- Kayla


If you’re in your twenties, preventing your skin from aging is probably the last thing on your mind. But, read these 5 tips and see how easy it is to keep your skin looking young and fresh for years to come!


1. Wear SPF everyday. We say it here at Enza Essentials constantly, but it really is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Sun damage is what ages your appearance the most so prevention is your BFF. The easiest thing you can to is moisturize your skin with a lightweight lotion containing SPF of at least 30 in the mornings before you leave your house, and reapply as needed. Enza Essentials Advanced Protection SPF 30 feels amazing, protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays, and doesn’t smell like a typical sunscreen. Also, don’t forget your neck and the tops of your hands—these areas are often forgot about but can easily show signs of skin aging at a young age.


2. Wash your face. I started this habit about five years ago and I couldn’t be more proud of myself because I’ll continue doing it for many years to come. While washing your face in the morning is important for a smooth and fresh makeup application, cleansing your face at night is an absolute must. If you’re like me, you wear makeup all day long so it’s necessary to give your skin time to breathe. Plus, if you continuously sleep with makeup on, your pores can become permanently enlarged, leading to frustration with your complexion down the road.


3. Use an eye cream. Even if you have yet to find any wrinkles around your eye area, it’s a fantastic idea to start applying it in your twenties. Since the skin surrounding your eyes is so delicate and thin, it’s one of the first places that fine lines will show up, making it very important to take good care of it now. Try using Enza Essential’s Eyebright Intensive Eye Creme to hydrate the skin around your eyes and prevent dark circles from showing up. And, it’ll make your under-eye concealer look great all day long.


4. Exfoliate. As you age, your skin’s natural process of exfoliation slows down and your cells can’t renew themselves as quickly as before. Exfoliating your skin will clean clogged pores, remove dead skin cells, and brighten your skin so it’s a wonderful idea to start this habit ASAP. I exfoliate 2-3 times a week with Enza’s Fine Facial Polish. It also makes my foundation look amazing all day long!


5. Antioxidants are key. Antioxidants are fabulous in so many ways—they speed up production of collagen, fight off free radicals that cause damage, and can even out and brighten your complexion. It’s a great idea to start applying antioxidants directly to your skin and incorporate foods packed with them into your diet. Vitamin C Serum gives your skin the wonderful benefits of antioxidants AND it’s 20% off through the rest of July!

Making skincare a daily routine is one of the best things you can do in your twenties. Treat your skin with some TLC and the payback will be worth it in 20 years, I promise! –xo Kayla


I’m SO EXCITED to head to Country Jam later today! One of the most important – and fun – parts of this summer festival is dressing up in the perfect summer country outfit. Here’s what I’ll be wearing today!


I’m OBSESSED with this Embellished Neck Print Halter Dress that my lovely Mother recently bought me from Maurices.


My new sunnies from Forever 21 will be with me the ENTIRE weekend!


I cannot go to a country music festival without wearing a pair of boots! These Blowfish boots are a few years old but I still love them. And they’re super comfy!


I’ll have my Enza Essentials Lip Treatment in my bag at all times so my lips look AMAZING in every picture!


And I’m off to Country Jam! -xo Kayla


If you’re not already using a toner in your daily skincare regimen, I suggest you start ASAP. Here are some of the fabulous benefits that a toner will give your skin!

Hydrating. This may seem obvious, but toners really do give your skin added moisture. Enza Essential’s Saturation Toner does a perfect job of hydrating your complexion and keeping it moisturized throughout the day. Why not start your morning out with fresh skin? Just spritz your toner onto a cotton ball and wipe it over your entire face for a rejuvenated look.


Balancing. Not only will a toner give your face moisture, but it will also balance the pH levels in your skin.  It absorbs the excess oils that are found deep inside your pores. When you use a toner, your skin will be very clean, giving you a lesser chance of having a breakout appear. Enza’s Extraction Toner is ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin and gives an oil-free glow.


Brightening. One of my favorite benefits of using a toner is how it removes any dead skin cells that dull the appearance of my complexion. It literally brightens skin instantly. I use Enza’s Cool Sustaining Toner which feels amazing! It boosts cell renewal so my skin always looks healthier each day. And honestly, who doesn’t want to brighten their complexion? Using a toner is such a simple step with great benefits.


Purifying. Toners are amazing at really making sure your skin is free of any sort of debris. Cleansers do a wonderful job of washing makeup, dirt and oil off your face, but toners can get even deeper down into pores to clean them out. And, using a toner can help shrink your pores which reduces the chance of impurities from getting into your skin.

Using a toner in your daily skincare routine will benefit your complexion in so many ways. I never leave the house or go to bed without applying my toner. It has made a world of difference on my skin!

Skin Tip: After applying my toner, I use Enza’s Glycolic Serum to exfoliate my skin. I put it on directly after toning because that’s when my skin is the cleanest, giving the Glycolic Serum the deepest exfoliation it can get. Plus, the Glycolic Serum is 20% off through the end of the month! Order now at!


This weekend I am headed to Country Jam USA and couldn’t be more excited! There’s nothing quite like spending an entire weekend with a bunch of friends, live country music, and lots of summer fun.  Since I’ll be spending 8+ hours at the festival each day, I need my bag to be prepared with all the essentials. Here’s a look at what I’ll have packed in my bag at Country Jam:


Bag. The very first thing I must pack is a cute bag (obviously) that I will put all my essentials in! I’m using this tote from TJ Maxx. It fits everything I’ll need and is pretty adorable I might add.

Scarf. It’s always a fabulous idea to pack an oversized scarf when going to a music festival. I can use it to pop a squat on the ground while listening to the concerts, then at night I can wrap it around my neck if it gets chilly.


Shine Control. When you’re surrounded by thousands of people and the sun is beating down on you, it’s easy for your face to get a little shiny. I’ll be wearing Enza Essential’s Shine Control on my T-zone to keep my makeup in place and looking great all day long.

Lip Color. Because it’s always important to look glamorous, I will not be leaving the house without my Jane Iredale PureGloss Lip Gloss in Candied Rose. It’s a great shade for summer!

Spot Extractor. You never truly know what will pop up on your face so it’s always better to be prepared for when that unwanted blemish shows up. I’ll have my little savior – Enza’s Spot Extractor – in my bag just in case!


Sunnies. Not only are sunglasses super adorable and can complete your entire outfit, they give your precious eyes protect too. I’m so excited to wear these new sunnies I just got from Forever 21 – they are very lightweight and comfortable.

SPF. Sunscreen is packed in my bag every day of the year, but especially during this music festival. Advanced Protection SPF 30  gives my skin the protect and hydration it needs to stay healthy and it’s super lightweight!

Lucky Magazine. Since there’s always some downtime in between shows, I’ll have this packed to keep me occupied. And, I always LOVE to keep up on the latest trends!


Wallet. This simple brown wallet from Target is perfect for my weekend at Country Jam. It’ll give me a spot to keep my ID, cash, and cards safe and all together.

Deodorant. Because I’ll be singing, dancing, and running around all day in the heat, it’s always a good idea to pack some deodorant and antiperspirant just in case I don’t smell like roses.

Water Bottle. It’s SO important to keep your body and skin hydrated during the summer months. I’ll have my favorite water bottle with me when I need to fill it up and refuel.

Snacks. When I need a little boost of energy, I’ll reach for these fruit snacks and Enza chocolate bar I’ll have packed. I don’t want to become hangry (hungry+angry) because that NEVER ends well.


I’m all set for a fun weekend at Country Jam USA! – xo Kayla