The countdown is officially on – only 2 days left until Halloween! Are you ready for the big night? Not only do you need to be prepared with a super cute costume, fun accessories, and perfect makeup, but most importantly – fresh skin. Here’s some tips on how to prep your face for the spooky night!

scrubfaceExfoliate. Nothing cleans your skin quite like exfoliation. It’s important to unclog pores of dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells, and that’s exactly what the Fine Facial Polish does. I use this creamy scrub twice a week to brighten and polish my skin.


Double Cleanse. Doing a “double cleanse” of your skin is an essential step in prepping your face for the big night. The first cleanse washes away makeup and any dirt on the surface, while the second cleanse gets deep into your pores for an even fresher feeling.


Prime. Before you apply all the fun and sassy makeup for the night, you need to protect your skin. Liquid Gold shields your skin from breakouts and other chemicals, so you definitely want to apply it right after cleansing. Plus, your makeup will look flawless!

You and your skin are ready for Halloween 2014! -xo Kayla



Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays. I love the season, all the decorations, dressing up in the perfect costume, and all the candy. I have a very strong sweet tooth and Halloween definitely knows how to satisfy it. But, did you know that sugar is not only bad on your waistline but on your skin as well? Uh oh….Kayla_candy

Why are tasty treats so bad for your skin? Sugar causes your insulin levels to spike, causing inflammation throughout your entire body. And as you already know, inflammation is never a good thing. Inflammation produces enzymes that actually break down collagen, leading to fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone.candy_reaching

Be sure to think twice about reaching into a bowl of candy. But, if you’re like me and just simply cannot resist the chocolately goodness of Halloween sweets, be prepared to fight unwanted zits with the Spot Extractor. It literally banishes any pimple the moment it appears on my face. It’s the perfect addition to any costume!


-xo Kayla



Oh, the joys of a razor and a can of shaving cream. We all know what that means – time to give your legs a haircut. But, did you know that this combination can be used to keep skin looking young? Here are three places that a razor can be your ultimate anti-aging tool!


Back of hands. The skin on the back of your hand is one of the first places to show signs of aging. Since shaving exfoliates your skin and stimulates collagen production, lightly shaving this area helps with cell turnover, leaving you with younger looking skin.


Neck. Exfoliating your neck is always a great idea. Delicately shave the area to slough off dead skin cells and tiny, fine hairs. Do this 2-3 times per week in the shower and the skin on your neck will be looking as good as new!


I don’t have a hairy chest, I swear! :)

The décolletage. This skin is very fragile and delicate, so it’s extra important to exfoliate here. Just remember to not push too hard – a gently swipe with the razor that you already use to shave your legs is perfect.


Skin Tip: To get the most out of your exfoliation-with-a-razor technique, apply Vitamin C Serum immediately after shaving. Vitamin C will give your skin firmness and increase collagen production under the surface, all while giving you benefits of this fabulous antioxidant.

So, get out your razors and shaving cream, ladies! -xo Kayla




Halloween is just around the corner, ladies! Do you know what you’re going to be for the spooky night out?? If you need a last minute, super simple, and oh-so-cute idea, you NEED to take a peek at my cat makeup!


First, start by giving your brows a distinct and defined shape.


Next, draw a thick cat eye with black liner. I’m using Jane Iredale’s Jelly Jar for a perfectly winged look.


After you’ve drawn on your liner, apply several coats of black mascara to make your eyes pop.


Then, using black eyeliner, color in the tip of your nose to resemble a cat’s nose. You can draw this as high or as low as you’d like – it’s super cute no matter what!


Connect your nose with the top of your lip by drawing a line with your black pencil.


Next, color in your upper lip with lipstick. I actually used this Jane Iredale Eye Pencil to fill in mine!


Finally, add little black dots to the apples of your cheeks. Whiskers are always adorable and feline too!


For the finishing touch, throw on some cat ears and you’re ready for a purrr-fect night! :)


It’s masque season, ladies! This is the perfect time of year to highlight one of my FAVORITE products – the Pore Extraction Masque.


This firming masque gives your skin an amazingly deep clean. One of the active ingredients, oat kernel extract, soothes your skin while calming any irritation. It unclogs pores of dirt and bacteria, preventing further blemishes from forming.


Our previous Interns Ali and Anna still LOVE the Pore Extraction Masque!

I put on the masque after I wash my face with the Extraction Cleanser. I apply a thin layer to my face and leave it on for about 15 minutes or until it’s dry and firm. My masque time is very special to me because I can unwind, relax, and enjoy the fact that my pores are getting cleaned. :)

Skin tip: Use the Pore Extraction Masque 2 times per week.


The greatest part about masque season? You can get the Pore Extraction Masque for only $30 THIS WEEK ONLY! It’s seriously a necessity to have. Order yours now at enza.com!



Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE right now – pumpkin lotions, lattes, desserts, and candles. This autumn ingredient just tastes and smells so wonderful that it’s hard not to love it. But, pumpkin is more than just a seasonal treat – it can actually make you prettier.


Pumpkin is packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants that give you healthy and radiant skin. Plus, the ingredient is super amazing for your overall health. Pumpkin is a great source of vitamin C, which protects your delicate skin from fine lines and wrinkles.  And, vitamin C promotes collagen production!


This fall superfood is also a fabulous source of vitamin B, which helps fight acne, improve circulation under the surface of your skin, and increase cell turnover. And if you love the seeds, good news for you! Pumpkin seeds are rich in fatty acids that regulate oil production in the skin, which is great for oily or acne-prone skin. So, what are you waiting for – go ahead and indulge! -xo Kayla




If you’re like me, life is CRAZY busy. And, unfortunately, I don’t get to the gym nearly as often as I’d like. But instead of missing an entire workout sesh, I’ve discovered some super easy-to-do exercises that I can do at my desk! It’s almost like a miracle.

Ab Twister.


I use my water bottle that’s full for this one. It’s super simple – just hold your water bottle (or whatever weight you choose) at chest level and gently twist all the way to your left while keeping your feet and hips forward. Then, twist to the right side. You’ll be able to feel your abs contract! I usually do about 10 reps on each side for this exercise.


Chair Squat.


This one is SOOOO simple and is a great exercise. Hold your arms out in front of you and lift up your hips and butt just enough so you’re hovering over your chair. I hold this pose for about 30 seconds to feel the burn!


Leg Extensions.


Start sitting up tall in your chair with your arms at your sides. Lift your left leg off the ground, straight out in front of you and hold for 10 seconds. Be sure to squeeze your quads to get a good workout! Then, switch to your right leg.


See???? It’s not so hard to keep active even if you’re at a desk all day! I finish with a spritz of Cool Sustaining Toner on my face to refresh and balance my skin. What a great workout! -xo Kayla




Ahhhhh… sweet, sweet coffee. Oh how I love you when I’m feeling sleepy. And I’m not alone – many people absolutely cannot function without sipping on you first thing in the morning. But, could you be the cause of acne in adults?


Many adults suffer from acne. It’s annoying and frustrating. Recently, the number of adults who have acne has risen – and some are looking at coffee to be a cause behind the skin issue.

If you fall into the four-or-more-cups-a-day coffee addict group, your testosterone levels increase, which can lead to hormonal breakouts. Coffee also causes your adrenal glands to over-react to everyday stressors, making your stress hormones go a little bit crazy as well, leading to obnoxious breakouts.


So, what should you do now? If you are struggling with acne but need a little extra boost in the mornings, there are healthy alternatives you can do! Try replacing your java with green tea. Green tea has SO many benefits to it. It gives you the caffeine you want while being loaded with antioxidants to keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic.


Another option? Water! Starting off your day with a glass or two of water gives you a serious hydration boost that leaves you feeling awake and refreshed. Try adding fresh lemon slices – this will give you a Vitamin C fix that will make your skin look amazing and taste buds happy!

Are you ready to kick your coffee habit? -xo Kayla




Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful week! Today I’m going to share with you one of my all-time FAVORITE dresses – this magenta and navy little number. Since the cold weather will be here oh so soon, I need to wear it as much as I can before it gets unbearable!


This color combination is amazing – and I never think to pair magenta with navy! I love how fun and flirty this dress is. I can wear it on date night with a pair of heels or make it more casual with a pair of flats.


The best part about this outfit is that it’s currently on sale at kohls.com right this second! So, what are you waiting for??

GET THE LOOK: Speechless Tribal Chiffon Dress, $19.20 at kohls.com




It happens to everyone – an ugly, large, unwanted pimple appears on your face and you LITERALLY want to scream. It’s the worst. And the first thing you automatically do is squeeze it, right? Well, popping a zit isn’t the greatest thing to do for your skin. But, when you’re getting ready for date night and you have a pimple the size of Mount Everest on your chin, you’re going to go ahead and pop it. BUT GOOD NEWS! Here’s the correct way to pop a zit:

WHAT YOU NEED: Two Q-Tips, hydrogen peroxide, and the Spot Extractor.


First, dip your Q-Tips into the hydrogen peroxide.


Then, use even pressure to press down on the pimple’s base, causing it to pop. Make sure to press down at an angle.


After the zit has popped, immediately apply Enza’s Spot Extractor directly to the pimple. This will kill the bacteria and deep clean the pore.


There you go! The best way to pop a zit is super easy and effective. And remember, if you go out into the sun, be sure to apply SPF to the area to prevent any discoloration. -xo Kayla