Black Friday, aka the ultimate shopping day of the year, is right around the corner. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already been gearing up for the excitement.  Check out my top Black Friday shopping tips so you can survive the most fabulous shopping day of the year!


Wear Comfy Clothing.  Since you will most likely be doing quite a bit of walking, it’s probably smart to ditch the three-inch high heels and long, bulky trench coat. Instead, try a less high maintenance but still stylish look by wearing a cute shirt, sweater, leggings, and equestrian boots!


Simplify Your Beauty Routine. Remember, today is all about scoring deals…not guys ladies! For this most sacred of shopping days, all you really need are these three products:

Cleanser: Not even Black Friday can get in the way of my strict skin care routine. Before heading out to the malls, it’s important to use a cleanser to start the day. I’ll be using my Enza Essentials Sustaining Cleanser to keep my skin looking fresh for hours…and hours!

Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gel: If you’re an early bird shopper like me, this will be your savior as your 4:00 a.m. alarm goes off. Before leaving the house, swipe on some anti-puffiness gel to hide those tired eyes and you’ll be ready to shop till you drop!

Foundation:  Indulge in a few too many glasses of wine Thanksgiving night and wake up with dry, irritated skin? Don’t panic! It’s okay to spend a little extra time applying your favorite foundation to hide the imperfections.  I’ll be using Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB Cream for full coverage. That way I can spend less time re-applying and more time buying!


Bring a Snack: In the midst of all the chaos and long lines, the last thing you want to be feeling is “hangry.”  Bringing a healthy snack will not only help lift your mood, it will also make it easier to pass on that 500+ calorie, sugar-packed croissant from Starbucks!


Avoid Dressing Rooms Like the Plague. I know. There are always those items that pop up on Black Friday that you absolutely fall in love with. But, do you really want to try on 10 items when you have 15 more stores to hit? Tip: try on whatever you can before Black Friday so you can purchase the perfect fitting piece in a fraction of the time.

Best of luck this Friday ladies!

xo Krista


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