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You probably brush your hair, and your teeth, but have you ever tried brushing your skin? Watch my short how-to video to find out why you should start!

xo Krista


Chalk it up to another Hallmark holiday to give us yet another excuse to dress and look our very best. Is there a better time to break out that cute outfit than Valentine’s Day? I don’t think so! Whether you’re going out on a romantic date with your sweetheart or hitting the town with your besties, here are five tips to knock your look out of the ballpark.


Proper exfoliating is the key for smooth, soft, touchable skin. I use a gentle scrub like Enza Essential’s Shea Butter Body Polish – it makes me feel like I just stepped out of an extravagant spa. Your special guy will be singing his own version of “Reach out and touch, somebody’s hand.”


Moisturize for even softer skin. Immediately after showering, apply a heavy moisturizer to reenergize your dry and thirsty skin. I like my Enza Essential’s Shea Body Butter which keeps my skin feeling fresh all night long!

Go for a natural, romantic hair-do (aka channel your inner Victoria Secret Angel). The last thing you want is your guy being afraid to mess up your perfect do. If your hair is long, try using a one-inch curler to create those perfect and effortless loose curls. Hello touchable, sexy hair!


Perfect those kissable lips. Exfoliate your lips with a scrub like Jane Iredales Sugar and Butter Lip Scrub. Then, apply your favorite lip balm and top it off with a pink or plum lip gloss.


Make a statement with a favorite scent. How a girl smells can be just as powerful as how she looks. For Valentine’s Day, opt for a soft, luxurious scent then apply a drop to your wrists and neck. Don’t overdo it though!


Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, Beauties!

xo Krista



The dreaded Christmas cold or feverish flu can definitely destroy any ounce of joy during this time of the year and put a big damper on your holiday cheer. If you’ll soon be hugging a lot of family and friends, think of how many germs you will soon be exposed to… eek!  Want to avoid getting sick and get through the season illness-free? Then boost your vitamin C!


Vitamin C is the ultimate powerhouse nutrient that protects your overall health by boosting your immune system. Not only can a little extra Vitamin C help you stay healthy, it clears your body of unhealthy toxins. You know… the toxins from all those delicious sugar cookies and grandma’s special bars that are pretty much impossible to pass up. Plus, Vitamin C helps reduce stress –and is there a more stressful and chaotic holiday than Christmas? I don’t think so!  And more stress equals more pimples! Uh oh…


And Vitamin C isn’t just good for your health – it does wonders for your skin too! Want a continuously glowing, blemish-free complexion through the holidays? Maybe it’s time to invest in a Vitamin C serum! Ever since I started using my Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum a few months ago, my skin has become incredibly soft!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, stress-free holiday!

xo Krista 


It’s safe to say that all eyes were on Carrie Underwood at this year’s CMA awards. The country singer and beauty icon rocked the stage with over ten outfit changes!  With her incredible sense of style and killer looks, Carrie never disappoints! I honestly loved all of Carries’ outfits throughout the night, but I was able to narrow it down to my top five favorite looks!

carrie underwood1

On the red carpet, Carrie definitely had the “wow” effect sporting a stunning coral gown with a low neckline and peplum waist. Not to mention, her hair looked incredible with a deep side part and loose curls- absolute perfection.

carrie 4

This colorful dress was by far one of my favorites because of it’s elegant yet fun appeal. I just love the bright colors combined with the soft hues! To match her dress, Carrie’s rosy lips added the perfect pop of color. Speaking of her lips, they look super soft and hydrated! To get lips like Carrie’s, I’ve been using my Lip Treatment every day and my lips have never been softer!

carrie underwood 2

So, Carrie has great style, an amazing voice, AND knows how to play the guitar? This multi-talented beauty looked super trendy rocking this studded black dress. Can you say gorgeous??

carrie underwood 3

How adorable does Carrie look in this dress?! I just love the modern twist of this fun and flirty bandage dress! And look at her legs! How does she do it? She must use a super hydrating lotion like Enza Essential’s Shea Butter Body Lotion.

carrie underwood

Along with her coral dress, Carrie wore these simplistic, long earrings that added the perfect amount of bling to help create a sophisticated, modern look. The only thing that could take my attention away from her wardrobe is her glowing skin. Just look at her flawless complexion! The secret to a glowing complexion like Carrie’s? Vitamin C!

Stay Enza Beautiful!

xo Krista


It may seem like a pretty straightforward concept – squirt some cleanser into your hands, scrub your face, rinse with water, and dry off. Most of us do this everyday (hopefully twice a day!) and don’t put too much thought or effort into it. But, there actually are a few face-washing mistakes that many of us do every time we begin our skin care routine. Keep reading to find out if you’re guilty of any!


Mistake #1: Your hands are dirty.

It may seem silly, but before you wash your face, you NEED to wash your hands. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about touching your face without freshly-cleansed hands ever. It’s so important to expose your face to as little bacteria as possible, and we all know how nasty our hands can be.


Mistake #2: The water is too hot. 

Since cooler weather is quickly approaching, it’s very tempting to use hot water when washing your face. Truth is, hot water washes away skin’s protective oils, leaving it dry, tight, and itchy. Instead, use lukewarm water – the lower temperature is much less harsh on your delicate skin.


Mistake #3: You’re only washing once.

When you only wash your face once, you’re really only cleansing the dirt, makeup, and bacteria that’s on the surface of your skin. To get an even deeper clean, wash a second time to get the oil and bacteria that’s hiding down in your pores. I cleanse my skin twice every night with my Extraction Cleanser – it leaves my skin feeling amazing.


Mistake #4: You’re not following up.

So you’ve taken my advice above and correctly washed your face – great job! But, is that all you’re doing? Cleansing just provides a blank canvas for the rest of your skincare regimen. Even if you’re extremely low-maintenance, be sure to follow up with a toner (to balance skin tone and minimize pores) and a moisturizer for your best skin possible.

Are you committing any of these cleansing crimes? -xo Kayla


Happy Friday, Beauties! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week. Here’s what I’ve been up to on Instagram lately! And remember, be sure to follow me @EnzaPRGirl 🙂


Warm weather is perfect for a romper.


Don’t pretend like you don’t want to eat this. OMG.


My all-time favorite duo! The Shea Butter Body Polish and Shea Butter Body Lotion duo is seriously everything. They leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth and smell AMAZING.


My new go-to hair style is the faux shave side braid. It’s super simple and looks so cute!


Have you added me on Snapchat yet?! Do it now! My username is enzaessentials!


I’m still obsessing over these Steve Madden wedges. Love them.


Fresh roses make the world a better place.


New gel mani on a Friday? Check.

Have a wonderful weekend! -xo Kayla


Wow – I can’t believe it’s already September! With fall officially here, you want to look and feel refreshed. Unfortunately, you may have noticed your skin seems a little duller than usual. Thanks to summer’s extreme heat, lots of dead skin, sweat, and bacteria have accumulated on your face and body. What’s the quickest way to an instant “glow”? Exfoliation.

Scrubs 3

Exfoliating is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your skin. It’s SO important to rid your skin of bacteria and dirt regularly. If you’re not exfoliating, those nasty pollutants may be irritating acne and blemishes, and could be increasing your chances of acne scarring!

Scrubs 2

When choosing the right exfoliator, it’s important to use one product for your body and another for your face, as the skin on your face and neck are thin and more sensitive than the rest of your body. For your body, I recommend using Enza Essentials Shea Butter Body Polish – it effectively softens, hydrates, and revives your skin while sloughing off dead, dry cells.

Scrubs 1

When it comes to your face, it’s the same idea. However, because the skin on your face is more sensitive and we are much more cautious of acne and blemishes, it’s important to use an exfoliator with natural rice, grains, and oats that will act as a masque to gently and effectively absorb the unwanted acne-causing oils. The natural ingredients will also work to polish away those impurities caused by summer sweat or sun damage and leave your face looking bright and refreshed. Enza Essentials Fine Facial Polish does an amazing job and smells great, too!

Do you exfoliate regularly? -xo Kayla


Back to school season is officially here! Although I’m not headed back to school this year for the first time since kindergarten (OMG), I’ve got you covered for your BTS beauty essentials:

Spot Extractor Laptop

Spot Extractor. Back to school can be a stressful time – which means a pimple or two is likely to appear. Enza Essentials Spot Extractor is one of my FAVORITE products and I literally carry it with me everywhere. This salicylic acid spot treatment works on contact with blemishes when you need an immediate fix. It really is a life saver!

Primer. Primer not only makes your foundation look AMAZING all day long but also gives you a brighter complexion, too. If you have oily skin, I highly recommend trying Jane Iredale’s Smooth Affair For Oily Skin Facial Primer & Brightener – it evens out skin tone, minimizes pores, fights blemishes and reduces shine.


Concealer. When your complexion isn’t as lovely as you’d like it to be, concealer can be your best friend – especially when you’re trying to look good on your first day of class. I love using Jane Iredale’s Disappear Concealer with Green Tea Extract – it’s fantastic at concealing blemishes and dark circles.

Moisturizer. Dry skin is NEVER a good back to school look (or any other time for matter). Always remember to apply moisturizer with SPF for healthy looking skin all day long. Advanced Protection SPF 30 works fab on all skin types and does a great job protecting your precious skin.


-xo Kayla




I hate to say it, but summer is quickly coming to an end. And if you’re like me, you’ve tried to spend every last second possible outdoors in the sunshine and warm weather. Unfortunately, this can take a SERIOUS toll on skin, especially if you haven’t been protecting yourself properly. But no worries! I have the perfect duo to repair your summertime skin.


Enza Essentials Shea Body Butter and Shea Butter Body Polish are my go-to products for keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized after the hot summer months. The Shea Butter Body Polish smooths away dulling, dry skin cells with Dead Sea salt. I use mine in the shower for a super relaxing experience! After I’m done, I apply my Shea Body Butter immediately after to trap in extra moisture and give my skin a soft, silky feel. This duo seriously smells like heaven – lavender, vanilla and shea butter make the ideal combination of scents!


The best part? When you purchase the Shea Body Butter, you get the Shea Butter Body Polish as a free gift! Order now at!

BOGO Shea-02 (1)



I seriously can’t believe today is the last day of July – where did this month go?! Today I’m rounding up a few of my favorite things from the last 4 weeks, enjoy!


I’m completely obsessed with Enza Essentials Stress Extraction Creme – it’s the perfect moisturizer for summer because it never leaves my skin feeling oily or heavy. And, it makes my complexion look AMAZING. Don’t miss out – today is the LAST day to get it 20% off!

The gorgeous JLo turned 46 this month and she honestly looks better than ever – I’m SO jealous! Her hair, makeup, and skin is flawless as always. And this dress that she wore to her birthday bash? OMG.


My latest obsession? False lashes. They’re super easy and beautiful! The best glue is definitely Duo Brush on Lash Adhesive – it doesn’t irritate my eyes and stays put all day and night. I always finish the look with Jane Iredale’s Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara.


July has been FULL of backless dresses and I’m not complaining one bit! I love this style – it just looks so chic and summery.


Nothing beats a bright, bold fuschia lip – it’s been such a hit this past month! This color can instantly transform any outfit. Emma Stone looks fab in this color, too!

Have a wonderful weekend! -xo Kayla