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Beauty Interview Krista

Favorite Dessert: I like ALL desserts to be honest! 🙂 But if I had to choose just one, it’d be vanilla ice cream with Oreo’s on top!

Favorite Restaurant: The Livery right here in Eau Claire. Their Prickly Pear Mojitos are seriously to die for!

Celebrity Man Crush? Ohhh, Usher, by far.  I saw him perform live at Summerfest and he totally rocks the stage. Plus he has awesome dance moves and an award-winning smile!


I Daydream About: Relaxing on a beach in Mexico, listening to the sound of the waves.

Dream Job: I have so many! I want to do something in Communications or Marketing that aligns with my passions (fitness, beauty, and health).

Beauty Idol: Kate Hudson. We have similar fashion styles- I love how classy she is. I also really like her Fabletics clothing line! And have you seen her smile?! It’s gorgeous!

On Skincare:  I wash my face twice a day and follow with moisturizer. My Sustaining System feels amazing on my skin! I’ve been using the Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum, which I LOVE. I believe skincare is so important because when your skin looks fresh and bright, you feel better about yourself.


What are your skincare problems? I have slight redness in my skin which can be slightly annoying. My face also gets oily sometimes after workouts, but thankfully I have my Enza regimen to keep my combination skin under control.

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received? Beauty starts from the inside. My mom always tells me that! But you should always take pride in your appearance, especially skincare. If you skip beauty steps now, you’ll pay for it later.


What are you looking forward to most as the new Beauty Blogger? I’m passionate about heath, beauty, fitness and fashion! I can’t wait to share tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years. I’m so happy to be a part of the Enza Team!

Any tips from the past Beauty Blogger, Kayla? She told me to let my own voice shine through in my writing and just have fun with it. I can’t wait to bring all stories beauty-related to my readers!


Today is a national holiday – it’s Beyonce’s birthday! To honor Queen Bey on her special day, I’ve compiled my favorite beauty looks from throughout the years:


I am SO in love with this long-sleeved leotard that she wore during her On The Run tour last year. AH! Bey looks absolutely gorgeous in this colorful outfit paired with fishnet tights. And her shimmery gold eye shadow makes her look as fierce as ever to top the entire look off.


This is still one of my all-time favorite looks from the Flawless singer. I love this simple side-swept style on the pop diva. She looks so natural! And this color was AMAZING on her skin tone. Speaking of skin, doesn’t Bey’s look fabulous? It’s so glowy and bright! Also, she has no fine lines or wrinkles – I read that Bey LOVES a good eye cream.


Can you say H-O-T?! This black leather bodysuit certainly shows off Bey’s rockin’ bod. The plunging neckline, black netting, and black combat boots make this outfit a serious 10, and the exposed zipper is my favorite part of the whole look. Her loose, messy curls compliment this costume perfectly.


I’m slightly obsessed with this I Dream of Jeannie look. But then again, Bey can do no wrong! Her makeup is seriously perfect –  I love the winged liner and soft pink lip. And this dress? Jeweled amazingness! With all the red carpet appearances, shows, interviews, and publicity, her skin is always on point. If you want picture-perfect skin like Beyonce’s, fill out a customized skin care questionnaire here and be just like Bey!

What are your favorite Queen Bey beauty looks? -xo Kayla


melissa graphic

K: What’s your all-time favorite food?

M: I actually have 2 favorite foods! Pizza and tacos. I could eat them both all day, every day.

melissa charts

K: What are some of your hobbies?

M: Spending time with my daughter Elliott and my nephews Max and Milo. Also, currently one of my favorite things to do is wedding planning since I got engaged to my finace Joe this past July –exciting!

melissa products

K: Favorite movie?

M: My ALL TIME favorite movie in the entire world is How To Lose  A Guy In 10 Days. Matthew is just so good looking in it and Kate Hudson is my favorite actress. It’s the perfect duo!

K: Which celebrity inspires you?

M: Jennifer Aniston. I love her classic style – the natural look she has going on. She never looks too overdone, yet she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. Want to know a secret? Last year when she cut her hair, I cut mine! She inspires me all the time.

American Cinematheque 26th Annual Award Presentation To Ben Stiller 2012 - Cocktail Reception

K: You ALWAYS look so amazing. When did your passion for beauty first start?

M: Oh goodness. I’ve always had a passion for it! I’ve always looked up to my big sister and her beauty techniques. Also, when I was in high school I started working at a salon which really intrigued me to go into the industry. I was always so fascinated by the girls who worked there and how beautiful they made their clients feel.

K: What do you love the most about your job as an aesthetician?

M: Making people feel good about themselves and feeling comfortable in their skin. My favorite treatment to do on a client is a microderm because there are so many benefits. Their skin becomes instantly brighter and more radiant. I also love giving makeovers – there’s honestly nothing better than making a client feel beautiful.

melissa makeup kayla

K: Skincare is so important. What are some valuable tips you can share with the readers?

M: Wear SPF every single day, no matter what! Enza’s Advanced Protection SPF 30 is what I wear every day. It never makes my skin feel greasy and it’s lightweight but also moisturizing enough to keep my skin soft all day. Also, always wash your makeup off at night! It’s so bad to let makeup clog your pores overnight.

 K: What 3 beauty items could you never live without?

M: Saturation Herbal Crème is my number 1! It makes my skin glow and smells amazing. Mascara is pretty important as well. If I could only put on one thing before I leave my house every morning, it would be mascara. I also can NOT live without a flat iron.

melissa sitting

K: Your daughter Elliott is absolutely adorable. What’s the last super cute thing she did?

M: She does something cute every day! She’s just starting to get one of her front teeth in, so every time she smiles just that one tooth shows! It’s my favorite thing. And she LOVES wearing dishes on her head! She got about a million new toys for Christmas but the only thing she wants to play with is pots and pans. She’s incredible.

Elliott playing with the cooking utensils as usual.

Elliott playing with the cooking utensils- isn’t she precious??

For a skincare system like Melissa’s, use Enza Essential’s Saturation System.






Favorite Dessert: Cookies and Creme ice cream! Obviously this is not something I do every day, but you cannot go your whole life without dessert. If I’m craving something sweet, I just have a little bit and move forward.
Favorite Restaurant: Cracker Barrel.
Celebrity Man Crush: Hugh Jackman.
Last book you read? Killing Kennedy – one of my clients recommended it because I have such a fascination with the Kennedys.
I daydream about:  I’m always thinking about my business – ASPIRE, how to improve it and how to grow. Other than that, my next vacation 🙂 I want to go back to Italy and Salzburg in Austria.
Beauty Idol: Sofia Vergara – Every time her Pepsi commercial comes on I’m glued. Obviously she’s gorgeous, but she has that healthy, fit body that’s not rail thin like most celebrities. Plus, she’s funny and smart – and that makes her beautiful.
Favorite Healthy Food: I love salmon, but I don’t eat it enough – I should eat more of it. Also — grilled chicken with a lime cilantro seasoning with it, dijon mustard, a sweet potato and asparagus as my veggie.

Sofia Vergara

Beauty Idol Sofia Vergara!

My entire life I have always been active, but when I started college I stopped working out. At the end of my freshman year, I went to try on some jeans thinking I could still fit in the same size. I couldn’t get them past my knees; I had gained 40lbs!!!  I shed a few years, grabbed my tennis shoes and went to my old high school track. I was always a sprinter, not a long distance runner – so I thought I’d run a lap. It was tough, but I did it. At that point I knew I had to make a mind-ful change and that it needed to start now. I started going to the track every other day and by the end of the summer I was up to running two miles. Clothes were fitting better, I felt better, so I continued with that. Then I started lifting on campus. It took everything in me to enter the facility because I was so nervous about people watching me and seeing me lift. I started educating myself on fitness, which resulted in me considering changing my major to Kinesiology.  I was already in Broadcast Journalism, but I was so interested in how my body was changing and I knew if I could do it, anyone could do it. At this critical time, I ended up studying abroad at Scotland and there were no weight rooms. However, they did have running trails so I kept at that, and that’s how I figured out my career path – Kinesiology with an Exercise Management emphasis.

Lori Heck Personal Trainer

Emails, phone calls, meal plans, coffee!

I interned with FitCore in Boston where I became involved with group exercise, training, and marketing. Then I moved back home and became a personal trainer and the director at Gold’s Gym. I was the director at Gold’s for seven years when I decided to step down and start my own business, ASPIRE, so I could focus more on my clients.

Lori Heck Personal Trainer

Lori’s clients keep her motivated!

I’m up at 6:30 a.m. and at the gym by 8 a.m. for clients. My morning is jam-packed with clients, which includes one-on-one and small group training classes. By noon or 1 p.m. is when I will have a quick snack and get into my own workout, which consists of resistance training and cardio four days out of the week, and the rest are just cardio and corework. Then in the afternoon it’s a mixture of getting things done for ASPIRE, returning emails, phone calls, intern meetings, meal plans, — and then I’m usually back to the gym by 4:30 p.m. for night classes. I get home around 7 p.m. and catch up on more business. I try to be done by 8:30 p.m. so I can relax and watch my brainless TV – Real Housewives. 🙂

Lori Heck Personal Trainer

Fitting in your her own workout between training sessions.

My skin type is combination type oily – it can be dry, so I HAVE to have moisturized skin, but it can also get very oily at the end of the day. (Maybe that’s due to the atmosphere I’m in!) My routine is quick because my day is so busy – wake up, cleanse and make sure I use an SPF of at least 25. And eye cream — I’m pretty basic.

Liquid foundation, mineral powder, and then for lips and eyes – pretty neutral. And I am a lip balm and lip gloss hoarder. I cannot be without it. I wish I had more time to wash my face and workout without my makeup, but I’m so busy. But at night, I’ll cleanse and two nights out of the week I’ll do an at-home microdermabrasion, followed with a moisturizer and eye cream.

Probably the fine lines around the eyes, that’s definitely something I’ve noticed. I also try more to protect myself from the sun. Doing figure competitions before spray tans came out, you had to tan – so I worry what that’s going to cause in the future. I have been using products with Vitamin C in them though to help combat that.

I wish I would have worn SPF at an earlier age… back then I’d go running at prime tanning hours, so I really wish I wouldn’t have done that!

Going out Tuesday nights with the ladies! Or going out with my fiancé – any time I get a chance to dress up. For makeup, lip gloss and lipstick. Oh gosh, and I can’t live without mascara.

What motivates me is just knowing how much I love to travel and want to be healthy for the rest of my life. I And really, working with my clients is what motivates me. I see them working hard and changing – not just physically, but mentally. It’s really inspiring. I also belong to a couple of websites that have fitness inspiration and that keeps me motivated. I try to do whatever I can do now through exercise and proper nutrition so that I can continue to stay healthy and do fun things in life.