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For most things in life, one size doesn’t fit all. The shirt you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, even the city you live in isn’t going to satisfy everyone – that also goes for skin care. No two people have the exact same skin, so not all products will work for everyone. It’s so important to use skin care that targets exactly what you need, which is why Enza Essentials is perfect for you.


Not only does Enza recommend products that work with your skin type, but with your location, hobbies, and lifestyle, too. If two people both have combination skin and one is acne-prone and the other is concerned about wrinkles, sure – they both may use the Sustaining Cleanser and Cool Sustaining Toner, but they each need different treatments to help with their individual concerns, such as the Pore Extraction Masque to fight breakouts or the Tri-Peptide Cell Activator to smooth fine lines.


The best part? Finding out what customized skin care regimen you should be using for your specific skin type and lifestyle is SO easy – just fill out this questionnaire to see what the skin experts at Enza recommend. It really is that simple! And don’t forget – you’ll receive 30% off when you order your customized skin care suite!

-xo Kayla



It’s a Wednesday night – you’ve had a long day. As you’re doing your nighttime skin care routine, you notice a fine line on your forehead staring back at you in the mirror. You immediately FREAK out and realize that your youthful skin days are over. Guess what? There is absolutely no reason to worry or panic! After you find your first (don’t say it!) fine line, here’s what to do:


Moisturize. Even though lathering on a moisturizer won’t erase the line totally,  keeping it hydrated can definitely help reduce the appearance of it. Soft, smooth skin creates an irresistible look on any skin type, so be sure to keep skin very rejuvenated and replenished. Try moisturizing with Enza Essentials Saturation Herbal Creme – it will repair cells and help prevent further signs of aging.

Protect. I know I sound like a broken record, but using sunscreen every day is the BEST way to prevent that pesky little wrinkle from getting any worse. Applying SPF every morning and throughout the day as needed not only will moisturize that line fine, but keep your skin from getting any more wrinkles.

Saturation Herbal Creme

Treat. Once you find that annoying fine line, it’s so important to treat it. Using a lightweight cream or serum in your daily skin care routine will benefit you greatly, especially one that doesn’t weigh you down. I love using the Glycolic Serum morning and night to slough off dead skin and help reduce fine lines and age spots.

Prevent. When it comes to anti-aging, you are never to young to start preventing early signs. And once you see that first wrinkle, you’ll wish you’d started protecting your skin years ago. Be sure to get on a skin care regimen that works for your skin, do it morning and night, and stick with it. If you need help finding the perfect skin care products and regimen, click here to fill out a customized skin care questionnaire and we’ll get you on the right track!

Glycolic Serum





You hear me talk about exfoliating on the regular – and why it’s so important to do. Sure, you may get around to sloughing off dead skin cells maybe once or twice a month, am I right? Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Here’s 5 reasons you should go home and exfoliate tonight.


1. Your skin will be smoother. One of the greatest benefits of exfoliating is the fact that your skin literally gets softer and more smooth. When all those nasty dead skin cells are scrubbed away, the new and fresh cells will be on top and looking better than ever.

2. Your complexion will be brighter. If you go home and exfoliate your face tonight, I can guarantee that you will LOVE how much brighter your skin tone looks afterwards. Since you’re getting rid of the old and dead skin cells, as well as dirt and makeup clogged in pores, your complexion will definitely have a fresh glow.

3. It’ll keep fine lines and wrinkles away. As we age, our skin looses elasticity and those pesky, annoying, frustrating laugh lines and crow’s feet begin to show up – heartbreaking, I know. But, if you exfoliate tonight, you’ll help the process along by turning cells over faster – it’s a win win! Another way to keep fine lines and wrinkles away? Use Enza Essentials’ Glycolic Serum in your morning and evening skin care routines.


4. Your products will work better. Since that top layer of dead skin will be long gone after you’ve exfoliated, your cleanser, toner, serum, AND moisturizer will all absorb more thoroughly into your skin, resulting in them actually working better. Also, your skin will look more dewy – and let’s be real – who doesn’t want that?

5. Your foundation will be smoother.  If you aren’t exfoliating, you are basically putting makeup over dead skin, causing it to flake off and look uneven during the day.  When your skin is clean and exfoliated, you don’t need as much foundation to create the illusion of smooth skin. So, who’s going to exfoliate tonight? 🙂

*For best results, exfoliate skin 2-3 times per week. -xo Kayla 




Whether we like it or not – the older we get, the less elastic our skin becomes. Sad, I know. And sagging skin means that you’ll wake up one morning and notice several wrinkles forming on your forehead and around your eyes, completely ruining your day. That’s why it’s SO important to start your anti-aging regimen at a young age – and I have just the product for all you twenty-somethings to get you started on keeping your youthful skin!


Incorporated with stem cells from a Swiss apple, Enza Essentials’ Tri-Peptide Cell Activator is an anti-aging product that seriously shows unbelievable results. Loaded with powerful yet natural ingredients, this serum protects cells from unwanted aging. And honestly, how easy is it to add this lightweight, lavender-smelling topical treatment to your skincare regimen? SUPER easy, ladies.


The Tri-Peptide serum also increases collagen synthesis, making it an effective alternative to collagen injections (if you’re not a big fan of needles). Since collagen gives your skin it’s thickness and suppleness, the stronger your collagen is, the firmer and clearer your complexion is. Why would you NOT want to use this stuff?

Here are a few more things that result from an increase in collagen synthesis:

  • MAJOR reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrated skin
  • Smoother complexion
  • Firmer, tighter skin


I simply apply my Tri-Peptide morning and night, directly after I’ve lathered on my Vitamin C Serum. Because why wouldn’t I want to start preventing laugh lines and crow’s feet from showing up? It’s just that simple.

Order your Tri-Peptide Cell Activator today at! And remember, shipping is FREE! -xo Kayla


It’s common sense – if you want a killer bod, it’s necessary to work out. With some solid effort, regular exercise can transform your body.  But did you know that facial exercises can tone your face too? Yes, that’s right! If you want tighter skin with a bit of boost and lift, try these 3 facial exercises.

1. The Kiss_DSC0789

First, pout your lips like you’re going to kiss someone. (I should warn you – save yourself the embarrassment and don’t do these in public.)


Then, smile as hard as you can using your cheek muscles while keeping your lips in a pout. Hold this pose for 10 seconds, relax, and repeat 2 more times. You can feel it already, can’t you?

2. The Fish


This one is my personal fave. Start by sucking in your cheeks to make a fish face. Then, try to smile while keeping your lips together and hold this for 10 seconds. Rest, then repeat 2 more times. This will help increase blood circulation while naturally contouring your skin. Almost done!

3. The Whistle


Make the letter “O” with your lips, like you’re getting ready to whistle. Then, smile as hard as possible while keeping your lips in the “O” position. Hold this exercise for 10 seconds, rest, and repeat 2 times. Your face will feel tired and a little sore at first, but after regular facial exercising, you’ll be a champ! _DSC0806

To get even better results from these face exercises, use Enza’s Tri-Peptide Cell Activator. This anti-aging serum contains stem cells to powerfully prevent skin from developing fine lines and wrinkles. If you work out your face daily and regularly use Tri-Peptide Cell Activator, your skin will be in tip-top shape in no time!

-xo Kayla


It’s not just us, see what anti-aging treatment everyone is talking about!

With each increasing year come increasing wrinkles. No matter how much we fight it, the wrinkles fight harder. But just in case you haven’t yet heard, the anti-aging world is starting to make a comeback!

We at the Enza Mediaspa started using Pelleve in their office, the new buzz in the beauty world, and we’re crazy about it! Our patients are raving, telling us the immediate results and about the non- invasive, no downtime procedure is incredible!

And we’re not the only ones, this new wrinkle reducing treatment is a hit with celebrity clients and is virtually a painless treatment. It’s all over the beauty blogs and people all over are asking about this warm facial-like massage that can reduce wrinkles!

Want more? See what Dr. Rucker has to say about Pelleve!

Afraid of needles? We’ve got you covered

Anti-aging without pain, a procedure or needles?! You heard right, now you can prevent and reduce signs of aging without even having to schedule a procedure. Sound too good to be true? Think again! 

SO, if you are anything like me, needles may not be your thing. Or maybe you’re just not sure the best way to reduce the damage that past years have allowed on your face. Either way, the Tri-Peptide Cell Activator might be the perfect product for you. This serum can…

  • offer a safe and effective alternative to collagen injections
  • is clinically tested to improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • evens skin tone
  • prevents pigmentation
  • contains skin firming and moisturizing properties
It’s never too early- Even in my 20’s I really appreciate and love using this product!