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Treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. Sounds scary, right? As someone who frequents the gym, I love working up a healthy sweat. OK, maybe I don’t LOVE sweating but I DO love the satisfaction of staying fit and putting my health at the top of my To Do list. There’s nothing more exhilarating than finishing a workout, muscles fatigued and mind reenergized. But did you know there’s one common mistake people make during their workouts? Rubbing their face.


When we work out, our internal temperature rises, causing our capillaries to dilate. As our face releases the extra heat and sweat, we quickly grab for that towel to swipe the sweat off our hot and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, all that rubbing elevates redness and blocks our pores, leading up to — you guessed it — major breakouts!

Before you start pumping more iron or sprinting on the treadmill, think twice about wiping your face with a towel.  Avoid unwanted redness by taking a soft towel and gently patting the sweat off your face.


And if you can’t break the habit, try a cooling serum like Enza Essentials RosaCalm to tame redness and calm reactive skin. The solution is really that simple. 🙂

xo Krista




As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, now is the perfect time to reflect how amazing our Moms truly are. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without my mom! She’s the most wonderful human being I know and I love her to pieces. So, if you want to show your mom just how special she is to you, here are a few gift ideas that will brighten her day!

If she’s a jewelry lover, why not get her something that will make her think of you every time she wears it? This super chic Banana Republic gold bangle bracelet is the perfect gift – and it says how much you love her! Order it now at for only $33.50.


If your mom is the active type, this one’s for her! Whether she’s out walking, gardening, or watching your little brother’s baseball game, her skin needs to be protected. Give her the gift of youthful, wrinkle-free skin with Enza Essentials Advanced Protection SPF 30. The best part about this gift? Not only does it protect her skin, but moisturizes it as well!


Does Mom like a glass of wine at the end of the day? If so, listen up – Club W matches her palate (based on a survey she’ll fill out at sign up) with both local and international bottles, and deliver them to her front step. How fabulous is that? Gift delivery starts at $50.00 at


Spring is here and that means puddles. Puddles everywhere. Keep Mom’s feet dry and stylish with these Original Chelsea Boots by Hunter ($125.00, They come in TONS of different colors (you know your Mom’s favorite color, right?) and are oh-so-comfy.


For the hardworking, up-all-night, stressed Moms out there – you NEED to get them this gift. Enza Essentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee is so amazing at making her tired eyes look hydrated and refreshed. You’ve noticed some bags under her eyes? They’ll be taken care of with this cooling peptide-packed gel. Order now at!

Wishing all moms out there a happy and relaxing Mother’s Day Weekend! -xo Kayla

I KNOW I’m not the only one who can’t stand It…

For anyone who knows me, or has read my blog, they’ll know my biggest skin complaint is my dry skin. For those of you out there who also suffer from it–truly, I feel your pain. The only way I have found to deal with this is just to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. This, however, became a bit of an annoyance after a while. 

You know when you’re putting on sunscreen at the beach and you don’t have a mirror? You are always afraid of not rubbing it in all the way. Well, it’s embarrassing enough pulling out your moisturizer in class, and even more so when you realize you haven’t rubbed it all in!

So I figured. It’s time to buy a moisturizer that will actually last me an entire day and the only one I have found that could do that was Enza Essential’s moisturizers. It was so convenient and easy to apply just once in the morning and once at night, losing altogether the embarrassing in-class application and the half smeared look I was not too thrilled about. 

For those of you with really dry skin, I recommend Saturation Herbal Creme- a moisturizer made just for you and that dry skin that won’t quit. 

Are You and Your Skin Care Products Compatible?

When purchasing your skin care products, what do you look for? Do you look at for products that match your supposed skin type- dry, oily or combination? While this makes sense, it is not the main factor to take into account when purchasing your skin care products. According to Dr. Rucker, MD, “Skin type certainly plays a role in product choice, but it is not the primary determinant. In fact, lifestyle, age, priorities, nutrition, genetics and environment all trump skin type.”

Rather than defining your skin by the typical three categories-dry, oily, or combination- it is important to include your overall lifestyle as well. Dr. Rucker presents a few examples: Athletic Teen with Acne, Outdoor Active Teen on Acne Medication, Stressed Young Mother, etc. Once you define your skin type by taking all these factors into account, you will successfully find skin care products that are truly compatible with with you and your skin type. 

To define your skin type and product match, visit