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It didn’t take long for the public to see why Kate Middleton caught the eye of Prince William. Her signature looks and personal style definitely stand out from the crowd. So what’s her fashion and beauty secret? Perfectly fitting clothes and her determination to stay true to what looks great on her. Here are some of Kate’s spot-on fashions.


Modern Take on Lace. Think lace is outdated? I don’t think so! Kate completely stuns in this fitted black lace gown. All I can say is, where is the red carpet? She definitely fits in with the Hollywood elite.


Timeless Elegant Classic. Entirely gorgeous in this flowing teal formal, Kate knows how to steal the show. And her sophisticated up-do hairstyle and glowing skin? A perfect combination for the evening.

The Duchess of Cambridge meets guests during a garden party at Buckingham Palace, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday May 29, 2012. See PA story ROYAL Party. Photo credit should read: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Photo credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Royal and Refined. The English love their hats – from the funky and outrageous to the trim and graceful. Kate looks every bit the distinguished princess in this subtle but stunning ensemble in blush pink.


Casual Denim Chic. Could Kate look any cuter running everyday errands? She really puts my yoga pants to shame. This casual blazer paired with skinny jeans is ultra chic. Plus the fashionable wedges tie the whole outfit together.

kate middleton goat dress blessed sacrament school

Brilliant Use of Bold Colors.  Kate knows exactly what colors flatter her skin tone. Whether donning sapphire blue, jade green or coral pink, her preference for bright colors is legendary. And who could blame her?

xo Krista


With our busy schedules, we all know how hard it can be to wash our faces every single night. That’s why I absolutely love these wipes! They are perfect for freshening up after long plane rides or nights when all you can think about is cuddling up in your cozy bed. With just one gentle swipe, these facial wipes remove ALL of my make-up and leave my face feeling amazing! Plus, they are made with THEE best products! Check out my video on how to make these wonderful wipes- your face will thank you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Pack of facial wipes
  2. 1-2 squirts of Enza Essentials Cleanser
  3. Enza Essentials Toner (about 5 sprays)
  4. ½ cup warm water
  5. Ziplock bag

Mix warm water, cleanser and toner in a zip-lock bag. Once they are mixed together, place the packet of facial wipes in the bag. Next, let them sit for 10 minutes until they are fully saturated. Enjoy!

xo Krista


Have you ever been talking to a friend and couldn’t help but notice her beautiful skin? No pimples. No redness. Just a glowing complexion that makes her smile and eyes shine a little bit brighter. Can you say skin envy?! If you’re like me, you’re constantly checking out the latest and greatest solution for a flawless face. But, did you know that skin care goes far beyond what you put ON your skin? Maybe you’ve heard the saying, you are what you eat. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s so true! What you put into your body can really have an effect on your skin – both good and bad. One major food group that might be causing serious damage to your skin? Dairy!


It’s true. Dairy can be contributing to your lackluster skin, causing blemishes and white spots! When you eat that delicious scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, you may be dishing up a serving of oily skin and a major breakout. And if that’s not bad enough, milk hormones cause inflammation, premature aging, and skin breakdowns. Yikes!


As a Wisconsin girl, cutting out milk and cheese seems near to impossible. But, if it really is doing serious damage to my skin, it may be worth it! In case you’ve noticed a few blemishes popping up or more redness in your skin lately, you may want to cut out dairy products from your diet for a few days. If you decide to take the plunge into no dairy land, remember it is still important to get the recommended 1000 mg of calcium every day. And the good news is you can get the recommended amount of calcium from other foods like fish, figs, hummus, spinach, kale, and soybeans!


Not willing to give up your ice cream, cheese or milk? Use an extraction cleanser and extraction toner for oily skin. To treat breakout areas, a spot extractor should do the trick!

xo Krista


shea body butter, Enza Essentials, Skin care, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Lotion, Rucker M.D

As a Wisconsin girl, I am always in need of a really good moisturizer as the colder months draw near. My go-to fix? Enza Essential’s Shea Body Butter! It is extremely hydrating and full of powerful antioxidants that turn my dry, alligator looking legs into smooth works of art. Speaking of amazing legs, did you see my post about Carrie Underwood at the CMA’s last week? Unlike other oils and moisturizers, it soaks into my skin quickly, leaving it silky smooth and not greasy!

shea lotion, shea body butter, Enza Essentials, Skin care, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Lotion, Rucker M.D

Ever since I started using it, I have become obsessed! Even my driest skin areas like elbows and knees are ridiculously soft. I even started using it on my lips for extra hydration! Sound weird? Seriously give it a try! With just one use of this product, you can say goodbye to redness, rough skin, and peeling! Needless to say, this Shea Body Butter will be my savior as the cold starts to cause my skin to flake.

Shea Body Butter, Enza Essentials, Skin care, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Lotion, Rucker M.D

xo Krista


As you all know, the 2015 Emmy’s aired on Sunday night and the red carpet looked hotter than ever! From bold hues to gorgeously embellished frocks (Hello, Kerry Washington!), the beauty was ultra glamorous and chic. Although it was difficult, I’ve narrowed down my 4 favorite looks from the night:

Taylor Schilling


The Orange is the New Black star looked beautiful in this canary yellow gown and short lob. And that red lip color? FABULOUS! I’m obsessed! It looks perfect with her radiant skin. After all, great skin is the best accessory you can bring to an award show.

Emma Roberts


Oh my bombshell! Emma looks stunning with her long, blonde curls swept off to the side paired with this elegant dress. And honestly, I don’t think her skin can get much more perfect – I can’t stop staring! I love how natural she kept her makeup with the dark lashes and rosy lip. Speaking of her lips, they look super hydrated and soft! To get my lips looking like Emma’s, I use my lip treatment every single night before bed. My lips have never been softer!

Sarah Hyland


This was by FAR my favorite dress of the evening – the color and style were both seriously on fleek. Sarah’s hazel eyes look gorgeous with this metallic shadow and natural lip. By the way, can her hair get any cuter?! She’s making me want to chop off my locks. I’m noticing a bright skin trend on the red carpet – how about you? Remember, vitamin C is key to getting that bright, glowing complexion like Sarah’s.

Kerry Washington


Obviously, the Scandal star makes my top 4 best beauty looks list. Kerry looks so pretty! I’m loving this faux lob with auburn highlights – it’s perfect for fall! She looked like a princess in this super embellished gown. I also like the pop of color her lips bring to her entire look. I read that Kerry uses a cleanser, toner, and eye gelee every single morning and night to keep her skin flawless.

Who got your vote for best in beauty at the 2015 Emmy’s? -xo Kayla


It may seem like a pretty straightforward concept – squirt some cleanser into your hands, scrub your face, rinse with water, and dry off. Most of us do this everyday (hopefully twice a day!) and don’t put too much thought or effort into it. But, there actually are a few face-washing mistakes that many of us do every time we begin our skin care routine. Keep reading to find out if you’re guilty of any!


Mistake #1: Your hands are dirty.

It may seem silly, but before you wash your face, you NEED to wash your hands. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about touching your face without freshly-cleansed hands ever. It’s so important to expose your face to as little bacteria as possible, and we all know how nasty our hands can be.


Mistake #2: The water is too hot. 

Since cooler weather is quickly approaching, it’s very tempting to use hot water when washing your face. Truth is, hot water washes away skin’s protective oils, leaving it dry, tight, and itchy. Instead, use lukewarm water – the lower temperature is much less harsh on your delicate skin.


Mistake #3: You’re only washing once.

When you only wash your face once, you’re really only cleansing the dirt, makeup, and bacteria that’s on the surface of your skin. To get an even deeper clean, wash a second time to get the oil and bacteria that’s hiding down in your pores. I cleanse my skin twice every night with my Extraction Cleanser – it leaves my skin feeling amazing.


Mistake #4: You’re not following up.

So you’ve taken my advice above and correctly washed your face – great job! But, is that all you’re doing? Cleansing just provides a blank canvas for the rest of your skincare regimen. Even if you’re extremely low-maintenance, be sure to follow up with a toner (to balance skin tone and minimize pores) and a moisturizer for your best skin possible.

Are you committing any of these cleansing crimes? -xo Kayla


For most things in life, one size doesn’t fit all. The shirt you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, even the city you live in isn’t going to satisfy everyone – that also goes for skin care. No two people have the exact same skin, so not all products will work for everyone. It’s so important to use skin care that targets exactly what you need, which is why Enza Essentials is perfect for you.


Not only does Enza recommend products that work with your skin type, but with your location, hobbies, and lifestyle, too. If two people both have combination skin and one is acne-prone and the other is concerned about wrinkles, sure – they both may use the Sustaining Cleanser and Cool Sustaining Toner, but they each need different treatments to help with their individual concerns, such as the Pore Extraction Masque to fight breakouts or the Tri-Peptide Cell Activator to smooth fine lines.


The best part? Finding out what customized skin care regimen you should be using for your specific skin type and lifestyle is SO easy – just fill out this questionnaire to see what the skin experts at Enza recommend. It really is that simple! And don’t forget – you’ll receive 30% off when you order your customized skin care suite!

-xo Kayla



Did you watch the 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards last night?? I didn’t get to watch the show (that’s okay because not many of my favorite celebs attended the Awards), but I’ve done some serious internet stalking today and found a few of my favorite beauty looks from the night!

Gigi Hadid


All Hail Queen Gigi! The blonde supermodel has been absolutely killing it lately with her chic style, flawless makeup, and perfect skin. Many critics believe she stole the show last night with this two-piece skirt and crop top combo along with a sleek white bomber jacket emblazoned with the hashtag “#HADID” – I’m obsessed! And Gigi’s skin? Even better than the outfit! Her complexion looks so fresh and bright. I read that she is all about the SPF and protecting her skin – just another reason why you should be too!

Sarah Hyland

TORONTO, ON - JUNE 21:  Actress Sarah Hyland arrives at the 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards at MuchMusic HQ on June 21, 2015 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

The Modern Family star looked SO fierce on the Red Carpet last night. This plunging black gown looked amazing on the petite celeb, and I’m absolutely LOVING that necklace! Sarah’s short and shaggy bob paired with perfect brows and a smokey eye complimented her amazing skin, too. Her makeup looked so dewy – it’s incredible! If you want your foundation to look like Sarah’s, be sure to keep skin hydrated and balanced.

Bella Thorne


My final favorite beauty look of the night goes to this strawberry-blonde beauty. Bella looked gorgeous in a red dress with a full-length zipper, topped off with big, voluminous curls. I’m also crazy about this lip color – she could match that with any outfit or season! Her thick black lashes make her brown eyes pop, while her perfectly-toned complexion looks great with just a bit of pink blush. Way to go, Bella!

If you want skin that’s ready for the Red Carpet, fill out a customized skin care questionnaire to see what products will get you there! -xo Kayla



When it comes to skin, your aesthetician is definitely your BFF – she knows skin care like the back of her hand. So, I recently chatted with my aesthetician Melissa and she came up with a few skin tips for me to share with all of you. Enjoy!


Melissa told me that sticking to a regimen morning and night is key to having great skin, as well as what order you apply your products. You should always start by washing your face with your cleanser, then apply toner, followed by any serums, and finishing with your moisturizer. In other words, you should always apply products from lightest to heaviest.


Another tip? Apply SPF every single day – no matter what. Any aesthetician will tell you this. Did you know that UV rays can cause damage even on cloudy days? Yup, that’s right. Just another reason to try Enza Essentials Advanced Protection SPF 30 – it’s so lightweight and doesn’t make skin feel oily or greasy, even when you apply it every 2-3 hours.


As tempting as it is, Melissa told me that you should never, EVER pick at those pesky zits and blemishes that pop on our skin. This will only leave a red or dark scar that can last much longer than the actual pimple itself. Instead, use a spot treatment, such as the Spot Extractor, to fight the blemish on contact and speed up the recovery time.


We all know that keeping skin hydrated is essential if you don’t want dull, dry, and lackluster skin, but are you moisturizing as much as you should be? Melissa said that keeping skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day is something that many of us don’t do – which won’t be good in the long run. She said to always apply a moisturizer with SPF in the morning, use a hydrating spray throughout the day, and a rejuvenating cream at night.

Will you try any of the aesthetician tips? -xo Kayla


If you’re looking for the Fountain of Youth, you’re not going to have much luck finding it. Let’s face it—aging is a part of life that some may not enjoy as much as others. If you want to know some of the healthy habits of those who age well, keep reading to see what they do to stay healthy, happy, and age with grace.

Protect skin.


It’s a well-known fact—wearing sunscreen is the absolute best way to keep your skin looking young for the years to come.  Too much time in the sun can cause wrinkles and age spots, not to mention skin cancer. If you want to age with ease, be sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day, even when it’s cloudy.

Consider your diet.

fresh fruits and vegetables isolated on white background

They say you are what you eat—making your diet a very important factor in how you age. Foods rich in antioxidants, whole grains, and lean protein are not only great for your body but your skin as well! Be sure to eat plenty of these foods every day. Also, vitamin C is amazing for skin—find a serum or cream containing this antioxidant to brighten and rejuvenate skin.

Take proper precautions.


If you want to look great, you have to take care of yourself. That means giving your skin some much-needed TLC throughout the years. People who age well have taken care of their complexion over time, meaning they wash their face every morning and night, use a toner, and moisturize frequently. A wrinkle-free face at 50 isn’t going to happen if you’re not practicing great skin care.

Get some sleep.


Unfortunately, many of us treat sleep as a luxury rather than a basic human need. You probably know that you should snooze for seven to nine hours every night if you want to feel refreshed and ready for the day—this also applies if you want to age well and have great skin too!

 -xo Kayla