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Beauty Interview Krista

Favorite Dessert: I like ALL desserts to be honest! 🙂 But if I had to choose just one, it’d be vanilla ice cream with Oreo’s on top!

Favorite Restaurant: The Livery right here in Eau Claire. Their Prickly Pear Mojitos are seriously to die for!

Celebrity Man Crush? Ohhh, Usher, by far.  I saw him perform live at Summerfest and he totally rocks the stage. Plus he has awesome dance moves and an award-winning smile!


I Daydream About: Relaxing on a beach in Mexico, listening to the sound of the waves.

Dream Job: I have so many! I want to do something in Communications or Marketing that aligns with my passions (fitness, beauty, and health).

Beauty Idol: Kate Hudson. We have similar fashion styles- I love how classy she is. I also really like her Fabletics clothing line! And have you seen her smile?! It’s gorgeous!

On Skincare:  I wash my face twice a day and follow with moisturizer. My Sustaining System feels amazing on my skin! I’ve been using the Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum, which I LOVE. I believe skincare is so important because when your skin looks fresh and bright, you feel better about yourself.


What are your skincare problems? I have slight redness in my skin which can be slightly annoying. My face also gets oily sometimes after workouts, but thankfully I have my Enza regimen to keep my combination skin under control.

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received? Beauty starts from the inside. My mom always tells me that! But you should always take pride in your appearance, especially skincare. If you skip beauty steps now, you’ll pay for it later.


What are you looking forward to most as the new Beauty Blogger? I’m passionate about heath, beauty, fitness and fashion! I can’t wait to share tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years. I’m so happy to be a part of the Enza Team!

Any tips from the past Beauty Blogger, Kayla? She told me to let my own voice shine through in my writing and just have fun with it. I can’t wait to bring all stories beauty-related to my readers!


For my first interview in the Beauty Interview series, I interviewed my roommate Riley all about her skin and beauty routine. I hope you like it! 

RileyFavorite Dessert: My mom makes the world’s best banana bread. She even puts chocolate chips in it. You can never go wrong with chocolate chips.

What’s your go-to drink when you’re out with the girls? When I’m at home, I love sitting down with a glass of white wine. But when I go out, I usually order vodka lemonades. They always seem to hit the spot.


Where’s one place you’d love to visit if you could? I am dying to go to Italy. I love any pasta dish so I just think I’d be in heaven. Plus, it’s so beautiful.


Who’s your celebrity man crush? I am obsessed with Paul Wesley from the Vampire Diaries. He’s just so hot and has great bone structure and hair. His teeth are also perfect. I’m just so in love. Please don’t tell my boyfriend Ben… 🙂

Which celebrity do you look up to for style inspiration? Khloe Kardashian. She seems like she’s very down to earth with her clothes and makeup and she always gives fashion and style tips on her social media accounts which I love. She’s just so pretty.


K: So tell me about when you first started using skincare products?

R: I started taking care of my skin in high school. I played volleyball, basketball and soccer so I was constantly sweating and breaking out. I began washing my face daily, especially after practice to get all the sweat and dirt out of my pores. And I’ve taken great care of my skin ever since!

K: Your skin looks great! Tell me more about your beauty routine and what you do for your skin every day.

R: I wash my face every morning when I wake up because it’s refreshing, and then every night before bed so I don’t clog my pores overnight. I used to have bad acne so I’ve developed a good habit of washing my face daily. My skin is a little on the oily side so I only apply a moisturizer right after I get out of the shower because that’s when my face is the driest.


K: I can’t even tell that you used to have bad acne! 

R: Oh yeah, one time I had a huge breakout the week of my Junior Prom and I was devastated. It was on my back, my face, and even my chest, and I felt so self-conscious in my dress. I went to the doctor and they gave me a steroid prescription to help. Plus, I was washing twice a day and that helped so much. It cleared up right away and I felt amazing. I was so confident the day of prom because I didn’t have to worry about my acne and I could just concentrate on having fun. It was wonderful!

K: So even though you don’t have as much acne now, tell me about some of your biggest skincare concerns as you age? 

R: I know I have to start wearing SPF every day to prevent sun damage in the future. Since I’m only 22, I haven’t noticed any fine lines on my face yet, but I know in a few years some may start to show. I also know how great water is for my skin so I always carry my water bottle around with me!


K: Since you’re a student (AND my amazing roommate!) do you bring any products with you to campus? Chapstick and body lotion. I recently got an Enza Essential’s chapstick and I absolutely love it! It hydrates my lips like crazy. The Lip Treatment is amazing too! And lotion is a must—I always want smooth skin that smells great too!

When do you feel the most beautiful? Probably when I get ready to go out with friends to dinner or for drinks. There’s just something about getting glammed up with my ladies that makes me feel fabulous.


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Christina BI

All-time favorite food: I’m Italian so my favorite dish is going to have to be linguine and clams. It’s been in my family forever and my dad makes it with a delicious white cream sauce.

Favorite hobbies: I’m a big book worm – I love to read, so any time I have time to read I take it. It’s hard to pick a favorite book but I’m addicted to anything by Nicholas Sparks!

Favorite movie: I’d have to say is The Notebook. I can it watch over and over again!

Beauty Idol: Well, I’m kind of a country girl, so I would have to say Carrie Underwood. She can be so casual and then she can also be super dolled up and girly. What I like a lot about her is that she is still so modest and to me that shows she can be a wonderful role model to a lot of girls, someone they can look up to. She is just really perfect.


AB: Your hair and makeup is pretty much perfect! When did you first start doing your own hair and makeup?

CP: Oh I was little. I mean, it’s always been something I wanted to do. I’d say I was ten or eleven when I really got into makeup and hair and I couldn’t stop styling things. Actually, one fiasco was when it was my first time playing with lightener in my hair and I ended up looking like Rogue from X-Men with the two huge chunks of white in the hair around my face.

AB: Haha! That’s actually hilarious. You should bring that look back 😉 – Tell me, when do you feel your prettiest?

CP: Is it too cheesy to say when I’m with my boyfriend? Honestly, it is when I feel the prettiest – he is just very kind and he tells me such sweet things. You know, as girls we get into our own heads a lot and he helps bring me out of that and lets me know not to worry about such silly things that I may be concerned about. He doesn’t see them.


AB: That is so sweet! So what about your job do you love the most?

CP: As far as esthetics as a whole, I love everything. I’ve always liked doing treatments at home even… I used to do homemade masks and steam my face. I always just love to take care of myself.

AB: Skincare is just huge now. It seems like it’s finally getting the attention it deserves besides just hair and makeup.

CP: When people feel like they look good and are confident on the outside, it changes how they carry themselves. That’s what I love. That’s what drives me. Skin is a huge deal and that matters to me and I want to help people feel better about it.


AB: What are some of your best tips?

CP: Being on a good, consistent routine. Taking care of your self is huge. Doing things for yourself that are special. It’s easy to get run down with how demanding life is. Do a little something for yourself, put a mask on your face or get your hair done. It makes a difference. For girls specifically though – it’s eyebrows. Really nice brows compliment anyone’s face!


AB: What makeup or hair accessories could you never live without?

CP: As far as my hair is concerned I would be at a complete loss without my curling iron. That to me is huge. I was not gifted with the blow dry-and-go type of hair. As far as makeup, it’s mascara. I’m a lash fanatic.

Ah skin care, I would say a really good exfoliator and a moisturizer. I LOVE the Enza Essentials Tri-Peptide Cell Activator and the Glycolic Serum for chemical exfoliants. Being 25, I’m not tanning anymore, I’m conscious of my skin and I need to prevent aging for the future right now. I don’t want to wake up when I’m 40 and say “Whoa! When did this happen?”


AB: That’s great to think about your skin in terms of what the future holds. I think a lot of people lose sight of that!  What do you love most about your life right now?

CP: I’m really happy with where my life is. I am in an exciting place with my boyfriend, – we’re talking about the future! I am doing so well with my career, feeling like I’m on the right path. But what I’m most excited about is that my sister is having her first child! I will finally have a niece or nephew!!


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Hometown: Medford, MN.

Favorite Dessert: Banana cream pie. Or anything chocolate-y.

Favorite Restaurant: Stella Blues in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Go-To Drink: Vodka tonic.

Beauty Idol: Rachel McAdams by far. She’s so flawless. She has that natural smile and glow. You just smile when you look at her.


Tell me about your current skincare regimen: I think that because I’m Asian I naturally have really soft skin and I rarely get blemishes so my biggest thing is maintaining that through cleansing and moisturizing. I wash my face in the shower. I also make sure to wash it after I work out. My skin tends to be on the dry side so I always moisturize.

Do you ever think about your anti-aging regimen? I think that Asians age really well, so hopefully I will too! I find that right now moisturizing my face is really important, especially if I want to maintain a healthy skin for when I get older. My dermatologist said to moisturize your neck so now I always moisturize it. (Editor’s note: Awesome advice to remember – never forget your neck!)


What about makeup? I try to stick with neutral colors as far as eye shadows- lots of tans, browns and gold. As far as eyes – eyeliner and mascara. For my skin, I use BB cream. It blends in and doesn’t look thick. It’s just to cover the few places that you need it. That’s why I like BB cream; it looks like you’re not wearing makeup at all.

Do you ever try the cat-eye? If I’m feeling adventurous! It’s hard; you have to get it perfect. Have you seen that thing on Pinterest where it’s like, “Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.” That’s literally my life. I spend so long trying to make it right, but then I give up.

What is your favorite piece of beauty advice? I remember someone saying makeup is used to enhance the already beautiful features you have. I try to remember that when doing my makeup. I’m not using makeup to hide who I am; I’m using it to enhance who I am.


When do you feel the most beautiful? When I’m in the middle of or after I’m working out because I feel really refreshed and good about myself. Also when I’m getting dolled up to go out with my friends – when I have an awesome outfit on and my hair and makeup done. Yeah, that’s when I feel the most beautiful.

IMG_3518 IMG_3514

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What kind of car do you drive? I have a Mini Countryman. They’re so good on gas mileage and need hardly any maintenance. And it actually works great with my two year old, she has her own sunroof! It’s really fun and I just like being a little different



Favorite place in the world: I do love the Carribbean – especially Bonaire, Diver’s Paradise. Everyone has heard about Aruba, but no one ever hears about Bonaire. That’s really the draw that you can go there and you don’t have a ton of extra tourism.

Coffee of choice: Black anything, but it has to be a real coffee – not Folgers or something. I typically like the House Blend or Breakfast Blend at Starbucks. Right now I’m loving Caribou Coffee’s Mahogany.

Describe to me your current regimen. Products you use products you avoid. Products you can’t live without. I love hair products – I love shampoos, conditioners, just trying different things. My hair is probably the thing I focus on the most. Aveda Phomollient is what I’m using now.

For skincare, I always use a cleanser in the shower; I have a nice foamy cleanser that I use.  My biggest fear is skin cancer right now especially because I love being outside so much. I always need to just make myself do it. (Editor’s Note: Always wear your Advanced Protection SPF 30, ladies!)

I’ve always gone by less is more, but I always have mascara – I never leave the house without it. My favorite right now is Clinique High Lengths. It’s easy to take off and it’s not heavy; I don’t like heavy. I’m really bad at night, but I don’t really wear makeup! I’ll get a blemish here and there – there’s not a woman in this world that can’t. (Editor’s Note: Perfect situation for Spot Extractor.) I’m so lucky that I don’t have to highlight my hair, it kind of highlights itself. I’ve never had to color my hair or anything. (Editor’s Note: Lucky!)


How has your beauty regimen changed from when you were in college to now?
A TON. It’s not just beauty, it’s just how you view – let me put it this way: I remember being in high school and college. I always felt so dependent on others and what was around me. That was my idea of beauty – that I had to fit this model and wear certain things, and that is what made me beautiful. But it’s realizing that it’s truly finding it within yourself first. Otherwise it’s like you’re putting on a false skin. You have to really feel it to be 100 percent. So now, I think that finding ways internally – things that make you feel beautiful – comes from within.


How has having gone through pregnancy changed your regimen?
My body has just changed so much. I feel like my skin is drier now. I’ve never had to focus on that before. Otherwise, I haven’t really made any MAJOR changes. If anything I’ve had to add more things! I’ve just always lived by the less is more mentality.


And how does that guide you as a new mother and the way you raise your daughter?
Someone sent me a book for my daughter – Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle. But you know, they have bad hair days just like us – which is funny because as kids you think of princesses being perfect every day, and the reality is that there is a lot of external things that happen that you don’t feel beautiful every day. At the end of the book, the little girl says, mom do princesses seem at all like me? And the mom says look inside yourself and see. As a mother of a girl, and a first time mom, I’m really trying to help her focus on being beautiful all around and not just her looks. I think everyone strives for that, but you get mixed up. The goal in life is so different in all aspects of life – your health needs to be there and if you do things that are unhealthy it’s going to show on your skin.


What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
I couldn’t believe how much I neglected water before I was pregnant. The human body is around 70 percent water and if you’re not replenishing that, how are you going to expect your skin to stay in good shape and keep everything balanced? I said to my doctor, I want to make sure I don’t have a lot of swelling and be able to work until the day I deliver. I did! Because I literally drank ten gallons of water every day.

What would you say your “Beauty Mantra” is?
Beauty is kind of more of an emotion than a physical thing right now. Just feeling gratification from my work and each patient I see – knowing you’ve made a positive impact on them. Doing good is all it takes to feel good about yourself.

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Kara Trimbell is owner and photographer of Kara’s Photography, specializing in wedding photography. Read on as we catch up with her and her views on beauty!


Last movie I saw: Does it have to be an entire movie? I don’t even know… It’s probably a kid’s movie I watched with my son. I am really into Dexter right now!

Last person I kissed: My husband, haha – wait, actually it was my son!

Last time I said I was sorry: When I told my hairdresser sorry for being late today!

Last time I treated myself: Today when I got my hair done!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream flavor: All of them! Oh, just one? Okay, mint chocolate chip.


SO YOU’RE A PHOTOGRAPHER, TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT YOUR JOB: Probably just seeing the final product! But also making new friends. A lot of my clients end up becoming my good friends.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO PHOTOGRAPHY? I started in high school, but it’s all pretty much been self-taught.


TELL ME YOUR VIEWS ON PHOTOSHOP: I use Lightroom mostly, but I’ll use Photoshop when I need to.  I don’t really ever edit the way a woman looks. I’ll edit blemishes, but that’s a little different. Women ask me all of the time about Photoshop. It’s not that I disagree with it, but it’s like women are never fully satisfied with the way they look. Maybe if Photoshop were never invented, we wouldn’t have any problems.


SO WHAT OTHER CONCERNS DO YOUR CLIENTS HAVE? The younger generation knows what their “good” side is, but anyone my age or older – I have to teach them. “Make me look good!” That’s my job! And then I get a lot of, “You’ll use Photoshop, right?” but my clients are usually pretty happy to see the photos and realize that they don’t even need it!


SO TELL ME ABOUT YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE AND YOUR LIFESTYLE. YOU HAVE A FOUR YEAR OLD AND A FIVE-WEEK YEAR OLD! HOW DOES THAT AFFECT IT ALL? I basically have zero time for myself! Just finding time to shower, it’s hard to even find time to wash my hair. I used to be really lazy with my hair and makeup, but I’m a lot better now. Maybe it’s an age thing and I want to be more secure – However, I still don’t wear a lot of makeup, just blush and mascara.


WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN SKIN CONCERNS. DO YOU HAVE ANY? As far as skin concerns… Hmm… I don’t like the wrinkles on my forehead. I’ve started my anti-aging regimen already, and I use my Clarisonic every once in a while. I admit, I could be better at using it more and doing more. But I never tan because I’m worried about that – nothing good comes from it! I don’t care if I’m pale, I do not want leathery skin!

WHEN DO YOU FEEL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL? Right after I leave the salon! Ha ha my hairstylist gives me all of my hair and beauty inspiration.

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What’s your favorite dessert? Apple pie. This is so lame, I know… but my mom makes the best apple pie. She puts caramel drizzle on it and everything.

What is your favorite restaurant? Pier 500 in Hudson, Wisconsin. I used to work there and it’s still my favorite restaurant after all this time. They call it American food but they have this Lobster Mac n’ Cheese that is sooo delicious.

Who’s your celebrity inspiration? Mila Kunis – I just love her effortless style, she is gorgeous even when she looks plain. Ah I just love her. She is really a pretty person and obviously you can’t fake that. Her bone structure! Ugh! Well, obviously I can’t have that. I follow her on Instagram and she also posts photos of herself that aren’t flattering. She’s always just being herself, to me that’s what makes her pretty.


Who’s is your celebrity man crush? Leonardo DiCaprio. I know that is really dorky and probably no one else would ever say that, but  I will never get over him. The first movie I saw him in was the Titanic – I mean, duh. Actually though, now I really love him in the Great Gatsby. I think he is handsome…. I like his smile. Since no one else seems to be as infatuated maybe I can have him!

Water Bottle During Studying

Tell us about your beauty routine. How do you take care of yourself with such a busy schedule? I do everything at night before I go to bed. In the morning I take a really long time to wake up and get going. I mean, if I have one class at noon, then no, I won’t pick out my outfit the night before but otherwise it just takes a few minutes to get prepared. I wash my face in the morning and put on my make up, everything else is ready to go. For make up I just put on a little CC cream foundation, then I use bronzer, blush, a little eye liner and mascara – that’s it! Kinda boring. Whenever I try something new I feel like I look like a clown.


What is the most important part of your daily beauty regime? Washing my face. If I get nothing else done, which happens a lot, I at least wash my face.

What is your biggest beauty splurge? I spend a ridiculous amount of money on my hair. I only go to Aveda salons and only use Aveda hair products. I go to Estilo Salon in Eau Claire.

Do you vary your look season to season? How does your routine change in the summer v. winter? I suck at make up so in the summer it’s nice, I don’t really wear any make up except for mascara. I always dye my hair a lot lighter in the summer time. I only use two nail colors: Lincoln Park After Dark (purple/black) for winter and My Beau (light pink/nude) for summer. I don’t know why but I’m very particular… sometimes I paint them red and every single time I hate it.


Tell me about a time you had a beauty disaster? Oh my god. Yes. One time during my freshman year, I didn’t really dye my hair much, but all my roommates were coloring their hair from the box so I wanted to try it. I got this light brown dye that ended up turning my hair jet black. There was nothing I could do… I even went to the salon and they said there wasn’t anything they could do except gradually lighten it. I had black black black hair for two months.

Studying for class.

Tell me about the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself over the last year. That there is beauty in simplicity. I used to buy everything all the time in order to try stuff out… I have what I know works now, and simple is fun (and a lot easier). My makeup bag has completely shrunk.


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A beauty interview Morgan


Favorite Dessert:  Molten chocolate cakes from Applebee’s with vanilla ice cream. I love how the hot fudge is on it. The textures, temperatures and everything-so awesome.

Favorite Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse. I love steak and ribs. I usually get their steak, mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes. They have this really warm loaf of bread that you slice into pieces. It’s so good.

Go-To Drink: My go-to is either vodka cranberry or lighter beers like Honey Weiss or Spotted Cow. Heavy beers aren’t my style.

Last Book You Read: “The Shack” by William P. Young. It’s about this really interesting perspective on Christianity. My dad gave it to me. He reads all sorts of books like that.

Celebrity Man Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio, especially in the Titanic. Who’s that really hot guy in The Hangover? Bradley Cooper.

Celebrity Woman Crush: Jennifer Aniston is. Hands down.


I Daydream About:  The future. Like where I see myself working, what kind of nurse I want to be, what kind of hospital I want to work at. Self-reflection on the past. And kind of like a lot of philosophical [takes] of what I believe, and why I believe it.

Dream Job: I want to be nurse anesthetist. They are basically the nurse in surgery who makes sure that you are staying alive. They check your vital signs, your breathing, make sure the ventilator is working and that their heart is still functioning normally. Basically keeping them alive during surgery. I love surgery, especially looking at the monitors. I find it fascinating.

Beauty Idol: My mom. I think she’s a beautiful person all around. She has the biggest heart.

Favorite animal: Bird. I’ve had a bird, Gabby, for about ten years. She is my buddy when I’m home sitting on my shoulder all day, and let her have some of my meals. She’s so cute.

Last movie you saw: I went to see Bad Grandpa at the budget theater with my nursing friends, but I was so tired that I fell asleep. I basically paid three dollars to take a nap.


Where you like to go in your free time: I like to work out. My ideal workout is at Carson Park by the river. I definitely stop and look at the river when there are not a lot of people around. My schedule is so crazy and inconsistent, but when I do [work out] I take advantage of that time to not think about anything and just run.

Describe your favorite vacay: Definitely somewhere tropical. My family has a boat, and every summer we take it out on the St. Croix River. We park it on the island and spend the whole weekend there, grilling on the sand, playing football, Frisbee, floating, jet skiing, and drinking of course. Bon fires every night, and my dad whips out his guitar.

On balancing your last semester: Not well [giggles]. I don’t know how to give myself enough me time. I feel like I’m always studying, or I’m at class and running to coach or volunteering. I like to be social and go out with my friends when I get the chance.

ON SKINCARE: I wash my face when I shower. I have really dry skin so I have to use a lot of moisturizers.  I have to get thicker moisturizers because the thin kinds don’t work for me. In the winter it’s definitely more dry. [Editor’s note: I totally recommended our Saturation Herbal Crème for this – formulated with a powerful vitamin formula!]


ON PROTECTING HER SKIN: I’m so against tanning; it’s terrible for you. I wear 15 or even 50 SPF on my face and shoulders-when we’re out on the boat or if I know I’m going to be outside for a long period of time, like at a baseball game.

ON MAKEUP: If it’s just going to class, I put a little bit of mascara on, sometimes eyeliner and eye shadow. If I’m going out I’ll put more effort into it- foundation, colors of eye shadow, two different kinds of mascara and a little more eyeliner. Sometimes some glitter if I’m feeling crazy. I guess I feel more comfortable being more natural so I don’t feel like I’m trying to impress anyone. If it fits the occasion I really like getting dolled up.

ON FASHION: I got a bunch of really cute shirts at Forever 21. Long sleeve shirts and some sweaters. And I got some other sweaters at this new store called Body Central. They actually had some cute clothes that weren’t too expensive. I got some new boots at DSW that I’m really excited about. I’m definitely putting more effort into what I wear. When I was in gymnastics, I always wore sweatpants. Now I make myself wear yoga pants when I want to be comfy. I’m buying a lot more cute shirts that I can see myself wearing for special occasions. I’m trying to wear those kinds of clothes everyday.  Like today I wore a sweater, a really cute scarf AND JEANS. [Editor’s note: As her roommate who sees her outfits on a daily basis, this is a big deal ;).]


WHAT IS THE BEST BEAUTY ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? My aunt gave me the advice when she told me that I had really dry skin. She told me to use a thick moisturizer and to try to shower every other day so I don’t dry my skin out. When she taught me how to curl my hair my life changed. [I curl my hair] when I go out. I have a natural wave that I can put product in and use a diffuser. That’s usually what I do during the week when I don’t have a lot of time when I’m getting ready.

WHEN DO YOU FEEL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL? Probably right before I go out. I’m looking fresh and the nights about to start. I put so much effort into how I look, I know its like a special occasion and its more exciting.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO DURING YOUR LAST SEMESTER AT UW-EAU CLAIRE? I’m looking forward to clinicals. I’m going to be at Mayo, and I volunteer there so I know the hospital and workers pretty well. They’re all so friendly; it has a great atmosphere with the great mission and philosophy and values the employees abide by. Its putting me to the test and pulling everything together and connecting the dots and using the skills I learned the last few years. Figuring out my style of nursing. I’m really excited to graduate.


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anthony cover


Favorite Dessert: I’m a classic kind of guy. I love plain chocolate cake, but not that birthday stuff; I mean real fudgy cake.

Favorite Restaurant: Manny’s Steak House in Minneapolis, the best place for lunch. I love their steak sandwiches.

Favorite Dog: I love Golden Doodle puppies. I have a Cockapoo named Daisy.

Celebrity Crush: Bar Refaeli, she’s a Brazilian super model. To me, she is the epitome of natural beauty.

Last Book You Read: I don’t read often because I am forced to read for class so much, but the last book I read was Catcher in the Rye. I read it after JD Salinger passed away.


I Daydream About: Post college life – getting my own apartment, being in a city center and what I will be able to do with the money I will make in the business world. Right now, we are in a place where you can’t really expand yourself or your friend group, but once you get into different places you get all these opportunities to meet new people and grow as yourself.

Dream Job: To be a CEO by 53. I’ll work my tail off until then, climb up the corporate ladder and go wherever work takes me.


ON ROUTINE: I wake up and shower first thing in the morning. That’s when I wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I shave and  put in my contacts. I have to use pomade; I use the American Crew one, to keep these locks under control, especially when it’s longer. I have to get a haircut every other week in order to keep it fresh. Otherwise it becomes a fro. The prices we pay, right?

ON SKINCARE + BEAUTY: Wisconsin winters are harsh on the skin. I would never go tanning, but I wish I wasn’t so pale during these months. As far as skin, I’ve been pretty lucky and haven’t really had any breakouts or acne. I think it’s because Turkish people don’t get acne?? Haha. The most feminine thing I do to feel on top of my game, especially if I have an interview that’s important, I use a little cover up. I also get manicures with one of my friends very occasionally. It actually kind of hurt when they were scraping the nail though.


ON GIRLS: The best advice I could give a girl is to not try so hard. You know, guys can tell if a girl is putting way too much effort into her look – especially when they cake on the make up. Without trying to sound too harsh, we can tell if someone has natural beauty under the make up or not. Honestly, I like a girl more for her personality. I like when a girl can win me over that way instead of simply being pretty.

ON FASHION: My male fashion role model would have to be Christiano Ronaldo because he has a good style and he has the nice European hair fade. (Just like mine – haha!) I mostly shop at places like Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers. I consider my style to be fairly professional. Instead of dressing down, I try to dress up for any situation – even class. My general rule is sweaters over sweatshirts and jeans over sweatpants. I mean, it is pretty clear when someone takes the time to put on nicer clothes or take a shower before their 8 a.m. class.


WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING YOU’VE DONE TO LOOK GOOD? The most feminine thing I do to feel on top of my game, especially if I have an interview that’s important, is that I use a little cover up. I went to Nordstrom’s and even made sure it matched my skin tone. If your going to dabble in something like that, you can’t just mess around, you gotta do it right. I also get manicures with one of my friends (your very own beauty blogger, Alison) occasionally. It actually kind of hurt when they were scraping the nail though. I do have a sister who lives in Minneapolis, but I don’t take her stuff – I try to just use my own.


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