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This year’s Golden Globes red carpet left me feeling inspired thanks to the shining “stars” on display at the event. It was a night full of glamour, beauty, and must-copy styles. The hottest trends I fell in love with? Smoky eyes, big lashes, and radiant skin. So, get your Pinterest boards ready – here are the best beauty looks from the night.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 10: Actress/singer Jennifer Lopez attends the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez took the red carpet to a whole new level when she stepped out in this gorgeous yellow gown. I love how she stayed true to her signature sexy style but added the elegant cape detail to this flattering form-fitting gown. And check out her retro waves, bold lip, and bling — the perfect finish to her already fabulous outfit!


Kirsten Dunst didn’t disappoint with her super sophisticated style. To go with her sultry, plunging velvet dress, she used nude hues on her lips and cheeks then upped the drama by adding dark shades to create stunning smoky eyes.


What’s an award show without a stunning, lit-from-within look? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was a golden goddess whose sun-kissed skin simply glowed. How does she do it? She must use a radiant face crème like Enza Essentials Sustaining Glow Crème.


“It Girl” Amy Schumer went all out in this classic black and white gown. Just when I thought the only thing you want to match is your clothes, Amy Schumer proves me wrong! She makes a case for matching your eye makeup with your outfit.


Jenna Dewan Tatum is a dream sporting this sequined, low cut gown. And look at those eyes – perfectly matching the shades of her dress. I’m starting to notice a red carpet trend.

What Red Carpet trend will you copy?

xo Krista



I love the fashion at the MTV Movie Awards every year. All the stars seem to let loose and go out of their usual glamorous outfits into more chic and edgy attire and more daring beauty looks. So, of course, I’ve compiled my top 5 beauties of this award show, enjoy!

1. Zendaya


This 17-year-old Disney star stepped it up last night for the red carpet. She wore a fun, bold print dress that still managed to look sophisticated. Her loose curls gave her a naturally luxurious look that paired well with her subtle makeup. Also, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I’m obsessed with brow shape and Zendaya has the best brows in Hollywood right now.

2. Jessica Alba

mtv jessica

As usual, Jessica Alba just shows up and makes everyone else look bad. I LOVE her adorable crop top and high-waisted midi skirt combo, very fresh and structure – a perfect pair for that cutesy meets edgy look.

3. Rita Ora

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

I’ve talked about how fabulous Rita Ora is time and time again and I’m happy to say that she keeps proving me right. Rita went all-out old Hollywood glam for the event and looked stunning. Once again, her skin looks creamy and beautiful, I love how her light hair matches her skin tone. The matte red lip contrasted beautifully.

4. Lupita Nyong’o

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Another one of my go-to stars for all things beauty, Lupita Nyong’o revved up the volume on her ‘do and gave her usually subtle makeup a splash of edge and sparkle. I loved her statement look for the event.

5. Rocsi Diaz

mtv rocsi

I’m not usually talking about show hosts on my red carpet beauty posts but I think Rocsi deserved a mention in the top 5 today. Her bold, spring-inspired purple lips and adorable two-piece dress stole the show from some the stars.

The theme of the MTV Movie Awards seemed to be a matte finish, whether on the lips or face – no one needed any extra shine. If you want to accomplish a matte finish and stay away from any oily glisten, try the Enza Essentials Shine Control Serum. All you have to do is apply a small amount evenly on your skin pre-makeup for a shine free look to last through whatever event you attend.

xx Alison


Olivia Wilde is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her bone structure is out of control, plus she likes to keep things natural which only makes her even prettier in my book. I’ve been obsessing over her for a while now because of a few of her more recent indie films, so I had to make her my celebrity skin envy this week.



One thing I envy most about Olivia Wilde’s complexion is her unbelievably even skin tone. If you don’t believe me and think it’s just the make up, Google her. She’s flawless. Also, because of her amazing cheek bones, she doesn’t need to wear much blush to highlight the angles in her face, showing off her skin tone even more! Dressed up or down, her skin seems to be constantly glowing. I’ve read that Olivia is really consistent with washing, moisturizing and exfoliating. She says she exfoliates about twice a week. No kidding!



Olivia also compliments her skin tone well with the color of her hair. She has had a slight ombre look for a while now and it’s doing wonders for her skin. The darker brown contrast the beige tones while the caramel color warms them – she never looks too pale.

If you happened to notice, Olivia almost always sticks to her signature nude lip. To get the look, try Jane Iredale “Sharon,” it’s the perfect shade of nude.

xx Alison


OK. First, let me start out by saying I KNOW you’ve seen her new video with boyfriend John Mayer…

Who you love

and the first thing we all thought of was Bound 2. (WE KNOW YOU THOUGHT THAT TOO!)

Bound 2 Katy Perry and John Mayer ride a bull together in their video for 'Who You Love,' which premiered earlier in the week.

But we love Katy Perry here and we feel like we have to give credit where credit is due. I mean, just look at her. She has been on fire this year. You guys all remember this moment from the Grammy Awards this year:

Katy Perry Grammys

It’s like ever since Katy and John have been back together, she’s been going back to her natural roots, which we love. (Sorry, smurf hair.) Her brows are perfect. Her eyes are perfect. And her nude lips are perfect for this color combo. I mean, that dress belongs with those eyes!

Katy Perry

Keeping with the minimal eye makeup, but with super luxe lashes, (probably lash strips) we love that she changed to a dark berry lipstick for this look. The berry lipstick reminds us of Jane Iredale’s lipstick in Annette. Her skin is flawless. She must be wearing sunscreen year-round and if she has any freckles or sunspots, you can’t even tell. Maybe she’s even had laser treatments because, seriously, look at her. A+,Katy.

Katy Perry no makeup

OMG. Katy, is this you with no makeup? Flawless. It’s not even fair. You know she has her skin regimen working for her. And her lips… Could she be using Lip Treatment?

katy perry

You go, Katy Perry.