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As our definition of beauty becomes more transparent and honest, freckles and moles have become features worth highlighting, not concealing. These so called “flaws” are what make us unique, definitely not ugly or awkward. Don’t worry about fitting someone else’s idea of perfection. If you were born with “beauty” marks, embrace them! Looking for some confidence-boosting inspiration? Check out these stunning women who are making a statement by being their own authentic selves!


How amazing does fashion-icon Blake Lively look? What’s even more beautiful is her conviction to stay true to her own self!


Natalie Portman is not only gorgeous — she’s one of the smartest women in Hollywood. Beauty AND brains? I’d say that’s an unstoppable combination!


Kate Upton is simply stunning – and she knows how to use her radiant skin and signature beauty mark to set her apart from the crowd.


Rachel McAdams brings beauty to a whole other level. Her ability to show off her natural, authentic self is incredibly inspiring!

Moral of the story… these women look incredible and you do too! Our imperfections give us character. Why would you want to wipe out your individuality and look like everyone else? Embrace your uniqueness and be YOU, because you are beautiful!

xo Krista


At last night’s American Music Awards, the stars definitely showed up to show off some of thee best beauty looks! With so much to envy, I was finally able to narrow it down to my top five favorite looks. Keep reading to see the ultimate must-copy beauty looks from the night!


I have to admit, I LOVE Jennifer Lopez! Last night, she was the hostess with the mostess, alright! After her opening dance number, she rocked one of the chicest, fullest high buns I’ve ever seen. J Lo’s beautifully bronzed make-up and highlighted hair perfectly complimented her lit-from-within glow!

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 22: Singer Demi Lovato attends the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

What’s wrong with being confident? Apparently nothing when you’re Demi Lovato. Her 1920s inspired curls and dark vamped lips were stunning. AND, can you say brows on point? This was by far one of the best looks of the night!


It’s safe to say Selena Gomez slayed the stage with her super sleek strands and dramatic burgundy eye shadow. This brunette beauty strutted her stuff in one of the best outfits of the night! Who else wants to go bedazzle all of their tights now?!


Carrie simply looked like a princess in this stunning sequin gown. And, thanks to her incredibly luminous skin, she glowed like one too! Her soft strands and bold eyes perfectly finished off the look! Can’t get enough of Carrie? Check out her amazing looks from this years CMA Awards!


All eyes were focused on Ariana Grande during her focus performance, who ditched her signature half up hairstyle for loose, pretty curls. I’m absolutely loving Ariana’s new look! Now that she has ditched her signature hairstyle, I can’t wait to see what else this gorgeous pop star has in store for us!

What were some of your favorite beauty looks from the night?

xo Krista


Last night was the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars and it was so exciting!! (I LOVE PLL) In honor of this milestone, the girls threw a party to celebrate the big event in Hollywood. They each showed up in full-out glam mode and looked amazing. Here’s a recap of their looks!Pretty+Little+Liars+Celebrates+100+Episodes+8RwOv-PRY7Bl

Lucy Hale. Lucy looked great with her lips a bright red/orange color. It’s a perfect summer color and lightens up her already flawless complexion. She has such beautiful and clear skin with no signs of sun damage anywhere. She must always apply an SPF before walking out her door in the morning! I also love her neutral, bronzed eye makeup that ties her whole look together. 


Ashley Bensen. This girl is such a natural beauty. I love how simple she kept her eye makeup, allowing her baby blues to really pop. Her skin tone is so smooth and radiant that she doesn’t need much makeup to cover up any imperfections. She can simply wear some rosy pink blush and still look glamorous. And I completely love her lip color! 


Troian Bellisario. This look is fantastic because she totally focused on her flawless skin, and that’s what I noticed the most about Troian’s look. Her eye makeup is so subtle, yet it adds the perfect touch to her complexion. Her skin looks so fresh and hydrated – it could make anyone jealous! Try using Enza’s Hydra Gel for moisturized skin like Troian’s. 


Shay Mitchell. Shay’s dark features look incredible here. Her bronzed, tan skin tone is played up by a dark and heavy smokey eye, while her nude lip doesn’t distract. Her skin actually glows and I’m ridiculously jealous. I also love her thick brows that define the rest of her face.


Sasha Pieterse. I’m so glad Ali is back! Sasha looks stunning in this white dress with her blonde hair. Her heavy eyeliner adds some drama to her look, while her pink pout keeps it girly. Her complexion is so bright and smooth –  she looks great!  

(and I had to throw in this picture of Sasha when she visited Enza and we set her up with the Sustaining System! 🙂 )



Two words—Jennifer. Lopez. Need I say more? This woman has it all. She’s ridiculously beautiful, can dance like nobody’s business, sounds like an angel, has kissed Matthew McConaughey AND has some of the best skin in Hollywood. If JLo doesn’t make you green with envy, I don’t know who will.

FOX All-Star 2014 Winter TCA Party

The main reason I’m so jealous of “Jenny From the Block” is because of her flawless complexion. It’s like she literally glows. With a skin tone that even, she needs very little makeup to cover her complexion (except when she gets all glammed up for her rockin’ music vids). At almost 45 years old, it’s nearly impossible to find a single dark spot or enlarged pore on her face.


So what’s JLo’s trick to her fabulous and ageless skin? I read that she sticks to mainly the basics of skin care products—mostly moisturizers and cleansers.  I didn’t think it was possible but I love her even more after hearing that, as that means she’s just like you and me! She also has said that she’s VERY cautious of sun exposure, and believes that staying out of the sun has saved her skin over the years.


I also love that Jennifer keeps her hair on the lighter side, as this looks so great against her warm skin tone. And I just can’t stop obsessing over how bright her face really is. She must use vitamin C to get that fresh, vivid glow. Try using Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum to brighten and illuminate your skin!

Could she honestly get any more perfect? It’s doubtful.

-xo Kayla


Did anyone watch the MuchMusic Video Awards last night? It didn’t seem like too many of the favorites showed up… but regardless, there were still some strong, great looks! Here are my favorite beauty looks of the night!

Kylie Jenner.


Even at 16 years old, this girl is always on point with her looks. This orange beaded dress pairs perfect against her skin tone while allowing her to wear neutral makeup. Her skin is so smooth that it’s next to impossible to stop staring at it! She actually looks like she’s glowing. I love this dark taupe lip, bronzed cheekbones and jet black mascara together – it’s bold and makes a serious statement.

Kendall Jenner.


While Kendall looked fierce in this double-slit dress, her makeup was very classy and more on the simple side. Her lightly winged eyeliner and peach cheeks adds just enough sass and color to her look. Her skin is so clear and hydrated – she must drink her 8 glasses a day and use a hydrating serum. I recommend using Enza Essentials Hydra Gel if you want serious moisture for your skin.

Shenae Grimes.


Shenae looks amazing in this embellished blazer, white tee and black leather skinnys. Her big, loose curls show off her perfectly oval face shape and flawless skin. Her smokey eyes bring attention to her dark features making her a red carpet hit. I also LOVE how bright and clear her skin is – she needs little to no coverage on that complexion!

Chloe Grace Moretz.


This young actress looks adorable as ever in this little black lace dress with a flower collar. I’m so happy she wore her hair up so everyone can see how clear and beautiful her skin is. Her shimmery eye and pink lip are totally appropriate for the occasion. And her dewy makeup is spot on – love it!

Are there any other looks you would add to this list?

-xo Kayla




The CMT Music Awards aired last night and the red carpet was definitely shining with some beautiful country music stars. Here are my top 5 picks for the best beauty looks:

Miranda Lambert


Miranda has been at the top of our beauty list A LOT lately. She still looks so great from her recent weight loss. I love this white jeweled mini dress, it’s just daring enough with the deep V cut. Her skin looks so fresh and clear, and the dewy makeup looks beautiful. Her drop earrings add just the right amount of accessory to pull her whole look together. Bravo, Miranda!

Carrie Underwood


I CANNOT stop staring at this dress! The large floral print was perfect for a summer award show and I love the neckline and shape of this gown. Her big, loose curls don’t take away any attention from the unique cut of the dress. Carrie’s complexion always looks so fresh and bright—she must use a lightening cream. I recommend using Enza Essential’s Lightening Perfection Creme.

Kellie Pickler



Ummm… BOMBSHELL! Kellie looks outstanding in this form-fitting magenta dress. The bold color looks so great against her healthy skin tone, making her glow. I’m happy that her hair is pulled back to show off her flawless skin, while her makeup isn’t too heavy. She must drink lots of water!

Cassadee Pope



She looks like the cutest thing alive in this crop top and pink skirt. The colors look great on her and the large, asymmetrical curls bring the perfect amount of sophistication to her look. Her complexion is clear and even, making it the center of attention.

Jana Kramer


Jana’s entire look is amazing. This pink mermaid gown displays her hourglass shape, while her beachy waves look lovely. Her dark features are played up with heavy eye makeup and bronzed skin. Her skin is unbelievably smooth without a single enlarged pore in sight. Her foundation is perfect—she must exfoliate regularly! Try using Enza’s Fine Facial Polish to exfoliate your skin, making your foundation apply more evenly and last throughout the day.

What were your favorite looks of the night?




Okay, Selena Gomez has been absolutely killin’ it this last year on so many levels.She is drop dead gorgeous, her fashion sense is amazing (I want every dress she has ever worn) and she got rid of that ex-boyfriend of hers…. But the main thing that stands out to me about Selena is her flawless skin.

SELENA GOMEZ at Spring Breakers Premiere

If there is one thing that Selena has mastered, it’s not over doing it on the contouring. Now, she has been blessed with amazing cheek bones, but the key is that she lets them do all the work instead of lining them with bronzer. Her skin looks dewy and healthy, so natural – the perfect pallet against her dark eye make up.

(If you want skin that looks this smooth and luminous, try the Enza Essentials Vitamin C serum! Right Selena?)

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

What I love about Selena here is she has a fabulous glow to her but she doesn’t look super tan. There is nothing worse than the orange tone some girls acquire when trying to shine – Selena nails that iridescent glow without the fake n bake.


If you still aren’t convinced that she has naturally amazing skin, just look at this cute bikini pic! She clearly has no make up on from being a beach bum and she still looks great. True radiance comes from skin care products – not make up. Hmmm… maybe she’s using Enza Essentials Liquid Gold? It seems like the luxurious type of product Selena would try.

I hope now you all are as jealous of her perfect skin as I am… excuse me while I go do a face mask ASAP.

xx Alison


I’ve seen alot of top 10 lists for 2013 this month so of course I had to come up with my own! This is my Top 10 Beauty Looks of 2013 list, featuring all of my favorite celebs. Enjoy!

1. Jennifer Lawrence – Pixie Cut


Jennifer Lawrence getting a pixie cut may have been the most talked about thing for about five days, which led to me being severely depressed. It’s not her fault, pixie cuts are the new thing as we near 2014 but I simply cannot and will not get on board. She is still stunning, even a pixie cut cannot cover up how beautiful she is so I’m letting it go for now.

2. Kerry Washington – As Olivia Pope in Scandal


I don’t know who was more famous in 2013 – Kerry Washington or the character she plays – Olivia Pope. I mean, some people still don’t even know the actress’s name because Ms. Pope is taking all of the spotlight. In my opinion, her fashion and beauty are impeccible whether on screen or off. This look from the 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards is my pick for Kerry’s best 2013 look.

3. Beyonce Knowles – Blonde Bombshell


Beyonce recently dropped a bomb on us when she released her new album, complete with 17 out-of-control videos. I couldn’t pick one look from any of them that beats the rest because she is gorgeous beyond belief is every single one. Instead, I’m posting this fierce, don’t-mess-with-the-queen look that dares with to find just one 2013 look from Bey that you consider best.

4. Rita Ora


Rita Ora is on top of the world right now and her style shows it. I’ve already talked about how flawless her skin is and how much I love her but I wanted to highlight this blonde bob in particular because it is just perfect.

5. Rihanna – Back to Normal?

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Rihanna has thrown everyone for a loop beauty-wise in 2013, I mean a blue mullet?? We wanted to cheer for her, but we just couldn’t. THANK GOODNESS she seemed to be back to her normal, beautiful self at the Grammys. On the other hand, she posed all snuggly with Chris Brown, so in my opinion that cancels out any good PR she may have recieved.

6. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball


Obviously Miley has committed countless beauty blunders in 2013 – far too many to touch on in this post, but she has gotten one thing right in 2013 – her makeup. She has toned down the overly smokey eyes and fake lashes from 2012 and stuck to the natural eyes with a pop of daring red lips. This shot from her Wrecking Ball video is the best look, as long as you cut out the weird whitey tightys and tank top combo.

7. Selena Gomez – Her mature new style


Selena Gomez did two things right in 2013. First, she got rid of Justin Bieber who is currently spirally out of control – to no one’s entertainment… and she started dressing like the beautiful woman that she’s become. This look from the VMAs is by far her most stunning, I still cannot get over how fabulous it is – simply fierce.

8. Taylor Swift – Bangs


Taylor had another amazing year (no shocker there) and her style is growing with her. In 2013, she decided to change her curly locks out for straight hair and bangs. Now, at first I was like “ew, what was she thinking? She looks so old!” Then I realized, she is not a kid any more and the bangs only highlight her amazing cheek bones. So I am all in Tay, bangs away!

9. Kate Middleton – Pregnancy Beauty


I will be the first to admit that I am not someone who immediatly thinks a woman is “glowing with new mom beauty” when she’s pregnant, especially with maternity clothes so hard to get right. However, Kate Middleton was absolutely stunning throughout her pregnancy. This peach number specifically was her best look – but it was hard to choose!

10. Britney Spears


Britney made a huge come back this year with a new album, a rockin body and aparently, much more self confidence. Coco Perez posted this instagram pic of Britney au natural – and she is still flawless. All flashiness aside, this look is her best of 2013.

What are some beautiful looks I may have missed for my 2013 recap? Or do you agree with all of mine? (I’m betting the ladder.)

xx Alison


white emma watson

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, wearing white after Labor Day has transitioned from a fall fashion to the new big thing for winter. Celebrities are bringing their winter whites out at all the latest award ceremonies and fabulous release parties. I’ve stated several times how much I love this trend but I want to point out the positive effect it adds to your skin too.

white kate hudson

White looks STUNNING against pale skin. Pale skin is healthy skin. I’m not saying to go all Casper on me but pale is definitely in this winter. White contrasts light skin tones to make you glow without having to turn to an awkward, fake tan mid-winter.

white enza 2

Enza Essentials has two amazing winter white, must-have products. The first, our Enza Advanced Protection SPF 30 – just because it’s getting chilling doesn’t mean those UVA/UVB rays aren’t there. Especially in places with snow, you’re asking for skin damage if you aren’t using your SPF, especially on your face.

The second product is our Enza Lightening Perfection Crème. The Kojic acid and hydroquinone in this product polish away dark spots and discoloration. This allows you to look naturally flawless against the perfection of a head-to-toe white outfit.

Are you rocking white this winter? I know I am.

xx Alison



Rita Ora has amazingly flawless skin. I swear, it actually glows. I’m dying to know her skincare treatments! She needs no dramatic blush or eye shadow, her skin does the talking.


What I really admire about her skin is how smooth it looks due to her even skin tone. To help improve my blotchy skin, I am currently using the Enza Essentials Extraction Toner. If you aren’t using a toner after you wash your face, you need to start now! Toners are also fabulous for balancing pH levels which is what helps prevent dry skin and allows other products you use to work more effectively.

Rita Ora

First off, her statement red lips are perfect – she found the right shade and stuck with it! I love how the matte lips play up her skin highlights – further enhancing her glow. This winter, instead of lathering on face lotion all the time (which of course you need to apply in moderation) try the Enza Essentials Liquid Gold. It uses oils from carrots, apricots, Vitamin A and Vitamin E, plus botanical extracts to give that silky finish Rita Ora obviously has mastered.


Rita not only matches her lip color well to her skin tone but her hair color too! I love that her skin and hair almost blend together yet she keeps her eyebrows dark. It is a dramatic statement but she pull it off well, most women she away from light hair when their skin begins to lose its tan – I’m so glad she doesn’t!


Even if you aren’t a fan of hers, you must admit that when it comes to skin, she is flawless. So, thumbs up or down to Ms. Ora? I can’t be the only one obsessing.

xx Alison