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I don’t know about you, but life over here has been crazy busy! Even though I always have something going on that keeps me running, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Here’s a peek into my life on Instagram lately!


Lip gloss is always a fabulous way to look glam during colder months. I love any color from Jane Iredale’s PureGloss Lip Gloss collection!


It’s so important to have the essentials packed in my gym bag at all times – my Extraction Toner, deodorant, and a granola bar!


If you love talking on your cell phone, be sure to hold it away from your face or use speakerphone! Otherwise, dirt and bacteria can transfer from your screen onto your skin, causing breakouts. Ick!


Did you see my super simple recipe for a DIY Lip Scrub? It makes lips feel SO smooth! I always follow up with my Enza Lip Treatment afterwards too!


Nothing like a little emerald color to brighten up a gloomy winter day.


We absolutely LOVE Nicolette of Fashionably Stocked – isn’t she beautiful?! You can read her entire Enza review here!


Valentine’s Day flowers can make anyone smile!


Laura of Louella Reese can’t get enough of her Sustaining System! Be sure to read why she loves it so much here!


I think red is my new favorite color…


Donuts with sprinkles make the world go ’round. I’ll start my diet tomorrow!


Coming soon – Enza Essentials “be BEAUTIFUL” tees! Stay tuned to see when you can get yours!

Have an amazing weekend! -xo Kayla


It’s Wednesday, Beauties! I cannot believe we’re halfway through the week already. In honor of Hump Day, I want to share with you all what I’m currently LOVING this week:


I’m still obsessing over Taylor’s look at the Grammys this past Sunday night – she’s flawless! This blue dress paired with those fuchsia heels are everything. Her hair and makeup stunned the crowd as well. Love it!


Fresh flowers at the office? Yes, please! Nothing brightens up a room and boosts attitudes like a bouquet of flowers. Our aesthetician Melissa received these beauties from her fiance Joe for Valentine’s Day – SWOON!


Photo Creds: Nicolette Stocks

Since it’s lovers’ week, let’s talk about couples. My favorite match made in heaven?  Cleanser and toner. They seriously work like magic together. And can we take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous Nicolette of Fashionably Stocked looks holding her Extraction Cleanser and Toner? You can read her entire Enza review here!

jane iredale margi

What do I love on a Wednesday? Red lips! Actually, I love red lips every day. I’ll definitely be wearing this Jane Iredale PureMoist Lipstick in Margi on my Valentine’s Day date night. This color is so classic and chic, it’s the perfect go-to color for any occasion!


When I watch The Bachelor each week, I obsess over Britt more and more. She’s the cutest human being alive! Chris and her are OBVIOUSLY hitting it off, most likely because of her super sweet personality and fabulous, flowing hair. I’m rooting for you, Britt!

Have a happy Wednesday! -xo Kayla


We all know the power couples in the celebrity world – Brad and Angelina, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Kim and Kanye, even Blake and Ryan. But, what comes to your mind when you think about skincare and the perfect match? Yes, you guessed it – the hottest couple in the skin world is cleanser and toner! Here’s why:


It’s common sense to know how important it is to wash our face with a great cleanser morning and night. The AM cleanse is for washing away any sweat, dirt, bacteria, and products you put on before bed, while the PM cleanse is for removing makeup and other impurities your face has collected throughout the day. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, you want to find a cleanser that gives your skin a deep, gentle clean.


Here’s where the love connection between cleansers and toners start…

Washing your face leaves your skin at it’s purest, most vulnerable state. That’s exactly why you need to use a toner immediately after, restoring the pH levels. Cleansing your skin removes oils from the surface, while toning your skin brings it back to it’s balanced state. And, using a toner directly after washing will help it be most effective, giving you a glowing complexion.


This is exactly why the cleanser and toner are being awarded the “Most Powerful Couple” award. And the best part? Now through Valentine’s Day, the Extraction Cleanser and Toner Duo, Sustaining Cleanser and Toner Duo, and Saturation Cleanser and Toner Duo are 25% off! Order now at enza.com!




If you’re like me, you’ve been frequenting the gym like a madwoman the past 2 weeks because your New Year’s Resolution is telling you to! For me, it’s been a little bit of a struggle but I’m already feeling better and am getting stronger each time I work out. To make the most of my gym time, I always make sure I have my tote filled with the essential items for a successful workout. Here’s what’s in my gym bag:ZDS_0527

  • Nikes – These are the most comfortable tennis shoes I’ve ever owned. And they’re cute too.
  • Snack – I HATE working out when I’m absolutely starving and my tummy won’t stop growling. I always make sure to have a granola bar handy in case I need something quick before or after my workout.


  • Cell phone and earbuds – It’s necessary that I listen to jams while exercising to keep me going.
  • Deodorant – I don’t think I need to explain this one…
  • Toner – I ALWAYS make sure to have my Extraction Toner packed in my gym bag. I spritz it on my face post-workout to refresh and balance my complexion. It also reduces any inflammation I may have on my skin.


  • Headband – There’s nothing more annoying than my hair getting in my face while trying to work out. Plus this one is gold and sparkly – who says you can’t look great at the gym? 🙂
  • Water bottle – Keeping hydrated is SO important while exercising. I love this Nalgene bottle because it has a narrow mouth, making it easier to drink out of while I’m killing it on the Elliptical.
  • Shine Control – Enza Essential’s Shine Control is perfect for keeping my face looking matte while working out. I apply it before I start exercising and it absorbs the excess oils on my face.


What’s in your gym bag? -xo Kayla



Keeping everything in your life balanced is much easier said than done. Between work, school, family, friends, and everything else that has you running here and there, things can get a little unbalanced – even your skin. But don’t fret! I can help you get your skin back on track.


Balanced skin is when your pH is at 5.5. When your skin is slightly acidic at this level, it’s much better at sealing in moisture while protecting itself from free radicals and pollution. But how do you know if you skin is balanced or not? If you have skin issues such as redness, acne, oiliness or even dry patches, your skin is probably off balance.


What can you do to balance out your complexion? Use a toner morning and night. I cannot stress how important it is to incorporate a toner into your skin care regimen. I use the Extraction Toner after I cleanse my face. Not only does it brighten and even out my skin tone, but it also soothes inflammation while hydrating my skin. I will not go a single day without my toner!


I simply spritz a cotton pad with my Extraction Toner and wipe it all over my face and neck.


Another way to balance your pH level is by using a hydrating moisturizer. Enza’s Stress Extraction Creme does a fabulous job of protecting your skin from pollutants and free radicals while giving your complexion a brighter glow. It’s super lightweight so you never feel greasy AND it smells amazing.


So, what are you waiting for?? It’s time to balance your skin! -xo Kayla