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It’s common sense – if you want a killer bod, it’s necessary to work out. With some solid effort, regular exercise can transform your body.  But did you know that facial exercises can tone your face too? Yes, that’s right! If you want tighter skin with a bit of boost and lift, try these 3 facial exercises.

1. The Kiss_DSC0789

First, pout your lips like you’re going to kiss someone. (I should warn you – save yourself the embarrassment and don’t do these in public.)


Then, smile as hard as you can using your cheek muscles while keeping your lips in a pout. Hold this pose for 10 seconds, relax, and repeat 2 more times. You can feel it already, can’t you?

2. The Fish


This one is my personal fave. Start by sucking in your cheeks to make a fish face. Then, try to smile while keeping your lips together and hold this for 10 seconds. Rest, then repeat 2 more times. This will help increase blood circulation while naturally contouring your skin. Almost done!

3. The Whistle


Make the letter “O” with your lips, like you’re getting ready to whistle. Then, smile as hard as possible while keeping your lips in the “O” position. Hold this exercise for 10 seconds, rest, and repeat 2 times. Your face will feel tired and a little sore at first, but after regular facial exercising, you’ll be a champ! _DSC0806

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-xo Kayla