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Finding it hard to fit in a workout? Good news! You can make the most out of your time at the office. Spice up those 8 hour days with a little “fitness fun.” Your stiff and tired muscles will thank you for the mini-workout break. Plus, the more you move the happier and healthier you’ll be. So, the next time you’re sitting at your desk facing that long shift, try out some of these desk exercises for a more fit and fabulous you every day of the week!

What are some of your tips for staying active at the office?

xo Krista


Lately my friends and I have been heading to the gym more than ever. This weekend I tried Pilates, and OMG my back is so sore. Going to the gym has been great because I’ve been getting my fitness on, but that also means my gym bag must be filled with the right essentials all the time.

Check out what’s in my Vera Bradley gym bag right now:


  • Nuti-Grain bar. It’s the best when I don’t have time to eat something before/after the gym. Working out with a rumbling stomach is the WORST. I’ve read if you must eat something before you work out, make it something super light.
  • Deodorant. Need I say more??
  • Hair accessories. I never remember to bring hair-ties or headbands otherwise. The only time I work out with my hair down is when I attend a hip-hop dance class. And that’s because I feel most confident when I’m whipping my hair back and forth while moving around. 😉


  • Extraction Toner. The number one rule for beautiful skin is cleansing and toning – and this is especially important right after working out when you’re all sweaty and gross. Cleansing is one thing, but toning will really bring your skin’s pH level back to normal and prevent future breakouts. PLUS, the peppermint extract and menthol in the Extraction Toner are so soothing on my skin after a workout.
  • Body spray. In the winter months, I love Bath and Body Work’s Winter Candy Apple scent. It puts me in the best mood.

Oh, and before I dash out the gym door, I pucker up with the Enza Lip Treatment! Then I can go straight from the gym to wherever else I need to be and still look 10/10. (PS – Yes, that is a Lily Pulitzer phone case in the picture below. I like to pretend I was raised in the South.)


What’s in your gym bag this week?




One of my favorite things these days is mixing up a good fruit-and-veggie smoothie. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to sit down and make sure I’m eating my five cups daily. A smoothie is a great way of getting several of those servings knocked out in one delicious and easy-to-make punch. And it’s good for your skin.

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