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You probably brush your hair, and your teeth, but have you ever tried brushing your skin? Watch my short how-to video to find out why you should start!

xo Krista


With our busy schedules, we all know how hard it can be to wash our faces every single night. That’s why I absolutely love these wipes! They are perfect for freshening up after long plane rides or nights when all you can think about is cuddling up in your cozy bed. With just one gentle swipe, these facial wipes remove ALL of my make-up and leave my face feeling amazing! Plus, they are made with THEE best products! Check out my video on how to make these wonderful wipes- your face will thank you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Pack of facial wipes
  2. 1-2 squirts of Enza Essentials Cleanser
  3. Enza Essentials Toner (about 5 sprays)
  4. ½ cup warm water
  5. Ziplock bag

Mix warm water, cleanser and toner in a zip-lock bag. Once they are mixed together, place the packet of facial wipes in the bag. Next, let them sit for 10 minutes until they are fully saturated. Enjoy!

xo Krista


2014 is almost over and ready or not, here comes 2015! It has been a huge year across the board for many things, from clothing trends to makeup techniques. After some reflection and research, here are some of my favorite beauty looks from the year.


Full, filled-in eyebrows made a serious impression in beauty looks throughout 2014. These bold brows were quite the rage in makeup regimens everywhere, and Model Cara Delevingne is one of the most popular faces with her thick set. I LOVE using Jane Iredale’s Bitty Brow Kit to fill mine in perfectly.


Exfoliating was another beauty trend that was super popular this past year, and there’s no surprise why! Facial scrubs are the key to fresh, smooth, and radiant skin – it sloughs off dead skin cells which also makes your foundation look better. I exfoliate my skin 3 times a week with Enza’s Fine Facial Polish. I can’t live without it!


Winged eyeliner was especially trendy in 2014, making appearances on Red Carpets everywhere. But, I’m not complaining because this makeup technique is my go-to look, along with Kylie Jenner’s. There’s just something about this fun and fierce lash line that pairs great with anything!

Top-100-Long-Hairstyles-2014_89IMG_6349 (1)

Braids were EVERYWHERE this past year and it was simply amazing. From regular braids to waterfalls and fishtails, this hairstyle took over 2014. They were a staple to comfy and casual looks, while also adding total chicness to outfits. Did you see my video tutorial on how to fishtail braid? If you don’t already know how, it’s a must-watch!


Fresh, natural-looking faces were another big hit of the year. Everyone wanted to sport the it-looks-like-I’m-not-wearing-any-makeup look, and the stunning Emma Watson is FABULOUS at pulling this trend off. Her skin is flawless as is, so this look is super easy for her. Heavy, full coverage foundations were not so big in 2014, rather more of the tinted moisturizers.


If you haven’t heard the terms contouring or highlighting, you’ve clearly been living under a rock for the last 365 days. This makeup technique took over the year and played a major role in makeup applications. Kim Kardashian is a contouring and highlighting pioneer and always looks perfect in the spotlight.

What have been some of your favorite beauty looks of the year? -xo Kayla