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Bows are not just for presents anymore! No matter your hair type, curly or straight, thick or thin, a bow could be the perfect addition to that fantastic holiday outfit! Keep reading to see my four favorite holiday bow hairstyles.

P1020279 (2)

Soft curls (aka Victoria Secret Angel locks) are a gorgeous look for any holiday party. For this style, I used my curling wand and brushed out the curls to create these cascading waves. Once I had the curls set, I teased the hair around my face and then pulled it all back with the bow.

P1020296 (2)

A sleek side do is always a great go-to holiday hairstyle. All you have to do is add a few soft curls to your hair, pull it to the side, and clip the bow right above your hairband. Super simple!

P1020326 (2)

Want a more formal look? Try a high bun with a bow! Start by teasing the top of your hair to create more volume. Then, tilt your head upside down and make a messy bun. If you notice a few loose strands, tame them with hairspray and then top it off by clipping a medium sized bow just below the bun.

P1020289 (2)

For a super simple and quick hairstyle, I love pulling back one side of my hair in a bow. For this, a smaller bow works best so it doesn’t over do the look.

P1020351 (5)

Happy Holidays Beauties!

xo Krista



The holiday season is finally here with Christmas right around the corner! Before we know it, we will be attending all kinds of fun holiday parties which are some of the best opportunities to get dressed up! Check out one of the outfits I’ll be wearing this holiday season!


Cold weather can’t stand between me and my love of dresses. This black, quarter-sleeve dress is absolutely perfect for a holiday party. As soon as I spotted it, I knew I had to buy it! I adore the simple black color and A-frame style. There’s just something so chic about the pop of white paired with the black.


To top it off, these red shoes were a must! For a winter-like look, I went with these suede, high heel pumps. Although, I must warn you, these can be dangerous to wear in the winter so make sure you spray them with a shoe protector before heading out.


The best part about this outfit is that if it’s too cold, I can throw on a pair of black tights and booties for some warmth!


What will you be wearing this holiday season?

xo Krista


The season for socializing is upon us as our calendars fill with holiday parties and work happy hours. It’s the time for red dresses, glossy lips, smoky eyes and sparkling sequins. We all want to look our best and we usually do when we walk out the door. But, what about after we hit the dance floor, visit the snack bar and sip a glass of champagne? Has your makeup disappeared as fast as Houdini? Follow these 4 makeup tips to look fresh and fabulous all night long!


Gently exfoliate your skin before applying makeup. Most products adhere best to a smooth, clean surface. But, be sure not to over exfoliate!


Don’t forget to prime! It really is the holy grail of long-lasting makeup. Many primers act as pore refiners, color correctors, and oil blockers. Before I go out, I always use Jane Iredale’s Smooth Affair Facial Primer so I can confidently dance the night away. Perfect coverage? Check!


There’s nothing more frustrating than leaving the house with a perfect pout and needing to reapply it an hour later. Problem solved by applying a thin layer of foundation to your lips before your lipstick! My all-time favorite is my Jane Iredale Raspberry Lip Gloss. Want to go a step further? Learn how to stain proof your lipstick!


When curling your eyelashes, heat your lash curler with a blow dryer for about five seconds before curling. Your eyelashes will practically mold to the curler. You’ll be thankful you did this when you lock eyes with that adorable guy smiling at you across the room. Flutter away ladies!

What are some of your long-lasting make up tricks?

xo Krista




Valentine’s Day is not simply to celebrate the love between happy couples and their infatuation for eachother. (Although that is a wonderful thing, too.) These days, Valentine’s Day celebrates the love and relationships we have with our parents, family members and friends – the family we’ve chosen for ourselves.

“Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly, your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty and your purpose when you are confused.”

This year, if you’re single (or taken), share the love with your true soul mates – your girlfriends. After all, who has been there for you with a gallon of ice cream and a bottle (cough jug*) of wine every time that guy lets you down? They deserve to know how much you love them too.

Here is my easy peasy guide to gifts for the gals:

1. The Fortune Telling Book of Love (Buy it for only $10 here!)

vday gift guide 1

Your girlfriends will be able to see what signs match up best with theirs and fun things like romantic meals to make once you all actually have boyfriends or husbands. Now all of you have a book full of tricks up your sleeves.

2. Enza Essentials Lip Treatment for kissable lips (Right now it’s on sale for only 15 dollars!)


3. Red Velvet Fudge Pie from (Found at Pizzazzerie)

vday gift guide

Invite the girls over for Galinsday (the day before Valentine’s Day) to give them the other two presents and have this amazingly delicious, mouth watering, pie waiting for them. They will love you forever. A happy Valentine ending for everyone.

xx Alison


Today we announce our Holiday Beauty Instgram Contest winner:

Congratulations to Jolie aka @ohhitsjolie for winning our holiday photo contest! She receives a 100 dollar gift card to use on any Enza Essentials products!

insta winner now.jpg

We absolutely loved her holiday look – now she can use even more Enza products to Be Beautiful.

Enza Essentials will be hosting more Instagram contests for amazing product giveaways and gift cards so keep participating! We love seeing your beautiful pictures.

xx Alison



I love trying out new make up and hairstyles for the holidays – I mean, this is the time of year to really shine. So, I found the crown braid ponytail and the gold shimmer eye shadow looks on Pinterest and decided to see if they will be a fit for my fabulous holiday look.



What I love about this hairstyle is that it keeps the hair out of my face but still shows off the length of my locks. Plus, it only took me about five minutes!

Here is how to get this look:

1. Part your hair and start the braid on either side.

2. Gather small hair pieces into the french braid following your hair line – not your part!

3. Stop the french braid at the nape of your neck then continue a normal braid a few inches, long enough to wrap around the ponytail.

4. Tie the end of the braid with a small, clear-elastic band. Gather the loose hair into a low pony tail right next to where the french braid ends at the nape of your neck.

5. Wrap the braid around the ponytail and bobby pin the loose end underneath. TaDa!!


The Gold Glimmer eyes were almost as simple as the braid – I only used three different Jane Iredale Shadows and a simple black liquid liner and mascara.

1. Lightly brush the Jane Iredale Shimmer Powder in Gold over the lid, from the inner corners to the far brow.

2. Using the Jane Iredale Rose Gold shadow starting from the middle of the lid to the outer corner, up towards the brow.

3. Using the Jane Iredale Smokey Grey shadow, trace up from the outter corner of the lid, where it meets the lashes, up towards the brow to give a winged effect.

4. Line the upper lashes with liquid eyeliner, allowing the line to extend slightly past the end of your eye.

5. Mascara! Tons of it. I would even suggest adding a few false lashes to make your eyes really pop!

**Apply a light layer of the Enza Essentials Liquid Gold to your face before applying your concealer or powder. It feels luxurious and is the special treatment your skin deserves this season.


That’s all there is to this look, pair it with some extra bling and sequined shirt, like me, and its the perfect fit for either Christmas or New Years!

Rember ladies, we have the Instagram Contest to win 100 dollar gift certificate to use on all Enza Essentials products. All you have to do is follow me, @enzaprgirl then Instagram a picture of yourself in your holiday look and hash tag #enzaessentials #enzaholiday.

xx Alison