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Remember the first time you started using make-up? Did your eyes take on the appearance of a raccoon or your cheeks look like an abstract painting gone bad? Thinking back to my 13-year old self, I cringe at my somewhat horrifying make-up journey. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to look at those utterly embarrassing throwback pictures! My biggest mistake back then? A heavy dose of eyeliner. Thankfully I’ve learned a thing or two about natural beauty – and can appreciate the art of subtle eyeliner. Keep reading to make sure your flicks are on fleek!


  1. Buy the right products

Do your research! What brand of eyeliner will last the entire day and go on effortlessly? My personal favorite is Jane Iredale’s Black eye pencil – simple and sleek with one smooth application.


  1. Sit down for the perfect angle

Find a comfortable chair, take a seat and then place a mirror on your lap. While looking slightly down at the mirror, carefully apply your eyeliner in the groove between your lashes and lash line. You won’t believe how easy it is and how amazing it looks!


  1. Keep it light on your lower lashes

Unless you’re the lead singer in a heavy metal band, avoid applying a lower lash line that is too thick. For more natural and soft definition, apply a short stroke of color under the outer corner of your lower lashes. Finish it off with a smudging brush, blending the liner in toward the center.


Lastly, it’s important to keep the skin around your eye looking smooth. To eliminate those highly annoying fine lines, use Enza Essential’s Eyebright Intensive Eye Crème.

What are some of your cringe worthy makeup mistakes?

xo Krista


When it comes to my foundation, I’ve definitely had my good days and bad days.  In the past, I would spend AGES applying my makeup in the morning, only to look in a mirror 3 hours later to find creases and marks in my foundation.  Before I started here at Enza, I knew what exfoliating was but I had no idea how necessary it is for better-looking foundation.  So, if you want your foundation to look flawless, take my exfoliating advice!


Exfoliate several times a week.  Dead skin accumulates on your face, so it’s important to remove it regularly.  If you aren’t exfoliating, you are basically putting makeup over dead skin, causing it to flake off and look uneven during the day.  When your skin is clean and exfoliated, you don’t need as much foundation to create the illusion of smooth skin.


You can use a facial power cleanser to lightly brush the dead skin from your face—I recommend using Clarisonic’s Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush.  Its massaging motion gives your pores the deep cleanse it needs to extract the impurities found in your skin.  This brush is gentle enough to use twice a day, so be my guest and do as much exfoliating as you wish.  Plus, you can get it in a cute turquoise color.


If you’re not a gadget person, you can still exfoliate like a pro.  I use Enza Essential’s Fine Facial Polish and it does a wonderful job exfoliating my skin.  I use this facial polish 2-3 times a week and have noticed how much smoother my foundation looks throughout the day.  I leave it on my skin for 3-5 minutes (perfect time to catch up on my social media) and let the exfoliation begin.  This facial polish smells amazing and contains rice bran, which absorbs oils on my face while the salicylic acid exfoliates my pores.  And I always remember to get my neck!

Are you exfoliating?

-xo Kayla