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If you’re like me, you’ve been frequenting the gym like a madwoman the past 2 weeks because your New Year’s Resolution is telling you to! For me, it’s been a little bit of a struggle but I’m already feeling better and am getting stronger each time I work out. To make the most of my gym time, I always make sure I have my tote filled with the essential items for a successful workout. Here’s what’s in my gym bag:ZDS_0527

  • Nikes – These are the most comfortable tennis shoes I’ve ever owned. And they’re cute too.
  • Snack – I HATE working out when I’m absolutely starving and my tummy won’t stop growling. I always make sure to have a granola bar handy in case I need something quick before or after my workout.


  • Cell phone and earbuds – It’s necessary that I listen to jams while exercising to keep me going.
  • Deodorant – I don’t think I need to explain this one…
  • Toner – I ALWAYS make sure to have my Extraction Toner packed in my gym bag. I spritz it on my face post-workout to refresh and balance my complexion. It also reduces any inflammation I may have on my skin.


  • Headband – There’s nothing more annoying than my hair getting in my face while trying to work out. Plus this one is gold and sparkly – who says you can’t look great at the gym? 🙂
  • Water bottle – Keeping hydrated is SO important while exercising. I love this Nalgene bottle because it has a narrow mouth, making it easier to drink out of while I’m killing it on the Elliptical.
  • Shine Control – Enza Essential’s Shine Control is perfect for keeping my face looking matte while working out. I apply it before I start exercising and it absorbs the excess oils on my face.


What’s in your gym bag? -xo Kayla



It’s that time of year again – my college homecoming weekend! I’ll be sporting my Blugold spirit all day long tomorrow. But, I HAVE to make sure that I’ll have everything I need for the big game, so here’s a peek inside my bag!


  •  An AMAZING bag: This Louis Vuitton tote is the best. thing. ever. Nothing like showing off some serious style at the football game. And a matching Louis wallet? Check.
  • UW-EC apparel: It’s an unwritten rule that you wear your school name somewhere on your clothing. Plus, it’s going to be a little on the chilly side so this gold sweatshirt will be perfect.
  • School ID: So I can get into the game for free, obvi.
  • Moolah: There’s something about a jumbo pretzel with salt and cheese sauce at a sporting event.


  • SPF: Because I honestly never leave my house without applying my Advanced Protection SPF 30.
  • Hairspray: If I’m going to be taking pictures with friends all day, I NEED to have my hair game on point. This mini Kenra bottle is the ideal size for on-the-go situations.
  • Lip Treatment: Because it’s necessary that I have the perfect pout while cheering on the team.


  • Shine Control: I don’t want to develop an oily T-zone during the homecoming festivities, so I’ll be ready with this fab product.
  • Snack. Just to keep the tummy satisfied.

Have a wonderful weekend Beauties! -xo Kayla


I LEAVE FOR PARIS TOMORROW! I am SO excited! Before I jet off over to France, I had to pack a few things in my bag, so here’s what I’ll have with me during the day!


  • Tote Bag- To look super stylish carrying all my things!
  • Magazine- Everyone needs some reading materials.
  • Wallet- I’ll need someplace to keep my Euros and ID!
  • Kindle- To keep me busy on my downtime.
  • Scarf- For the chilly evenings out on the town.


  • Cleanser– It’s a must to stick to my skincare regimen, even while on vacation.
  • Passport- An international must.
  • Lip Gloss- Jane Iredale in Spice will be the perfect pop of color.


  •  Spot Extractor- Just in case an unwanted blemish shows up.
  • Shine Control-   With long days of sightseeing, I need to make sure my skin isn’t shiny for all my pictures!




Back to school season is officially upon us! Wow, I cannot believe that this is my last semester of college and I will be graduating in December – it seems like just yesterday I was a freshman! This back to school season is bittersweet for me because I can’t believe I’m closing one chapter, but at the same time I’m SO excited to start the next one! So, if you’re headed off to the dorms or just need a few tips, I’ve got you covered for your BTS beauty essentials:


Moisturizer. Dry, flaky skin is NEVER a good back to school look (or any other time for that matter). Even if you’re rushing around before class, remember to always apply moisturizer with SPF for healthy looking skin all day long. Advanced Protection SPF 30 works fab on all skin types and does a great job protecting your precious skin.

Eye Cream. Being a college student myself, I have LOTS of experience getting very little sleep and waking up early the next morning. When this happens, dark under eye circles and puffy bags will start to appear and that’s probably the last thing you want when you have a coffee/study date with the cute guy who sits next to you in biology. Enza’s Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee is an amazing quick fix when you need it.


Dry Shampoo. Honestly, who has time to wash, dry, and style their hair everyday?? Back to school time means crazy busy time, so it’s like a tiny miracle when a product can help you out. Plus, dry shampoo gives your locks intense volume so you’ll get an A+ in the hair department.

Shine Control. Since the beginning of a school year is still fairly warm and classrooms can be pretty muggy, it’s a must to keep your skin looking amazing and makeup in place. Shine Control mattifies your skin and controls shine that appears midday. Just apply this lightweight lotion before you put your makeup on and you’ll have nothing to worry about!


Concealer. When your complexion isn’t as lovely as you’d like it to be, concealer can be your best friend during back to school season. Jane Iredale’s Disappear Concealer with Green Tea Extract is fantastic at concealing blemishes and dark circles. A little goes a long ways so a tube will last you almost all year.

Spot Extractor. Back to school can be a stressful time for many (including me!) so a pimple or two is likely to appear at the most inconvenient time. The Spot Extractor is one of my FAVORITE products and I literally carry it with me everywhere. This salicylic acid spot treatment works on contact with blemishes when you need an immediate fix. It really is a life saver!


Off to school I go! -xo Kayla



In my opinion, one of the most frustrating things that can happen to us women is looking in a mirror halfway through the day to find our beautiful face of makeup shiny, sweaty, creased, blotchy, and melted. (Yeah.) And although I love summer more than any other season, this happens now more than ever. Here’s a few of my best tips to help keep your skin from having a summer meltdown:


Wash your face. Before applying any makeup in the morning, be sure to wash your face to get rid of any excess dirt or oil that has built up overnight. Gently massage your face with your fingertips to get a great clean, then pat dry. Your makeup will go on smoother and more evenly, starting your day off as fresh as possible. My favorite is Enza’s Sustaining Cleanser because it’s so lightweight and brightens my complexion. I always do a double cleanse. Once to rid of surface pollutants, and then again to get deeper into my pores. 


Exfoliate. If you want your foundation to look even better and stay in place all day, exfoliate two to three times per week. I LOVE using Fine Facial Polish. It helps gently scrub away impurities and absorbs excess oil on my face. I’m so happy I added this product to my skincare routine. It makes everything so much easier! 


Use a primer. When it comes to saving your makeup from a serious meltdown, Shine Control is a fabulous defense. This lightweight formula primes your skin by controlling shine on your face. After I cleanse and tone my skin, I apply my Shine Control to my T-zone (where most of my oil appears) and then put on my makeup. It gives me an amazing matte finish all day!

IMG_5547 IMG_5542

Proof and powder your products. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara really are important for preventing a makeup meltdown, especially if you’ll be swimming or sweating more than normal. Raccoon eyes don’t look good on anyone. Also, try dusting a translucent powder over your entire face after you’ve finished applying your foundation. This helps create a matte finish and keeps your foundation in place.


Another great way to set your foundation is to spritz your skin with a hydration spray. This helps keep liquid and powder foundations in place, while giving your skin added moisture. I’m using Jane Iredale’s D2O Hydration Spray in the picture above.


Drink more water. This is something you should be doing all year round, but especially during this hot and humid season. Not only are you hydrating your body but your skin as well. And drinking water gives you clearer, more beautiful skin so then you don’t have to wear as much makeup to hide your complexion! It’s a win-win all around.

One last tip! Since the summer months call for lots of time in the sun, remember to ALWAYS wear your SPF! Your skin will not only be protected from sunburns, but also from long term sun damage effects like dark spots and wrinkles. It’s a must for EVERYONE! Do you have any tips for avoiding a skin meltdown this summer? -xo Kayla


You guys, summer is ALMOST HERE. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to more SPF! Now that the seasons are changing, so should your skincare regimen. Humidity, heat, the sun and more will change how your skin reacts to its environment.


Sweat from the heat will definitely clog your pores, so start with a clean face for the summer by exfoliating to get rid of anything. Using a creamy, gentle scrub (like the Fine Facial Polish) will take away any impurities and brighten your skin {win-win}. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after exfoliating.


The Fine Facial Polish smells like oatmeal and is super gentle.

Stocking up on SPF is a must. My favorite is the Advanced Protection SPF 30 because it’s super lightweight (while still protecting you), and it doesn’t have that strong sunscreen scent. Wear SPF everywhere, even places you think don’t need it. See my post on taking care of your hands and neck, because you should really be applying SPF there too. SPF is the best thing you can do right now for your anti-aging regimen.


As the weather gets hotter, your skin might look oilier than normal. The perfect solution for extra oily skin? Shine Control. Formulated with Nylon-12, it works to mattify your skin with little microsponges and  which, I mean, I will be using every day this summer. I’ll be living in Washington D.C. (can you say HOT?!), so I’m definitely going to have to have this on hand at all times.

I love this YouTube review from Auteur Ariel. Cut to the 4:30 mark to hear more about how amazing Shine Control is!


What will you be doing to get ready for long, summer days? I’m so excited! xx