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I don’t know about you, but life over here has been crazy busy! Even though I always have something going on that keeps me running, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Here’s a peek into my life on Instagram lately!


Lip gloss is always a fabulous way to look glam during colder months. I love any color from Jane Iredale’s PureGloss Lip Gloss collection!


It’s so important to have the essentials packed in my gym bag at all times – my Extraction Toner, deodorant, and a granola bar!


If you love talking on your cell phone, be sure to hold it away from your face or use speakerphone! Otherwise, dirt and bacteria can transfer from your screen onto your skin, causing breakouts. Ick!


Did you see my super simple recipe for a DIY Lip Scrub? It makes lips feel SO smooth! I always follow up with my Enza Lip Treatment afterwards too!


Nothing like a little emerald color to brighten up a gloomy winter day.


We absolutely LOVE Nicolette of Fashionably Stocked – isn’t she beautiful?! You can read her entire Enza review here!


Valentine’s Day flowers can make anyone smile!


Laura of Louella Reese can’t get enough of her Sustaining System! Be sure to read why she loves it so much here!


I think red is my new favorite color…


Donuts with sprinkles make the world go ’round. I’ll start my diet tomorrow!


Coming soon – Enza Essentials “be BEAUTIFUL” tees! Stay tuned to see when you can get yours!

Have an amazing weekend! -xo Kayla



Shay Mitchell, otherwise known as Emily Fields on ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liarsis quickly becoming a beauty icon for women everywhere. Her chic fashion sense, voluminous dark hair, and elegant makeup always turns heads, but I’m completely jealous of her flawless skin.


I honestly don’t think it’s possible for Shay’s skin to be any more perfect. Her olive complexion gives her a natural glow, so she doesn’t need to wear much foundation. And did I mention how on-point her brow game is? Love it.


Her skin is so bright and radiant – She must use an SPF every single day to protect her face from sun spots. I also read that Shay uses an eye cream both morning and night. No wonder why she has absolutely no bags or fine lines under her eyes after countless hours in the studio!


It’s impossible to find even a single red spot or blemish anywhere on Shay’s skin. Exfoliating must be a part of her regular skin care routine. If you want glowing skin like Shay’s, try using Enza Essentials Sustaining System.



I don’t know what it is with this woman, but I am starting to develop a slight obsession with her. She’s beautiful, has an amazing voice, is married to the one-and-only Eric Decker and have you seen her skin?? It’s perfect. I’m completely jealous.


I can’t take my eyes off of her complexion. It’s so smooth and bright! She actually doesn’t have a single flaw or blemish anywhere. Her skin tone is so even as well! I wonder if Jessie uses a Glow Creme to keep her skin so bright and even? That must be it.


Jessie’s hair and makeup always looks fabulous too. I actually read that she does mostly everything herself before attending events – everyone loves a DIY girl! Her light brown highlights look great next to her skin tone and dark eyes. I also read that she is obsessed with having her brows perfect.


I’m completely envious of Jessie and her fantastic skin. And maybe a little jealous that she’s married to Eric Decker too. If you want skin like Jessie’s, try Enza Essentials Sustaining System! -xo Kayla