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We’ve all been there – you’re having a solid hair day until you hit the gym. You don’t even want to step back out in public after that sweaty workout! Luckily, I have a few tips for fabulous-looking hair after every single workout.


Spray your scalp and around your hairline with dry shampoo before you start exercising – this will help soak up the sweat that’s about to happen. Prevention is key, ladies!

If you have long hair, be sure to get it off your neck and forehead by twisting it up into a topknot of the crown of your head. Try braiding it before you secure it with your elastic – this way, when you take it out post workout, you’ll have loose, beachy waves.


Speaking of beach waves, try spritzing a salt spray in your locks and scrunch. The alcohol in most formulas help sweat evaporate. The effortless look is always in!

How do you style your hair after your workout? -xo Kayla