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I have a confession. I’m an upbeat, annoyingly happy person who LOVES to smile. In fact, my smile is often the first thing my friends compliment me on! But lately, I’ve noticed that my neutral facial expression occasionally doesn’t mirror that “cheerful” me. You may have heard of the phenomenon called RBFS or Relaxing Bitchy Face Syndrome. Well, I’m pretty sure I suffer from it (& apparently so do many celebrities)!


I first noticed it after a water exercise class in Mexico when my mom asked me, “What’s wrong?” The question caught me off guard because what could possibly be wrong when I’m in Cancun? But apparently, my face looked unhappy throughout the entire class. I couldn’t believe it, the whole time I was actually thinking this is such a great workout, I LOVE the sun! If you’re like me and you also suffer from RBFS, keep reading to learn a few tips to put your best face forward and turn this negative trait into a positive one!


Check out your facial expression. Get in the habit of routinely looking at yourself to see what “default” face you’re showing. Do you need to adjust your look?

Pay attention to what your “default” face feels like. Do your muscles relax into a natural frown or are your eyebrows tense?

Develop and practice a new resting expression. Aim for a positive and friendly persona. Maybe a slight smile or opening up your eyes a bit more will do the trick.


I know. It’s hard work to change your natural expression. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. And if that’s not working, a little anti-wrinkle cream will eliminate those unwanted frown lines and creases in your forehead.

We are in it together ladies!

xo Krista


Today, as I was walking to class, I glanced up from my smart phone and I seriously couldn’t believe how many people were staring down at their smart phones! I have to admit, though, I’m guilty of this too. Whether I’m checking my email, searching the web, browsing through Pinterest, etc., my phone acts as my personal crutch.

Lets face it, cell phones have become THEE way of communicating in society. But, did you know every time you stare down at that little screen, you increase your chance of developing dreaded lines and creases around your eyes? Yikes! Screens on mobile devices tend to be smaller than computer screens, so we are more likely to squint while reading messages or browsing through our phones.


Most of the fine lines and wrinkles that appear on our skin are a result of movement that happens regularly. Over time, the lines that are initially temporary become permanent. To prevent this, you can try using a product that contains peptides and antioxidants like Enza Essentials Tri-Peptide Cell Activator. This can reduce those wrinkles and keep skin looking smooth!


Our cell phones aren’t going away anytime soon, so be prepared with the right products!

xo Krista


We all know that the environment plays a HUGE role in our skin. The weather, pollution, and lifestyle all contribute to how we age – whether we like it or not. But, did you know that the state you live in can also tell you about how you’re going to age? Yup, it’s true – A Wrinkle Ranking study was recently conducted to show the most wrinkle-prone states in America! Keep reading to see if you should consider moving or staying put in your state.

  • Beware if you live in New York – it’s ranked #1 for having the most wrinkles. Ouch. This is due to very high pollution rates, New Yorkers being dissatisfied with life, or even long commute times. That’s why it’s SO important to protect your skin from free radicals with a product that contains peptides and antioxidants like Enza Essentials Tri-Peptide Cell Activator.
  •  Washington, D.C. is ranked right in the middle at #23 – the pollution is super high, the commutes are long, and they’re known for binge drinking. But, they have the lowest rate of skin cancer! They obviously are wearing their SPF every single day.
  • States known for their sun like Hawaii (Ranked #47), Mississippi (Ranked #31), and Louisiana (Ranked #29) actually have the lowest rates of skin cancer and have less wrinkles than the half the other states.
  • Southern states such as West Virginia (Ranked #3), Tennessee (Ranked #8) and Kentucky (Ranked #7) ranked in the top 10 because of their poor diet and high number of smokers. So just quit, already – your skin will thank you.

See below where your state ranks!


-xo Kayla


Ready or not, summer is officially here! Sunny skies, warm nights, and beach days are in the forecast for the next few months. And summer – just like winter – requires its own beauty tricks, too! Here are a few ways to keep your skin sane throughout the hot (and humid!) summer months.


Protect your skin. Although it’s quite obvious during summer, the best tip that any skin care expert can give you is to apply sunscreen every single day, even the cloudy ones. By doing so, you not only protect yourself from a painful sunburn, but from wrinkles, brown spots, and even skin cancer in the years to come. Also, if you’re going to be out in the sun most of the day, applying sunscreen just once in the morning isn’t enough – you need to reapply every few hours, especially if you’re swimming.


Catch some Zzz’s. Summer is known for long days and short nights, so it’s easy to miss out on your 7-8 hours of sleep at night. But, if you want your skin (and brain!) to be looking and feeling great, you need to be sure you’re well-rested. Not getting enough sleep can make existing skin conditions worse, break down collagen, and make you age MUCH quicker.

Dream Tint Moisturizer

“Lighten” up. The next few months are a perfect time to let your natural beauty shine through, but if you refuse to go completely bare in summer and can’t imagine life without your foundation, consider putting away your foundation and try a tinted moisturizer. Lighter than foundation, tinted moisturizers still cover flaws but feel much lighter and more breathable. I’m obsessed with Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint – it makes my skin feel (and look!) so good.

Wash Face

My Extraction Cleanser is ALWAYS ready to go at night!

Wash your face before bed. Speaking of getting some sleep, do you wash your face every night before bed? Seriously, nothing is easier than cleansing your skin of makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria before hitting the hay! Between backyard BBQ’s, firework shows, and bonfires, summer nights get late. Even when you’re oh-so-tired, be sure to wash your face before crawling into bed – your skin will thank you.


Keep lips hydrated. The next few months are all about fun colors, especially on your lips! If you want to have the prettiest pout this summer, be sure to keep lips moisturized. This will make lipsticks and stains go on smoother and last longer. Enza Essentials Lip Treatment boosts collagen production and provides amazing moisture – it is definitely a summer must-have!

Will you follow any of these tips this summer? -xo Kayla





In case you missed what the buzz is all about today, last night aired the 2015 Golden Globes. The Red Carpet was filled with chic trends, retro curls, and several metallic gowns. Here are my top five favorite looks from the evening:

Jennifer Lopez


I just don’t understand how JLo literally gets more beautiful with age. Seriously! She looked absolutely stunning in this metallic plunging neckline gown and diamond accessories. Her dark smokey eye makes her look fierce as ever and her skin is actually perfect. I also love the nude lip because it doesn’t distract from all the other hotness going on with her look. A++ for you JLo!

Jessica Chastain


Jessica shines bright in this dark gold shimmer dress with similar gold eyes. And the retro over-one-shoulder curls look seriously glam on her too. Her skin looked Red Carpet ready as well – her complexion is so smooth and bright. Try using Enza’s Vitamin C Serum to improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy looked gorgeous on the Red Carpet last night in this long-sleeve white embellished gown. I love that her hair was pulled up into a sleek ponytail, showing off her flawless skin. Her makeup was minimal and natural looking because honestly, why would anyone want to hide a complexion like that? Both her and her skin were glowing all night.

Julianne Moore

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalsrs_634x1024-150111162058-634-golden-globes-julianne-moore-.ls.11115

I am OBSESSED with this dress. Who would have ever thought that metallic and feathers would look this amazing with each other – And can we also talk about the fact that she’s 54 and has skin like that? Julianne looked beautiful last night with a subtle smokey eye and delicate waves. To keep your skin looking young like Julianne’s, use Tri-Peptide Cell Activator to protect your skin cells from aging.

Allison Williams


Can you say perfection?! Allison looked so gorgeous last night at the awards show in this red gown paired with vintage curls and a dark smokey eye. Her bold brows tie the entire look together, making her a serious stunner on the Red Carpet. I’m also completely mesmerized by her skin and how radiant it is!

What were some of your favorite looks last night at the Golden Globes? -xo Kayla