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Blue eyes are back thanks to Kendall Jenner and her fabulous New York Fashion Week, blue eyed look! Need a little help nailing the look? Check out my step-by-step tutorial to get these amazing blue eyes! Enjoy!

For brighter, even more beautiful blue eyes, try Enza Essentials Eyebright Anti-puffiness Gelee!

xo Krista



If you’re like me, sometimes you want to spice up your average, everyday ponytail – hair is supposed to be fun, right? Here’s a super simple way to take your pony to the next level:


First, start by gathering a ponytail (a lower one looks better with this particular style), leaving a section of hair on each side in the front loose.


Separate the loose hair on the left side of your head into a top section and bottom section and grab the top section.


Next, cross that section of hair over to the right side of your head, above your ponytail. Pin it with a bobby pin, letting the tail (if there is one) hang down.


Do the same with the right side of loose hair – grab the top section and cross it over to the left side of your ponytail, grabbing the hanging tail along the way. Secure with another bobby pin. Following me so far? šŸ™‚


Then, take the remaining section of hair on your left side and cross over your ponytail again, grabbingĀ the tail (if you have one) hanging down and securing it with a bobby pin on the right side of your pony.


Finally, take the remaining section of hair and do the same thing. If your tail is short, just pin the end under your ponytail. Otherwise, wrap the tail around your elastic and pin the end underneath for an extra chic effect, like I did above.


There you have it – a quick and fabulous ponytail in just a few minutes! -xo Kayla


If you haven’t heard, contouring is out and strobing is in. Although it may sound scary, it’s literally 10 times easierĀ than contouring and anyone can do it.Ā Ā It’s very simple – Ā all there is to it is placing bright highlights on areas of your face where the light naturally hits, creating an illuminated complexion and a healthy-looking skin tone. Here’s how:


First, start off by using a highlighter that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. I’m using Jane Iredale’s Circle/Delete Concealer #1.


Using your ring finger (because it’s the weakest digit, you don’t have to worry about applying too much product), gently dab the topsĀ of your cheekbones, your temples, the center of your nose, the middle of your chin, and on your cupid’s bow.


Then, either using your finger or a blending brush, buff the highlighter into your skin for a natural-looking finish.


There you have it! A bright, fresh, dewy complexion. I always add a little blush or bronzer under my cheekbones to top the whole look off. And remember, the best way to get a healthy glow is by starting with great skin care.

Will you be trying the strobing trend? -xo Kayla



Today I decided it would be fun to try out a new hairstyle with Anna. I’ve wanted to try this look on myself for a while now but I figured it would be too hard to try on my own hair. Luckily for Anna, it was super easy and quick to create!





In 4 easy steps this look is all yours:

1. Take the top half of your hair and put it up into a bun or hair clip to get it out of the way.

2. Tip your head down and start a normal french braid up towards the top half of your head.

3. Let down the top hair and tie it back into a ponytail together with the remaining hair from the braid.

4. Twist the hair hanging loose in the ponytail into a bun and fasten it with a clear band.

Ta-dah! You’re all done and looking fabulous.

xx Alison



I’ve never had thick brows, even before I started plucking them to attempt some sort of shape. I cringe at the Facebook pictures that look like someone edited out my eyebrows as a joke, like those bad celebrity photographs. If there was a flash – like magic, my eyebrows disappeared. So, that being said I am going to share how I color my eyebrows in now.


I use two different shades of dark blonde brow pencils, a brow comb and a brow blend brush. The tools help make the shading more natural and eliminate color splotches. I also use highlighting eye shadow on the eyelid immediately under the brow to make the contrast more noticeable and highlight my brow shape. Try Jane Iredale in “bone” or “oyster” if you aren’t using highlighting shadows yet.


First, I outline the brow to sketch out the shape I want. Since my eyebrows have very little shape themselves, this step helps me make sure they are even on both sides. (Remember: eyebrows are sisters, not twins. It’s okay if they aren’t a perfect match.) When outlining, start from the temples towards the middle. Also, draw against the grain when filling them in – this helps the color get between the hair.


How crazy is the difference?!?

When shading in the brows for the full effect, I take the second shade and blend in the same direction as the hair to make it appear smoother. Then it’s as simple as using the tools to blend and comb the hair for a natural look! I first use theĀ blending tool to really even out the color, then the comb to fix unruly hair sticking out.


Try my techniques and let me know how they work for you!

xx Alison