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The dreaded Christmas cold or feverish flu can definitely destroy any ounce of joy during this time of the year and put a big damper on your holiday cheer. If you’ll soon be hugging a lot of family and friends, think of how many germs you will soon be exposed to… eek!  Want to avoid getting sick and get through the season illness-free? Then boost your vitamin C!


Vitamin C is the ultimate powerhouse nutrient that protects your overall health by boosting your immune system. Not only can a little extra Vitamin C help you stay healthy, it clears your body of unhealthy toxins. You know… the toxins from all those delicious sugar cookies and grandma’s special bars that are pretty much impossible to pass up. Plus, Vitamin C helps reduce stress –and is there a more stressful and chaotic holiday than Christmas? I don’t think so!  And more stress equals more pimples! Uh oh…


And Vitamin C isn’t just good for your health – it does wonders for your skin too! Want a continuously glowing, blemish-free complexion through the holidays? Maybe it’s time to invest in a Vitamin C serum! Ever since I started using my Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum a few months ago, my skin has become incredibly soft!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, stress-free holiday!

xo Krista 



Ashley Greene – oh how I envy you. She’s absolutely gorgeous, is a brilliant actress, a wonderful role model for women, and has a killer complexion. Seriously, she’s perfect.


I can’t get over how bright her skin tone is – I’m obsessed! She actually glows. I read that she drinks LOTS of water to keep her skin smooth and clear. Obviously, it’s working like a charm. She also exfoliates regularly.


Seriously, does the Twilight star even have pores?! I love how dewy her complexion is! And those brows are everything. The only makeup Ashley needs is a some mascara, blush, and a pop of color on her lips – her skin does everything else.


I read that Ashley uses vitamin C every single morning and night in her skin care routine – no wonder why her skin is beyond radiant! If you want glowing skin like hers, try using Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum. This antioxidant-filled serum will give you a brighter, more healthy complexion!

-xo Kayla




Happy Friday, Babes! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week and have some super exciting plans for the weekend. Speaking of weekend, here are a few of my favorite things heading into the next two days – enjoy!


The always beautiful Gigi Hadid has been seriously killing the sunnies game lately – I’m IN LOVE with these aviators! These Bobbi Brown The Jackson Aviators are looking pretty tempting at $165. They would be perfect for a day at the pool tomorrow!

Vitamin C Skin Benefits

Have I ever told you how obsessed I am with my Vitamin C Serum from Enza Essentials?? I can’t go a day without it! It’s so lightweight and hydrating to apply under my makeup. I’ll be packing this product for my weekend getaway!


Strobing is all the rage right now – have you tried it yet? It easily adds warmth and glow to any complexion! If you’re not sure where to start or how to do it, read my Strobing 101 tutorial here. Going out this weekend? Try this makeup technique for your night out on the town!


My girl TSwift is known to grace the streets in the latest trends and styles, but I’m LOVING this crop top/overall/booties combo. She is so chic! Also, I can’t wait until boot season is back – only a few more weeks!


Emily of Musings of Glitter posted this photo on her Instagram account. We can’t wait for her to get started on her customized skin care regimen!

 See you on Monday! -xo Kayla















Ever since The Notebook, I’ve seriously LOVED Rachel McAdams. She’s hilarious, gorgeous, down-to-earth, and has stunning skin. I’m completely envious!


Although her hair color is always changing, her complexion certainly does not – it’s ALWAYS perfect. Rachel is such a natural beauty, as it never looks like she’s trying too hard. Her skin always looks so hydrated and smooth – I read that she’s really into skin care and cleanses her skin every single morning and night.


The Mean Girls star always turns heads on the Red Carpet. What I love most about Rachel is that she doesn’t need to wear much makeup to look absolutely flawless. Her minimal makeup and bright, glowing skin are the best accessories that she can wear! If you want vibrant skin like Rachel’s, try using Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum.

09/04/2009 - Rachel McAdams - 35th Annual Deauville American Film Festival - Day 1 - Opening Ceremony - Arrivals - Deauville - Deauville, France - Keywords:  - 0 -  - Photo Credit: Pixplanete / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

She doesn’t have a single sign of sun damage anywhere! And her skin looks poreless – Rachel must use the Pore Extraction Masque on the regular. I use mine 2-3 times a week and it’s seriously made such a difference in shrinking the appearance of my pores. I love it!

-xo Kayla



This girl has it all – she’s super talented, ridiculously gorgeous, is married to Ian Somerhalder (OMG!), and has seriously perfect skin. Nikki Reed, I officially envy you!


I cannot stop staring at the Twilight star’s honey-colored eyes – they’re breathtaking! She could literally wear any eye makeup and have them stand out and look gorgeous. And can you notice a single fine line or wrinkle near her eyes? Nope, you definitely can not. Maybe she uses Enza Essentials Eyebright Intensive Eye Creme?


Nikki has some of the smoothest skin I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t need ANY foundation or concealer to cover anything up! I’m obsessed with how bright her complexion is, too. If you want brighter skin, be sure to use vitamin c in your daily skin care regimen.

*Not sure what regimen to be on? Click here to fill out a customized skin care questionnaire!


I’m loving how natural she keeps her makeup – it makes her look even more flawless! Jet black lashes, a nude lip, and defined brows are all that Nikki needs to be Red Carpet-ready. I read that she eats tons of fruits, veggies, and leafy greens to keep her skin looking fabulous – and it’s obviously paying off! Now, who’s having a salad for dinner?

-xo Kayla



In my opinion, everything is a little better during summertime. The weather, clothes, activities – even the snacks! It seriously doesn’t get any better than summer. And, we all know how important it is to protect our skin on the outside, but putting the right foods in our body is just as necessary. Be sure to eat lots of these tasty summer snacks over the next few months!



The name says it all – WATERmelon. Being made up of approximately 90% water, this refreshing fruit will be sure to give your skin a hydrated glow. Eating watermelon gives your complexion the antioxidants it needs to calm, tone and regenerate your skin. Seedless or not, be sure to pick one up on your next trip to the grocery store!



Summer is a great time to enjoy the beach, which means that seafood – especially salmon – will be nearby. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are a key component to skin elasticity, causing your skin to be much firmer and tighter, while making skin appear dewy and plump. I know what I’m ordering for dinner tonight!

Citrus fruits


Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes – pretty much any citrus fruit out there is amazing for your skin. The powerful antioxidant vitamin C helps protect skin against sun damage and skin cancer.  This awesome vitamin can curb some of the destructive effects of free radicals, which are molecules that break down collagen and harm your skin. It’s also a fabulous idea to use a serum or cream containing vitamin c – you’ll skin will become brighter and much more vibrant.



Ahhhhhh – nothing beats that crisp and cool moment of biting into a cucumber slice on a hot summer day. Not only are they super healthy in general, but they’re beyond amazing for skin, too! This tasty veggie hydrates and replenishes thirsty skin. You can also put slices on your eyes to relieve any puffiness for instant relief.

*SKINTIP: For added relief of puffy eyes, use Enza Essentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee.


If you’re looking for the Fountain of Youth, you’re not going to have much luck finding it. Let’s face it—aging is a part of life that some may not enjoy as much as others. If you want to know some of the healthy habits of those who age well, keep reading to see what they do to stay healthy, happy, and age with grace.

Protect skin.


It’s a well-known fact—wearing sunscreen is the absolute best way to keep your skin looking young for the years to come.  Too much time in the sun can cause wrinkles and age spots, not to mention skin cancer. If you want to age with ease, be sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day, even when it’s cloudy.

Consider your diet.

fresh fruits and vegetables isolated on white background

They say you are what you eat—making your diet a very important factor in how you age. Foods rich in antioxidants, whole grains, and lean protein are not only great for your body but your skin as well! Be sure to eat plenty of these foods every day. Also, vitamin C is amazing for skin—find a serum or cream containing this antioxidant to brighten and rejuvenate skin.

Take proper precautions.


If you want to look great, you have to take care of yourself. That means giving your skin some much-needed TLC throughout the years. People who age well have taken care of their complexion over time, meaning they wash their face every morning and night, use a toner, and moisturize frequently. A wrinkle-free face at 50 isn’t going to happen if you’re not practicing great skin care.

Get some sleep.


Unfortunately, many of us treat sleep as a luxury rather than a basic human need. You probably know that you should snooze for seven to nine hours every night if you want to feel refreshed and ready for the day—this also applies if you want to age well and have great skin too!

 -xo Kayla


I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for Memorial Day Weekend! I’ll be surrounded by family, friends, the boyfriend, good food, the lake, and summer vibes. Here’s a look into my bag for the weekend festivities at my cabin:


Sandals – It’s sandal season, ladies! Time to go get a last minute pedicure, right?

Sunscreen – Don’t even think about heading outside this weekend without protecting your skin! I’ll be wearing my Enza Essentials Advanced Protection SPF 30 moisturizer at all times.

Deodorant – I’ll be out walking, hiking, and exploring this weekend. No explanation necessary.

Self Tanner – What girl doesn’t want a bronzed glow? Jane Iredale’s Tantasia is the perfect way to get the color you want without the sun damage.


Magazines – Reading material is always a must when I’m lounging in my lawn chair down by the lake. It’s necessary that I keep up on the latest trends, right?

Wallet – For obvious reasons.

Sweater – If it gets chilly when the sun goes down, I’ll be prepared.  This cream cardigan was a serious steal from forever21.com.

Spot Extractor – Just in case a pesky pimple shows up unexpectedly, I’ll have this amazing spot treatment to fix it on contact.


Lip Gloss – I have to look glam, even at the cabin! This PureGloss Lip Gloss in Sangria is the perfect color for this time of year.

Water Bottle –  To keep my body and skin hydrated.

Vitamin C Serum – Because I never leave the house without it. Enza Essentials Vitamin C Serum has made my complexion SO MUCH brighter and even, I’m completely in love!

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans? -xo Kayla


Oh my DRAMA! Did you watch the 2 night premiere of The Bachelorette this week?! I was literally cringing while watching! And (spoiler alert!), I’m a little upset that Britt wasn’t chosen to be the next Bachelorette, but I think Kaitlyn will be a super fun girl looking for love. Here are my 5 favorite guys so far:

Ben Z

Ben Z

What a sweetheart! Ben was such a nice guy that I just couldn’t help but fall in love with him. And have you noticed how bright his skin is?? What a winner –  he must use Vitamin C Serum.



Shawn is one of my favorite bachelors this season by far. He is SO hot, such a gentleman, and those baby blues? AH-MAZ-ING. I’m completely smitten. He also received the first impression rose – things are already heating up between him and Kaitlyn.



What a rockin’ bod this personal trainer has – I’m sure Kaitlyn wouldn’t mind being his workout buddy! He was so sweet and personable. I’m sure he wears SPF to keep his skin protected during all those hours working out in the sun.



Smooth is definitely how Jonathan plays his game. Even though he was super into Britt, it seemed like he had such a crush on Kaitlyn too – I think they’d be a great match!



What a cutie he is! This Auto Finance Manager was a genuine and sweet guy. And I can’t get enough of his smile! His skin also looks super moisturized and fresh. If you want hydrated skin, try Enza Essentials Sustaining Glow Creme for smooth and bright skin.

Who were some of your favorites? -xo Kayla