Happy 4th of July weekend, loves! I hope you get to enjoy the holiday weekend with family, friends, good food, and great weather. I’m traveling up to my cabin for the holiday weekend and can’t wait to see everyone! And enjoy some much-needed R&R next to the lake… :) Here are some of my favorite Independence Day things!


This entire outfit is SO cute for the holiday! And I’m having serious hair envy – her locks are gorgeous! Paired with this American flag bandana, I’m obsessing over this entire look.


Ummm, can you say “nail goals?” These are the most adorable and festive nails EVER. I’m in love. And how cute is the anchor?! Seriously dying over here. I may have to make a quick stop at the nail salon…


Don’t forget to grab your SPF this weekend! Since I’ll be on the lake all weekend, it’s necessary that I wear my Advanced Protection SPF 30 at all times and reapply as needed. I don’t want to bring a nasty sunburn home with me!

SKINTIP: If you do get a sunburn this weekend, try using Enza Essentials Nutri-Gel. Loaded with aloe vera and vitamins, this hydrating gel gives you instant sunburn relief. Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!


This stars and stripes sweater needs to be in my life. Like, now. It looks so comfy and cute! I found a similar one here at Old Navy for only $17.50.


You can’t celebrate the 4th of July without eating a huge slice of watermelon – I’m sorry, you just can’t. Such a yummy snack, you literally can’t go wrong with this juicy fruit. Not only does it hydrate you but also keeps your skin looking fabulous, too! Be sure to put this summer snack on your grocery list.

What are your plans for the weekend? -xo Kayla


We all want our foundation to look flawless – obviously. Whether you’re applying makeup to go to work, meet some friends for lunch, or date night with your guy, you never want to leave the house with uneven, cakey foundation. I’m SO excited to share with you all this super simple beauty hack I recently learned that will make your foundation look airbrushed every single time you put it on – keep reading to find out what it is!


The trick to a picture-perfect foundation appearance? Warming up the brush. Seriously, it works! Simply twirl and swirl your favorite foundation brush on the back of your hand to warm up the bristles. When you do this, the bristles will distribute your makeup much more evenly on your skin, causing it to look literally airbrushed. The more movement your brush has, the better the application. And remember, always wash your hands before doing this – you don’t want to contaminate your brush!


SKINTIP: For even smoother-looking foundation, exfoliate 2-3 times a week with Enza Essentials Fine Facial Polish.




Happy 4th of July week, Beauties! I’m seriously SO excited for this weekend. Today I’m taking a step back and thinking about all things beauty-related that I’m obsessing over right now. Enjoy!


Photo Creds: Shannon Jenkins

Gladiator sandals. I honestly cannot get enough of these summer sandals! They add such an edgy-yet-polished feel to any outfit. Shannon of Upbeat Soles looks amazing in these – what a fabulous summer outfit.


Eye sheers. I’ve recently been playing around with Jane Iredale’s Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow in Brown and I’m falling in love! They are so easy to apply and actually stay on my eyelids all day long. The best part? These Eye Sheres are crease-resistent – perfect for hot summer days.


Balayage. If you haven’t heard what the current buzz is about in the hair industry, Balayage is definitely a term you need to know ASAP. More subtle than the Ombre, this hair trend gives the perfect amount of light color to brighten up any face. Jessica Biel looks gorgeous sporting her Balayage-colored locks.


Sunshine. As we’re getting deep into the summer months, I can’t help but admit that I love nothing more than a warm summer day on the lake. A little sunshine instantly puts me in a better mood and I can’t help but spend my free time outdoors. But, I NEVER step foot outside without applying my Enza Essentials Advanced SPF 30 first.  It’s so important that we take sun protection seriously, so I always have my sunscreen with me at all times.


Photo Creds: Kristin Clark

Off-the-shoulder things. This is by far my favorite trend of the summer. Off the shoulder tops and dresses are my absolute LOVES! So chic and fun, this style always turns heads. Kristin Clark of Living in Color Print looks stunning in this crimson red crochet dress. I’m also obsessed with those sandals. Seriously.

Are you loving any of these trends right now? xo Kayla


Summer is here and the livin’ is easy. Keep scrolling to see what I’ve been up to this first official week of summer!


Life is better with donuts.


Annette of The Versastyle posted how much softer and healthier her skin has become after just 2 weeks of using Enza! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @theversastyle!


Statement necklaces always brighten up a gloomy day.


Brittany of Thrifts and Threads is CRAZY over Enza Essential’s Tri-Peptide Cell Activator! And how cute are those sunnies?


Brooke of KB Styled looks so flawless wearing our “Be Beautiful” tee – LOVE her!


Be sure to load up on LOTS of fruits and veggies this summer – your skin will be so happy and bright!


Also, don’t even THINK about going out in the sun without your SPF. Kristin Rose Davis of Wild One Forever brings her Advanced Protection SPF 30 to the pool!


Sweet, sweet summertime. Have a fabulous weekend lovelies! -xo Kayla



This girl has it all – she’s super talented, ridiculously gorgeous, is married to Ian Somerhalder (OMG!), and has seriously perfect skin. Nikki Reed, I officially envy you!


I cannot stop staring at the Twilight star’s honey-colored eyes – they’re breathtaking! She could literally wear any eye makeup and have them stand out and look gorgeous. And can you notice a single fine line or wrinkle near her eyes? Nope, you definitely can not. Maybe she uses Enza Essentials Eyebright Intensive Eye Creme?


Nikki has some of the smoothest skin I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t need ANY foundation or concealer to cover anything up! I’m obsessed with how bright her complexion is, too. If you want brighter skin, be sure to use vitamin c in your daily skin care regimen.

*Not sure what regimen to be on? Click here to fill out a customized skin care questionnaire!


I’m loving how natural she keeps her makeup – it makes her look even more flawless! Jet black lashes, a nude lip, and defined brows are all that Nikki needs to be Red Carpet-ready. I read that she eats tons of fruits, veggies, and leafy greens to keep her skin looking fabulous – and it’s obviously paying off! Now, who’s having a salad for dinner?

-xo Kayla



Ready or not, summer is officially here! Sunny skies, warm nights, and beach days are in the forecast for the next few months. And summer – just like winter – requires its own beauty tricks, too! Here are a few ways to keep your skin sane throughout the hot (and humid!) summer months.


Protect your skin. Although it’s quite obvious during summer, the best tip that any skin care expert can give you is to apply sunscreen every single day, even the cloudy ones. By doing so, you not only protect yourself from a painful sunburn, but from wrinkles, brown spots, and even skin cancer in the years to come. Also, if you’re going to be out in the sun most of the day, applying sunscreen just once in the morning isn’t enough – you need to reapply every few hours, especially if you’re swimming.


Catch some Zzz’s. Summer is known for long days and short nights, so it’s easy to miss out on your 7-8 hours of sleep at night. But, if you want your skin (and brain!) to be looking and feeling great, you need to be sure you’re well-rested. Not getting enough sleep can make existing skin conditions worse, break down collagen, and make you age MUCH quicker.

Dream Tint Moisturizer

“Lighten” up. The next few months are a perfect time to let your natural beauty shine through, but if you refuse to go completely bare in summer and can’t imagine life without your foundation, consider putting away your foundation and try a tinted moisturizer. Lighter than foundation, tinted moisturizers still cover flaws but feel much lighter and more breathable. I’m obsessed with Jane Iredale’s Dream Tint – it makes my skin feel (and look!) so good.

Wash Face

My Extraction Cleanser is ALWAYS ready to go at night!

Wash your face before bed. Speaking of getting some sleep, do you wash your face every night before bed? Seriously, nothing is easier than cleansing your skin of makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria before hitting the hay! Between backyard BBQ’s, firework shows, and bonfires, summer nights get late. Even when you’re oh-so-tired, be sure to wash your face before crawling into bed – your skin will thank you.


Keep lips hydrated. The next few months are all about fun colors, especially on your lips! If you want to have the prettiest pout this summer, be sure to keep lips moisturized. This will make lipsticks and stains go on smoother and last longer. Enza Essentials Lip Treatment boosts collagen production and provides amazing moisture – it is definitely a summer must-have!

Will you follow any of these tips this summer? -xo Kayla





Did you watch the 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards last night?? I didn’t get to watch the show (that’s okay because not many of my favorite celebs attended the Awards), but I’ve done some serious internet stalking today and found a few of my favorite beauty looks from the night!

Gigi Hadid


All Hail Queen Gigi! The blonde supermodel has been absolutely killing it lately with her chic style, flawless makeup, and perfect skin. Many critics believe she stole the show last night with this two-piece skirt and crop top combo along with a sleek white bomber jacket emblazoned with the hashtag “#HADID” – I’m obsessed! And Gigi’s skin? Even better than the outfit! Her complexion looks so fresh and bright. I read that she is all about the SPF and protecting her skin – just another reason why you should be too!

Sarah Hyland

TORONTO, ON - JUNE 21:  Actress Sarah Hyland arrives at the 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards at MuchMusic HQ on June 21, 2015 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

The Modern Family star looked SO fierce on the Red Carpet last night. This plunging black gown looked amazing on the petite celeb, and I’m absolutely LOVING that necklace! Sarah’s short and shaggy bob paired with perfect brows and a smokey eye complimented her amazing skin, too. Her makeup looked so dewy – it’s incredible! If you want your foundation to look like Sarah’s, be sure to keep skin hydrated and balanced.

Bella Thorne


My final favorite beauty look of the night goes to this strawberry-blonde beauty. Bella looked gorgeous in a red dress with a full-length zipper, topped off with big, voluminous curls. I’m also crazy about this lip color – she could match that with any outfit or season! Her thick black lashes make her brown eyes pop, while her perfectly-toned complexion looks great with just a bit of pink blush. Way to go, Bella!

If you want skin that’s ready for the Red Carpet, fill out a customized skin care questionnaire to see what products will get you there! -xo Kayla



You hear me talk about exfoliating on the regular – and why it’s so important to do. Sure, you may get around to sloughing off dead skin cells maybe once or twice a month, am I right? Unfortunately, that’s not enough. Here’s 5 reasons you should go home and exfoliate tonight.


1. Your skin will be smoother. One of the greatest benefits of exfoliating is the fact that your skin literally gets softer and more smooth. When all those nasty dead skin cells are scrubbed away, the new and fresh cells will be on top and looking better than ever.

2. Your complexion will be brighter. If you go home and exfoliate your face tonight, I can guarantee that you will LOVE how much brighter your skin tone looks afterwards. Since you’re getting rid of the old and dead skin cells, as well as dirt and makeup clogged in pores, your complexion will definitely have a fresh glow.

3. It’ll keep fine lines and wrinkles away. As we age, our skin looses elasticity and those pesky, annoying, frustrating laugh lines and crow’s feet begin to show up – heartbreaking, I know. But, if you exfoliate tonight, you’ll help the process along by turning cells over faster – it’s a win win! Another way to keep fine lines and wrinkles away? Use Enza Essentials’ Glycolic Serum in your morning and evening skin care routines.


4. Your products will work better. Since that top layer of dead skin will be long gone after you’ve exfoliated, your cleanser, toner, serum, AND moisturizer will all absorb more thoroughly into your skin, resulting in them actually working better. Also, your skin will look more dewy – and let’s be real – who doesn’t want that?

5. Your foundation will be smoother.  If you aren’t exfoliating, you are basically putting makeup over dead skin, causing it to flake off and look uneven during the day.  When your skin is clean and exfoliated, you don’t need as much foundation to create the illusion of smooth skin. So, who’s going to exfoliate tonight? :)

*For best results, exfoliate skin 2-3 times per week. -xo Kayla 



In my opinion, everything is a little better during summertime. The weather, clothes, activities – even the snacks! It seriously doesn’t get any better than summer. And, we all know how important it is to protect our skin on the outside, but putting the right foods in our body is just as necessary. Be sure to eat lots of these tasty summer snacks over the next few months!



The name says it all – WATERmelon. Being made up of approximately 90% water, this refreshing fruit will be sure to give your skin a hydrated glow. Eating watermelon gives your complexion the antioxidants it needs to calm, tone and regenerate your skin. Seedless or not, be sure to pick one up on your next trip to the grocery store!



Summer is a great time to enjoy the beach, which means that seafood – especially salmon – will be nearby. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are a key component to skin elasticity, causing your skin to be much firmer and tighter, while making skin appear dewy and plump. I know what I’m ordering for dinner tonight!

Citrus fruits


Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes – pretty much any citrus fruit out there is amazing for your skin. The powerful antioxidant vitamin C helps protect skin against sun damage and skin cancer.  This awesome vitamin can curb some of the destructive effects of free radicals, which are molecules that break down collagen and harm your skin. It’s also a fabulous idea to use a serum or cream containing vitamin c – you’ll skin will become brighter and much more vibrant.



Ahhhhhh – nothing beats that crisp and cool moment of biting into a cucumber slice on a hot summer day. Not only are they super healthy in general, but they’re beyond amazing for skin, too! This tasty veggie hydrates and replenishes thirsty skin. You can also put slices on your eyes to relieve any puffiness for instant relief.

*SKINTIP: For added relief of puffy eyes, use Enza Essentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee.


When it comes to skin, your aesthetician is definitely your BFF – she knows skin care like the back of her hand. So, I recently chatted with my aesthetician Melissa and she came up with a few skin tips for me to share with all of you. Enjoy!


Melissa told me that sticking to a regimen morning and night is key to having great skin, as well as what order you apply your products. You should always start by washing your face with your cleanser, then apply toner, followed by any serums, and finishing with your moisturizer. In other words, you should always apply products from lightest to heaviest.


Another tip? Apply SPF every single day – no matter what. Any aesthetician will tell you this. Did you know that UV rays can cause damage even on cloudy days? Yup, that’s right. Just another reason to try Enza Essentials Advanced Protection SPF 30 – it’s so lightweight and doesn’t make skin feel oily or greasy, even when you apply it every 2-3 hours.


As tempting as it is, Melissa told me that you should never, EVER pick at those pesky zits and blemishes that pop on our skin. This will only leave a red or dark scar that can last much longer than the actual pimple itself. Instead, use a spot treatment, such as the Spot Extractor, to fight the blemish on contact and speed up the recovery time.


We all know that keeping skin hydrated is essential if you don’t want dull, dry, and lackluster skin, but are you moisturizing as much as you should be? Melissa said that keeping skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day is something that many of us don’t do – which won’t be good in the long run. She said to always apply a moisturizer with SPF in the morning, use a hydrating spray throughout the day, and a rejuvenating cream at night.

Will you try any of the aesthetician tips? -xo Kayla