Sister. I love having a sister and couldn’t be more grateful for the friendship we share. We’ve always been super close. Plus, having a second closet to choose from when deciding what to wear is the best feeling ever! Did I also mention I’m thankful for her sharing abilities?!

Curling Wand. Having naturally curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. You never quite know how your curls are going to look in the morning. I can’t tell you how many times my curling wand has saved the day!


Coffee. When it comes to those unbearable 8 a.m classes, coffee is a god send. Not only does it make me appear more human, it acts as my most fashionable accessory on days when I’m rocking yoga pants and an over-sized sweatshirt.

Perfume. Silly I know, but smelling good just makes me happy. I love spraying on my own special scent in the morning or before heading out on that special date!


Enza Products. I’m so grateful for ALL of my Enza Products and for the confidence they have given me to put my best face forward every day. Pimple free equals a happier me!

Shoes. I seriously can’t have enough shoes. Buying a new pair of shoes is like sampling Godiva Chocolates for the first time. Excitement takes over and nothing can stop you from indulging!


Chapstick. I hate to admit it, but I’m a more-than-occasional lip licker. End result… dry, irritated lips. Thank you chapstick for bringing back my smile!

Parents. I’ve learned so much from them over the years. One of the most important life lessons they have taught me, that I believe to be true, is that beauty starts from the inside. A kind, compassionate heart is a beautiful heart!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving Beauties!

xo Krista


Black Friday, aka the ultimate shopping day of the year, is right around the corner. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already been gearing up for the excitement.  Check out my top Black Friday shopping tips so you can survive the most fabulous shopping day of the year!


Wear Comfy Clothing.  Since you will most likely be doing quite a bit of walking, it’s probably smart to ditch the three-inch high heels and long, bulky trench coat. Instead, try a less high maintenance but still stylish look by wearing a cute shirt, sweater, leggings, and equestrian boots!


Simplify Your Beauty Routine. Remember, today is all about scoring deals…not guys ladies! For this most sacred of shopping days, all you really need are these three products:

Cleanser: Not even Black Friday can get in the way of my strict skin care routine. Before heading out to the malls, it’s important to use a cleanser to start the day. I’ll be using my Enza Essentials Sustaining Cleanser to keep my skin looking fresh for hours…and hours!

Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gel: If you’re an early bird shopper like me, this will be your savior as your 4:00 a.m. alarm goes off. Before leaving the house, swipe on some anti-puffiness gel to hide those tired eyes and you’ll be ready to shop till you drop!

Foundation:  Indulge in a few too many glasses of wine Thanksgiving night and wake up with dry, irritated skin? Don’t panic! It’s okay to spend a little extra time applying your favorite foundation to hide the imperfections.  I’ll be using Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB Cream for full coverage. That way I can spend less time re-applying and more time buying!


Bring a Snack: In the midst of all the chaos and long lines, the last thing you want to be feeling is “hangry.”  Bringing a healthy snack will not only help lift your mood, it will also make it easier to pass on that 500+ calorie, sugar-packed croissant from Starbucks!


Avoid Dressing Rooms Like the Plague. I know. There are always those items that pop up on Black Friday that you absolutely fall in love with. But, do you really want to try on 10 items when you have 15 more stores to hit? Tip: try on whatever you can before Black Friday so you can purchase the perfect fitting piece in a fraction of the time.

Best of luck this Friday ladies!

xo Krista


At last night’s American Music Awards, the stars definitely showed up to show off some of thee best beauty looks! With so much to envy, I was finally able to narrow it down to my top five favorite looks. Keep reading to see the ultimate must-copy beauty looks from the night!


I have to admit, I LOVE Jennifer Lopez! Last night, she was the hostess with the mostess, alright! After her opening dance number, she rocked one of the chicest, fullest high buns I’ve ever seen. J Lo’s beautifully bronzed make-up and highlighted hair perfectly complimented her lit-from-within glow!

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 22: Singer Demi Lovato attends the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

What’s wrong with being confident? Apparently nothing when you’re Demi Lovato. Her 1920s inspired curls and dark vamped lips were stunning. AND, can you say brows on point? This was by far one of the best looks of the night!


It’s safe to say Selena Gomez slayed the stage with her super sleek strands and dramatic burgundy eye shadow. This brunette beauty strutted her stuff in one of the best outfits of the night! Who else wants to go bedazzle all of their tights now?!


Carrie simply looked like a princess in this stunning sequin gown. And, thanks to her incredibly luminous skin, she glowed like one too! Her soft strands and bold eyes perfectly finished off the look! Can’t get enough of Carrie? Check out her amazing looks from this years CMA Awards!


All eyes were focused on Ariana Grande during her focus performance, who ditched her signature half up hairstyle for loose, pretty curls. I’m absolutely loving Ariana’s new look! Now that she has ditched her signature hairstyle, I can’t wait to see what else this gorgeous pop star has in store for us!

What were some of your favorite beauty looks from the night?

xo Krista


Happy Friday, Beauties! I hope you all had a fabulous week. Here’s a look at how some of our product-lovers are using their #enza via Instagram. Aren’t they are all so #enzabeautiful?!

skin care, wisconsin, eau claire, bloggersPhoto Credit: Emily Brunotte

“All I can say is that it really makes a huge difference to get a skin care routine that is customized specifically for your skin.” -@emilybrunotte  We couldn’t agree more! #regram #customizedskincare

eau claire, wisconsin, skin care, enza essentials

On Tuesdays, we wear masques ❤ #regram from @lauryncakes using her Pore Extraction Masque!

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, skin care, Enza Essentials, pore extraction masque

How adorable is Kayla using her #enzaessentials Pore Extraction Masque for #bootifulskin?!

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, skin care,

#Mondays are for face masks and #TheBachelor, obvi. Who else is excited for The Bachelor Season premiere Monday, January 4, starring the handsome Ben Higgins?!

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, skin care, beauty bloggers

@etta.taylor is feeling #EnzaBeautiful in her Pore Extraction Masque! She couldn’t be any cuter!

If you aren’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram, @enzaprgirl, and show us how you use your Enza!

Have a great weekend!

xo Krista


Whatever your fashion style…classic, edgy or striking…boots are the perfect item to polish off that stylish outfit. Why are boots an absolute must-have this season? They can turn even the most plain outfit into a stunning success! On chillier days, they make dresses and skirts wearable. And, with so many options to choose from, they’re the perfect item to show off your own personal style.  

Be on your best boot game this season! Find your own unique look and you’ll cause heads to turn — in a good way!


The Classic: Slim, high-heeled boots. Find a pair that is fitted around your leg, but not so tight that your skin bulges from the top. Tip: there shouldn’t be more than a half inch of space between your leg and your boot. These look beautiful when paired with a sweater dress and tights.


The Casual: Flat, equestrian boots. Running errands? These cute boots are not only comfortable, they’re super easy to slip on with your favorite pair of jeans. Top it off with a cozy sweater, throw on a statement necklace and you’re set!


The Chic: Ankle bootie. For an ultramodern look, dress up your favorite pair of jeans with these adorable booties. But, make sure you’re wearing them the right way! Instead of tucking your jeans into the booties, roll them up a couple times for a much more flattering look! 

boots with skirt

The Show Stopper: Thigh-high boots. Cause a sensation when you walk in a room with these high-fashion boots. Pair it with a mini-skirt and tights for an even more dramatic effect. A perfect cold weather date outfit!

What’s your go-to boot style? 

xo Krista 


Are you so busy running from one activity to another that you sometimes neglect taking care of your skin? I totally get it! Squeezing in facials and following a strict cleansing routine can take a serious amount of time! If you fall into the “I’m too busy to exfoliate” category – and skincare isn’t making it to the top of your to-do list — here are some easy tips to keep your skin in tip-top condition.


Clean up your diet. If you want to spend less time worrying about your skin, the easiest way to keep your skin healthy is by eating right. That means filling up your plate with lots of anti-inflammatory foods that contain antioxidants and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. One of the best foods to eat? Raspberries! To discover more benefits of raspberries, check out my post Raspberries for Weight Loss: Who Knew?! 


Simplify your AM routine. Start by doing a cleanse every morning to remove any impurities accumulated on your face overnight. Follow your cleanse with a Vitamin C Serum which helps improve skin tone and texture. End with a SPF moisturizer which, in case you didn’t know, is the most important step in your anti-aging skin care regimen! This is a must!


Make your PM routine a little easier. Simply cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Everyone has time for a 3-minute ritual!


Watch your salt and protein intake. Salt decreases the water intake of your internal organs, and when your organs are dehydrated, they suck the water out of your skin! This leaves you with dry, damaged skin that will take even more time to attend to! Want extra salt on that delicious, soft pretzel? No thank you!


Stash cleansing wipes in your nightstand. For those nights when you want to jump right in bed the moment you walk through the door, keep a pack of cleansing wipes by your bed to remove makeup and excess dirt. You never, ever want to go to bed with a dirty face!

What are some of your time saving skin secrets?

xo Krista



shea body butter, Enza Essentials, Skin care, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Lotion, Rucker M.D

As a Wisconsin girl, I am always in need of a really good moisturizer as the colder months draw near. My go-to fix? Enza Essential’s Shea Body Butter! It is extremely hydrating and full of powerful antioxidants that turn my dry, alligator looking legs into smooth works of art. Speaking of amazing legs, did you see my post about Carrie Underwood at the CMA’s last week? Unlike other oils and moisturizers, it soaks into my skin quickly, leaving it silky smooth and not greasy!

shea lotion, shea body butter, Enza Essentials, Skin care, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Lotion, Rucker M.D

Ever since I started using it, I have become obsessed! Even my driest skin areas like elbows and knees are ridiculously soft. I even started using it on my lips for extra hydration! Sound weird? Seriously give it a try! With just one use of this product, you can say goodbye to redness, rough skin, and peeling! Needless to say, this Shea Body Butter will be my savior as the cold starts to cause my skin to flake.

Shea Body Butter, Enza Essentials, Skin care, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Lotion, Rucker M.D

xo Krista


Dark under-eye circles really aren’t cute on anyone. We’ve all been there; You glance into the mirror and wonder who that tired looking woman is staring back at you. With our busy day-to-day schedules, sometimes it seems impossible to get the recommended eight hours of beauty sleep. And if you’re anything like me, there are some things on our schedules we just aren’t willing to give up- like that monthly mani-pedi or brow wax! If you struggle with dark circles too, hang in there and try these easy ways to remove your dark circles for good. Soon enough, you will be staring into the mirror wondering who that fresh faced beauty is staring back at you!


Soak tea bags in cold water for at least 15 seconds. To get the best results, try to find teas that are rich in antioxidants! Once the bags have soaked long enough, place one cold tea bag on each eye and let it rest for five minutes. Pat it dry and you will see your eyes rejuvenated!


Crush fresh mint leaves in a bowl. Once you have finely crushed pieces, place mint leaves around your eyes and leave it there for at least ten minutes. Following this, wipe off the residue with damp cotton ball. Say hello to fresh, awake looking eyes!


Leave two spoons over night in the freezer. When you wake up, simply rest the spoons lightly over your eyes for 5 minutes. This will instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and you will be ready to take on the day dark-circle free!


Don’t have the time to sit with tea bags, crushed mint, or spoons on your eyes? Try Enza Essentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee  as an easier, faster way to remove your dark circles! Plus, it has an amazing cooling effect and requires little effort when applying to the eye area!

xo Krista


It’s safe to say that all eyes were on Carrie Underwood at this year’s CMA awards. The country singer and beauty icon rocked the stage with over ten outfit changes!  With her incredible sense of style and killer looks, Carrie never disappoints! I honestly loved all of Carries’ outfits throughout the night, but I was able to narrow it down to my top five favorite looks!

carrie underwood1

On the red carpet, Carrie definitely had the “wow” effect sporting a stunning coral gown with a low neckline and peplum waist. Not to mention, her hair looked incredible with a deep side part and loose curls- absolute perfection.

carrie 4

This colorful dress was by far one of my favorites because of it’s elegant yet fun appeal. I just love the bright colors combined with the soft hues! To match her dress, Carrie’s rosy lips added the perfect pop of color. Speaking of her lips, they look super soft and hydrated! To get lips like Carrie’s, I’ve been using my Lip Treatment every day and my lips have never been softer!

carrie underwood 2

So, Carrie has great style, an amazing voice, AND knows how to play the guitar? This multi-talented beauty looked super trendy rocking this studded black dress. Can you say gorgeous??

carrie underwood 3

How adorable does Carrie look in this dress?! I just love the modern twist of this fun and flirty bandage dress! And look at her legs! How does she do it? She must use a super hydrating lotion like Enza Essential’s Shea Butter Body Lotion.

carrie underwood

Along with her coral dress, Carrie wore these simplistic, long earrings that added the perfect amount of bling to help create a sophisticated, modern look. The only thing that could take my attention away from her wardrobe is her glowing skin. Just look at her flawless complexion! The secret to a glowing complexion like Carrie’s? Vitamin C!

Stay Enza Beautiful!

xo Krista


Red lipstick, if applied the right way, can do wonders with your appearance! It can transform even the most basic black dress into something strikingly chic. This versatile lip is great for a day in the office or a stylish party with friends. These are the kind of lips that will make you forget about looking at a woman’s cute pair of shoes. Who knew that was even possible? Although, it can be tricky to perfect the art of applying it just right. You definitely don’t want to end up looking like that two-year-old from next door that accidentally got into her mother’s make-up. To avoid this mishap, follow my step-by-step tutorial so you too will be able to rock the red lip!


First, it’s important to start with a lip moisturizer to maintain healthy, nourished lips. I love Enza Essentials Lip Treatment because it is super long lasting. So, unlike chapstick, you don’t have to re-apply it every five seconds allowing you to keep your red lip intact even longer!


Next, find the perfect shade. If your complexion is prone to redness, use a sheer, blue-based color. Medium skin ladies are incredibly lucky- you can pretty much pull off any hue! For darker skin, choose reds with a brown base. Since my skin type is medium and slightly prone to redness, I’m using Jane Iredale’s Crimson Lip Pencil!

bold lip

Using your pencil, start by drawing a diagonal line from the top of your lip till you reach the bottom of the other side. Do the same thing on the other side to create an X-shape. Next, trace the bottom edge of your lower lip to create a line that is equal in width to the X-shape above. Following this, add four smaller lines closer to the outer edges of your lips. Then proceed to connect all lines to outline the entire lip. Now that you have your basic shape, fill it in! Finish with a gloss and voila! You’re ready to rock a bold, red lip!

xo Krista