Happy Monday, Beauties! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to lately via Instagram!


Photo Credit: Kristin Clark

Mondays are ALWAYS better with a pair of bright heels and Enza’s Extraction System – loving this photo from Kristin Clark of Living In Color Print!


Nothing beats having one of these packages show up on your doorstep. Fill out a customized skin care questionnaire here to find out what products you should be using. You’ll even get 30% off when you order your regimen!


Photo Credit: Emily Brunotte

Champagne in the Rain’s Emily Brunotte looks GORGEOUS in her own skin, thanks to Enza! Read her full review post here!


A colorful statement necklace is always a great option.


Did you see my A Bit of Pink OOTD on the blog? Be sure to check it out here.


Raspberries are one of my favorite summertime snacks AND they are amazing for skin! It’s a win-win.


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Fresh flowers are the BEST surprise.


A floppy hat is a summer accessory necessity. I’m in love with mine.


#Truth. Have a wonderful week! -xo Kayla




Happy Weekend, Beauties! Today I’m super excited to share with you all this fun romper and floppy hat – it’s one of my favorite summer outfits!


Sometimes I have a hard time finding rompers that fit well because of my long legs, but this one fits SO nice.


You can never have enough sun protection for your skin, so this extra wide-brimmed hat is perfect for those sunny days! And, it looks pretty fabulous, too, I might add. :)


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Have a fabulous weekend! -xo Kayla


If you haven’t noticed, big and bright eyes are one of the hottest trends right now. Everyone wants to get that bold, doe-eyed look. Since not all of us are blessed with Angelina Jolie almond-shaped eyes, it’s important to know some tips and tricks for getting that look. Here are 3 super easy ways to get bigger-looking eyes everyday:


Shape up your brows. Nothing makes eyes pop quite like a pair of perfectly-shaped brows. Removing stray hairs and creating an arch will give serious definition to your eyes, making them appear larger. Think of your brows as being a frame for your eyes – keeping them groomed and filled in will make all the difference.


Highlight your waterline. If you’re going for a smoky and ultra-sultry look, you’ll probably line this area with a dark color. Unfortunately, doing this makes your eyes look literally half their size. To make your eyes stand out, highlight your waterline with a white or nude pencil – this will instantly open them up and make them brighter. I’m using Jane Iredale’s Eye Pencil in White.


Define your crease. Swiping a medium brown shadow into the creases of your eyes may sound original, but you honestly can’t go wrong. This will give your eyes more depth, causing them to stand out and appear bigger. Using a soft, fluffy brush, blend shadow starting from the inside corner of your crease all the way to the outer corner of your eye.

Will you try any of these eye-awakening tips? -xo Kayla


Some mornings, we wake up and don’t look quite as good as we would like to. I know, I know, life just isn’t fair. But, there’s no reason why you should have to feel that way about your skin when it’s time to start your day! Read my tips on how to feel fabulous when you say “I woke up like this.”

Use an extra pillow. To avoid puffy eyes in the morning, tuck an extra pillow under your head at night. This will help prevent fluid build-up around your eyes, causing those serious bags that definitely are not designer. Another tip? Use Enza Essentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee to cool any puffiness.


Do a double cleanse. Ever since I started doing this with my Extraction Cleanser, I’ve noticed a serious improvement in my skin. When you wash your face just once, it only removes the stuff on the surface like makeup and sweat. When you cleanse your skin of those things AND THEN wash it again, you’re actually cleansing deep down into your pores – which will give you your best skin yet.

Extraction Cleanser

Be sure to cleanse twice!

Get steamy. Sleeping with a humidifier in your room will give you hydrated, healthy, and plump-looking skin. The extra steam will moisturize pores throughout the night, making you look refreshed and glowing in the morning!

Salt Eye Gelee

Watch the salt. Although it adds flavor to your favorite foods, sodium is known for stealing the water out of your skin – a SERIOUS tragedy. When your skin is dehydrated, you’ll wake up in the morning looking super tired and puffy – no one wants that. If you stay away from salty snacks, white bread, and processed foods, you’ll be sure to love what you look like every single morning.

-xo Kayla


Happy Monday Beauties! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are having a fabulous start to your week. I’m super excited to show you some blogger love that we’ve been getting on Instagram lately! We LOVE our bloggers!


Photo Creds: Teach Inspire Change

Caitlin of @teachinspirechange is completely obsessed with RosaCalm and Saturation Herbal Creme“I kid you not when I tell you that these two little items have changed everything for me with my eczema. I’ve been using @enzaprgirl skin care products for about 5 months now, and my eczema is completely gone, and my face just feels and looks so much healthier! If you’re looking for a new skin care regimen or you struggle with eczema like I do, you must go check them out! 💕 Thank you Enza for changing my skin! {and this be beautiful shirt is pretty cute, too!}”


Photo Creds: Saffron on Rose

Alisha of @ considers her Sustaining Cleanser a “Beach Bag Essential!” Also, how cute is that suit?!


Photo Creds: A Touch of Pink

@katelynpjones of A Touch of Pink said “So happy to get another package of my Enza Skincare! Since I started using their line last year my skin has improved so much- I can’t go a day without it!” 


Photo Creds: We The Classy

Seriously, how stunning is Venessa of @wetheclassy here?! Flawless! “Trying out my new skincare regimen by Enza Essentials, and my skin is feeling as comfy as this Tshirt.” Order your beBeautiful tee before they’re all gone!


Photo Creds: Classic & Bubbly

We adore @stesharose of Classic & Bubbly and all of her Instagram posts! Be sure to read her full Enza review post here!


If you’re looking for a new hair trend to try this summer, look no further! I have a list of my favorite current hairstyles that are making a huge statement this summer. Keep reading to find one for you!


Lauren Conrad looking fab as ever with her lob haircut.

Even though the lob isn’t new, it still gives me serious hair envy. So chic yet fun, this cut looks good on pretty much everyone. I hope this hair trend never goes out of style..


If you’re missing the days of top-knots, this ‘do is definitely for you. The half-up top-knot is seen everywhere in the beauty industry – from beauty blogs, Red Carpets, and runways, they’re all over. The best part? It’s SO easy to create. Even JLo is diggin’ this style!


Highlights are out and babylights are in. This color is known to resemble effortlessly sun-kissed hair by naturally highlighting fine-woven strands. If you hate going to the salon every 4-6 months, this color is for you. Regrowth is VERY subtle—making it the perfect look for the non-committal.


All over layers are especially hot this summer. Cool and classic, this style is great for any hair type. The more wispy the layers, the better! Karlie Kloss is known for rocking these locks.


Scarlett Johannson and her seriously adorable cut.

As the pixie cut is becoming more and more popular, I can’t help but love a side-swept bang with it. This style can truly brighten your face and show off your best feature – your skin! Although I don’t think I’m going to chop off my locks anytime soon, I absolutely adore this look, especially for summer.

Are you going to try any of these summer hair styles? -xo Kayla


If you haven’t heard, contouring is out and strobing is in. Although it may sound scary, it’s literally 10 times easier than contouring and anyone can do it.  It’s very simple –  all there is to it is placing bright highlights on areas of your face where the light naturally hits, creating an illuminated complexion and a healthy-looking skin tone. Here’s how:


First, start off by using a highlighter that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. I’m using Jane Iredale’s Circle/Delete Concealer #1.


Using your ring finger (because it’s the weakest digit, you don’t have to worry about applying too much product), gently dab the tops of your cheekbones, your temples, the center of your nose, the middle of your chin, and on your cupid’s bow.


Then, either using your finger or a blending brush, buff the highlighter into your skin for a natural-looking finish.


There you have it! A bright, fresh, dewy complexion. I always add a little blush or bronzer under my cheekbones to top the whole look off. And remember, the best way to get a healthy glow is by starting with great skin care.

Will you be trying the strobing trend? -xo Kayla


It’s a Wednesday night – you’ve had a long day. As you’re doing your nighttime skin care routine, you notice a fine line on your forehead staring back at you in the mirror. You immediately FREAK out and realize that your youthful skin days are over. Guess what? There is absolutely no reason to worry or panic! After you find your first (don’t say it!) fine line, here’s what to do:


Moisturize. Even though lathering on a moisturizer won’t erase the line totally,  keeping it hydrated can definitely help reduce the appearance of it. Soft, smooth skin creates an irresistible look on any skin type, so be sure to keep skin very rejuvenated and replenished. Try moisturizing with Enza Essentials Saturation Herbal Creme – it will repair cells and help prevent further signs of aging.

Protect. I know I sound like a broken record, but using sunscreen every day is the BEST way to prevent that pesky little wrinkle from getting any worse. Applying SPF every morning and throughout the day as needed not only will moisturize that line fine, but keep your skin from getting any more wrinkles.

Saturation Herbal Creme

Treat. Once you find that annoying fine line, it’s so important to treat it. Using a lightweight cream or serum in your daily skin care routine will benefit you greatly, especially one that doesn’t weigh you down. I love using the Glycolic Serum morning and night to slough off dead skin and help reduce fine lines and age spots.

Prevent. When it comes to anti-aging, you are never to young to start preventing early signs. And once you see that first wrinkle, you’ll wish you’d started protecting your skin years ago. Be sure to get on a skin care regimen that works for your skin, do it morning and night, and stick with it. If you need help finding the perfect skin care products and regimen, click here to fill out a customized skin care questionnaire and we’ll get you on the right track!

Glycolic Serum





I must admit – I’ve been LOVING the trends and styles that are happening this summer! Celebs and fashion bloggers alike have been on point with their clothing choices these last few months. Take a look to see which styles I’ve narrowed down as my favorites!


Printed shorts are ALWAYS a good idea. Paired with a simple top and casual shoes, shorts with a pattern or print have been trending this summer and I’m completely okay with it! The best part? Shorts are soooo comfy.


Another favorite of mine this summer are backless dresses. Nothing adds chicness quite like an exposed back which is why I’m loving these pieces. Did you see my Bit of Pink OOTD last week with my open-back dress? I’m obsessed.


Crop tops have seriously made a mark in the fashion world lately and I’m not complaining one bit! A total summer style, crop tops can be paired with just about anything. Shannon of Upbeat Soles looks fabulous in this burgundy cropped tee and high-waisted jeans.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely hopped on the slides train this summer and it makes me so happy! Slide sandals are a perfect alternative to the average flip flop and honestly are so much comfier. It’s a win-win!


My girl Chrissy Teigen and hubby John Legend.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – floppy hats are the greatest things ever invented. Not only do they look beyond amazing, but they protect your skin from sun damage (don’t forget SPF) and hide second day hair, too! Just throw one on when you hit the beach, run errands downtown, or have lunch with the girls.

Are you loving these summer trends as much as I do? -xo Kayla



Happy Friday, Beauties! What an amazing summer it’s been so far – I couldn’t be happier! Today I’m extra excited to share with you all this super fun maxi dress that I’ve been obsessing over. Enjoy!


This dress is so casual and comfortable – it honestly can be worn to any event!


Seriously, how fun is this print?! It’s the perfect color combo for summer. And I love how open the back of this dress is – it really adds an edgy feel.

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Have a wonderful weekend! -xo Kayla